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public school vaccine exemption..

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Im planning on signing my daughter up for pre school-public..what forum do I give besides the vaccine records? anyone from springfield mass have an issue?

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I'm in MA as well.  I printed out the religious exemption papers, filled them out, and just stapled them to the paperwork they send home every year.  I have never had any issues with it. 

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Just saw your post...so happy to see someone from Massachusetts with suggestions on the religious exemption from vaccines...could you please tell me where I could find the religious exemption forms?  Or is this just a written statement?  Did you ever need a letter from a clergy member?  I read so many different things on the internet and I am feeling overwhelmed.  This is a relief to hear you have never had any issues with it.  Is this as easy for preschool as well?  Doctors have made us feel like they'll never be admitted to school without vaccines and I always leave the office all worked up about how hard getting them into school will be.  One more thing, do the schools ask for medical records for?  ...One of my kids had to have a tetnus shot after getting stitches and I am worried that the schools will look at this and question whether we are  being sincere with our beliefs.

Thanks so much for your time - any suggestions would be appreciated and put my mind at ease!! 

~Mom of Twins

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so do i pick up her last physical records then staple our exemption to it? what papers did you print and fill out?

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Take a look at this thread to get a better idea of what you can do.  You absolutely do not need anything from a clergy member.  Basically what we do is to print out the letter on that thread.  Change it to fit with our child, school, date, and then just staple it to the school physical form with no vaccination records filled out on it.  I just read the all or nothing information on that thread though about vaccinations, so I'm glad I didn't bother putting even the couple he had recieved on there!

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Does anyone know if schools ask for doctors records? what if children had a few vaccines and it shows on there medical records?
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I am interested in this too, for preschool next year.  My DS will be partially vaxed and I want him to have titer testing before any further vaccinations.  However, I think I will need to write an exemption letter anyways.  If I understand it correctly, if you write an exemption letter you just submit the physical from dr. with no vaccination record.  BUT (and I hope others can provide more information or correct me if I am wrong) I just learned that the State of MA collects records on vaccinations into a state-wide electronic system that can be accessed by other drs and school personnel UNLESS you opt out of it (which I will be). 



I think I have read this right and if I am writing an exemption letter I imagine I don't want the school reading my son's records and questioning why he has some vax and not others, right?


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Thanks so much Jill...i did not know about the data collection. i will be opting out as well. just need to figure out how to opt out.
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Jill...one more thing...are you automatically entered in this system? do doctors give you the option of opting out or do we have to figure this out on our own. Thanks so much for this link...very good to know!! so glad you included this link!!
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Hi- based on the states website, it looks like data collection started in 2011. My son is 2 and our ped has never asked us if we wanted to opt out or in ( yet another reason why I am searching for a new dr.). This a form on the same site that can be faxed directly to DPH. I just can't figure out why the school we need/ be allowed to access my sons records, especially if I have submitted an exception form and they know to exclude him if there is an outbreak of an illness. I am still opting out but if anyone knows why they would need to without my permission I would love to know!
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Jumping in (tribe crashing) to say 'religious beliefs' can change at any time. So if they question an old vaccination, can't you just say your current beliefs preclude you from vaccinating? Just a thought.

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