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Weekly Chat 7/30-8/4

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It's almost August!! We are in the home stretch!


I'm so excited, I just ordered a couple charlie banana diapers off Zulily (I had a credit, so I thought, why not?). I've been only making/inheriting for newborn size, but there were two patterns that I thought were adorable, and I got them! I don't know why I'm such a cloth diaper nerd. :) I only got two, so if they smell too much or for some reason little boy is allergic to the poly, I'm not breaking the bank. Woohoo!


As for all the aches and pains of late that you all have mentioned: yep, yep, and yep. The hardest is the back pain at night. I end up laying down much sooner than I want to and accidentally falling asleep much sooner than I want to. I've also noticed that my bump has begun to feel more like a bowling ball in weight and tautness. Turning over is so comical, I really do feel like a beached whale if I don't get enough momentum! I can't imagine what our triplet and twin ladies are experiencing. 


How is everyone else this week?

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Thanks for starting us out, Ascher! I hear you on the bowling ball.


katt- thanks for the heads-up on the BL sale. So torn.. great deal, but you're right, they're pretty well cleaned out at this point. What to do, what to do..


Odds and ends from last thread- Right now I'm falling asleep pretty easily the first time, but having issues with getting back to sleep after getting up to pee, particularly after the second trip for some reason. (I always find myself doing this mental calculation- no, I don't want to be awake, can I possibly stay in bed and not go pee? Of course, the answer's always no.) Last night it was worse because my husband's phone kept going off with e-mails from colleagues in India- he forgot to turn off the vibrate feature, and it was amplified by the table. This is possibly his subconscious trying to pay me back for the awful snoring I've apparently started doing. I'd just like him to remember that I am not usually a snorer, and really it's all his fault. ;)


My biggest pain continues to be, well, in the ass- serious piriformis muscle problems, especially over the weekends as that's getting out to almost a week after an adjustment. On Saturday after a particularly active day (preparing the house for a visitor), I actually had to ask my husband for help walking to the bathroom- we were watching a movie and I got out of the bed, took a step, and thought I was going to fall over. As we shuffled down the hall, he told me to not do any more chores until after the baby comes. Which.. okay!


(More) AFM- My houseguest is one of my closest girlfriends, who I haven't seen in two years. The timing on this pregnancy has been such that I haven't been able to really talk about it with the friends who would've been my main go-tos if this had been a year ago. I left my best friend back in PR, and in this past year I guess the distance caught up with us- between that and her life stuff, she kind of fell off the face of the earth. Another friend got pregnant two weeks after I did and miscarried, so of course it's a delicate subject and not one that I want to bring up a ton. The one who is here now is going through an unexpected and very painful divorce which started to unfold pretty much at the same time I shared the news of my pregnancy with her.. Our lives are very similar in a lot of ways, and we both expected that we'd end up starting families at more or less the same time. Instead, she's dealing with a horrible betrayal and the loss of a number of things she was dreaming about and planning for. In a way, I'm amazed that she came, and I think it's a testament to the kind of person and friend she is, because she has admitted that as happy as she is for us it can hurt to be faced with my situation, which is a lot like the life she thought she'd be living. So we're doing our best. I don't know what the right way is to do things, but I'm trying- it would be weird to pretend like I'm not pretty close to having a baby, but I'm also trying not to do too much of that, or hug my husband too often, or.. you know?


Leaving here because friend is awake now. Happy Monday, everyone!

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I agree - I have felt relatively small but this past week I almost feel like my belly has doubled or something.  DH on numberous occasions has said that I am much bigger than I was with DD.  I am physically feeling good otherwise. DH and I had a big fight on Saturday into yesterday and I feel like I am just falling apart emotionally.  I don't know if it is the hormones or what but we have been fighting more than normal and my responses are so intense.  I end up exploding and saying really mean things.  I feel bad about it, but I also feel no closure because he always turns the issue into something that I need to change versus both of us making an effort.  Anyways, I am just a mess emotionally.  I am starting to worry a little about the birth and feeling so disconnected with DH.  Sorry to be a downer...

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\  I end up exploding and saying really mean things.  I feel bad about it, but I also feel no closure because he always turns the issue into something that I need to change versus both of us making an effort.  Anyways, I am just a mess emotionally.  I am starting to worry a little about the birth and feeling so disconnected with DH.  Sorry to be a downer...

You know, I am doing this with my kids- snipping at them for little things, having no patience when it is time to be getting ready to go somewhere- like every totally normal kid thing is just the last thing and I can't deal with anything more. What helps with us, and would probably help even more with your DH, is saying those things when everyone is calm. It is difficult to bring up upsetting situations when everything is calm, but it really, really does help ease things when tension is high. If you can bring yourself to say, "I'm not feeling like myself. I'm saying mean things that [aren't justified/way overboard/I regret]. I hate feeling so [out of control/disconnected from you/on my own]." If he's responsive to that (not dismissive or turning it into a whole new argument), then it will be easier for you to bring up what is a bigger issue- that y'all are a team, and you need his help right now, but you feel like he's attacking you when you're at your worst.

Sorry for this totally unsolicited advice! I have just noticed HUGE improvements in the tension around our home when we are able to discuss these things at a time when no one is currently upset.
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Hi Everyone- I have been MIA from this thread and on the "Bajingo" thread for most of this pregnancy, I promised myself I would reconnect with my DDC- I have popped in and a LOT has happened- 2 ladies have BABIES YAY!!  


Ahser- I hear you on the beached whale- bowling ball thing- when I wake up to 'turn' I feel like it is like a ball falling over me, to avoid hip pain I turn each way as not to exacerbate my right hip- like every two hours- and definitely let out a grunt- :)


Hyde- Sounds like your friend is great for coming out to visit and support you- I also have similar issues with friends who are in all different phases of their life and maybe wanted to be where I am right now- the way I look at it though is that you never know what is going to happen in life and we all go over life's major speed bumps, and should celebrate our friends successes, and wish for them what they want for themselves, you seem so compassionate about their stag in life and that is sweet, I hope you two are able to share lots of laughs and have fun.  I am sure you would do the sam if the tables were turned.


Ava- sorry about your woe's- There is so much going on in the end of pregnancy I think our 'normal' coping and compromising skills can suffer, I have been feeling a bit nervous and at the same time ecstatic about becoming a new mother, here at the home stretch I though I would just be peaceful and excited but I am pondering my loss of freedom, which makes me feel guilty.  I hope you and dh are able to find a place of peace <3


help007- that is great advise, I have been fortunate that pregnancy has brought me a more complete sense of peace and calmness that I have not really had to combat issues, which I am very fortunate for, glad you have found relief for the tension in you home- 


AFM-  A lot has happened since I last checked in here but my baby is a BOY- and he is measuring 2 weeks ahead.  My dh was an 11 lb baby and because it was so long ago I do no thing they determined if he was way overcooked or if he was just a big baby- finny because he is an average sized man- 5'11 medium build and his mama was young and is thin and 5'4 so it is not like he is from a sumo family, maybe there is something about the growth DNA in utero-???  I have not gained a lot of wight and am negative for GD.  We will keep an eye on the big boy and decide close to his EDD whether we need to 'do' anything- each I hope we will NOT!!  I am taking a Bradley method class and will tour the hospital soon.  I am about half way dome with my nursery prep and baby prep- like packing my bag and buying stuff- it seem never ending - errr. 


I hope all you Sept DDC ladies are hanging in there I cannot believe we are in the home stretch!!!!!



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I hear ya on blowing up.  With the heat and the size I am, my temper has a very short fuse.

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I've also been feeling a little short of patience lately.  Our sweet dog (we've had her 8 years) is even irritating me more than usual.  I caught myself snapping at her today 'hey, stop following me!' And she looked so bummed to be spoken to that way.  She's a rescue, kind of anxious, and so so so loving.  I'm mean mommy and the baby hasn't even been born yet!


Ava'sMama, hang in there :) I think we can probably all relate to the fury that is getting into an argument with someone and having them suggest that only you need to change/improve instead of it being something that needs work together. 


Hyde, she sounds like a great friend.  I also have a good friend who seemed to be sharing a 'life track' if you will, and is now getting divorced . . . it's awkward for all parties I think.  You sound very perceptive and aware of her feelings though, which I'm sure she appreciates and is probably why she is able to make a possibly somewhat painful trip to see you and your DH.  It's hard to find great friends, I hope you two hang on to each other. 


Is anyone else starting to fret about the actual birth?  I find myself getting worried that I'm not practicing enough, and I'm really not even sure what I should be 'practicing'.  I keep wanting to blame DH for the fact that we're not practicing - haha.  I think it's just a way for me to vent some concerns about what is to come.  Maybe it's because the nursery and baby-shopping are basically done so now, I'm home from work, my house is relatively clean, etc so I have time and energy to freak myself out. 

I put a bunch of clothes from the Gap and Old Navy into my online cart over the weekend and spent FOREVER picking good items for nursing and postpartum because this is my one opportunity to shop (my mom's coming out next month and will bring the clothes, she'll take back any returns) . . . it took forever b/c I wanted to spend the least possible but have a few great items that I could live in over the next few months. Then when I went to check out seriously half of the stuff got thrown out of my cart because of 'high demand', now it's showing those items as out of stock.  Plus it was 30% off at the time.  So disappointed.  And they had Bravado bras and I thought those would be 30% off as well (it said 'entire purchase') but NOPE. 

Making BBQ chicken and steamed green beans for dinner! Have a great week everyone <3

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My husband has been working overtime because we really need it right now, but he has worked two weeks straight now with no days off! He will be doing this for another two weeks but then he will have 4 days of paid vacation. It will be more of a "staycation" but we are hoping that his parents will take the kids one day/night so maybe we can have a little couple time at a nice hotel - I'm hoping with a big Jacuzzi-style bath tub! I have been so tired. I have been so tired, its ridiculous. It's slowing down my nesting activity. I am having lots of BH and they are not just uncomfortable, they are a tad painful at times - feeling it all the way down low in my pelvic area even which gets my attention and got me worried a few times, but when I rest it goes away. But right now that basically means I am resting a whole lot and not getting much done around the house. My kids have been helping at least with the general straightening up, which is great. The baby shower my mom is throwing for me is in two weeks, and I'll get to see a few moms that I haven't seen in ages. It should be interesting, they are part of an AP meet up type group that kind of disbanded/lost touch for various reasons. It will be nice to catch up in person with some of them. 


Okay, it's like 1pm and I've been sitting in a nice quiet library with my kids for almost two hours. Despite this very low key activity, I am ready for a nap.

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Thanks for the love girls.  I completely agree with bringing things up when we are calm. What I need are tools or ways to remember to TAKE A DEEP BREATH and think before I respond.  Because what has caused my explosions is typically one or two statements that DH says.  This weekend it was when DD was having a fit and wanted to be with me and I just wanted to go pee alone.  DH's response was "You created this".  I completely lost it and when I heard it I thought "this man is telling me I am a bad mom and that something is wrong with my DD!!"  And I totally lost it!  Another thing that keeps coming up is him saying that I don't do anything for work (we have our own business and work together...I do most of the admin stuff and he does more hands on stuff).  Those two triggers make me completely explode and I don't know how to prevent the explosions.  Maybe I should try to just take a breath and say "that really upsets me, but I need to go take some time to think about it before I respond".  the problem is that he normally follows me around trying to get me to talk more about it and that makes me even more frustrated.  Thanks for letting me vent!

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Originally Posted by hyde View Post


My biggest pain continues to be, well, in the ass- serious piriformis muscle problems, especially over the weekends as that's getting out to almost a week after an adjustment. On Saturday after a particularly active day (preparing the house for a visitor), I actually had to ask my husband for help walking to the bathroom- we were watching a movie and I got out of the bed, took a step, and thought I was going to fall over. As we shuffled down the hall, he told me to not do any more chores until after the baby comes. Which.. okay!

Ugg the prirformis is a pain in the ass!  I strained mine when I was training for one of my marathons.  Here is what I did to treat the pain:

-Butterfly stretches really really help, they open the hips and take the strain off of the muscle

-Ice packs, which should feel fantastic in this ridiculous weather as an added bonus!

-Do not sit with your legs down whenever possible.  Sit Indian style, in butterfly position, or with propped legs.  Whatever takes the weight off of your booty.

-Calf stretches.  Not sure why these help, but they really do.

-Get yourself to a pool and do the breast stroke with froggy style kick.  It will shake all that tension loose and strengthen your lower back.

-Prenatal massage: have them get your legs, booty, and lower back especially

-Warm bath with lots of epsom salts (especially right after massage, then ice)

Lather, rinse, and repeat.  And feel better!

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the problem is that he normally follows me around trying to get me to talk more about it and that makes me even more frustrated.  Thanks for letting me vent!
bag.gif this is what I do to DH. We have opposite styles for dealing with conflict- I like to talk it all out in the moment, he likes to stew for a while until he is calm/and or pretend it never happened. He blows up and then shuts down. We have had to really work at both giving a little in our preferred method. I need to give him some time and in exchange he has to lessen the amount of time he needs to cool down. after 6 years are are starting to get it! It is such a difficult dance. if you can, try to talk when you're both calm (like PP suggested) and tell him about your triggers. See if you can get him to see why they are so insulting and why they make you so furious. Find out what his triggers are and make an effort to avoid them. pregnancy and summer can't last forever!!

AFM: spent a crazy amount of time in the kitchen yesterday cooking and now I have a freezer full of goodies! so psyched!

Any other second (or third, fourth, fifth..etc) time moms have a feeling like, "our family works so well right now.. WHY are we doing this again??" I'm thrilled about this baby and have been since the start, but I am enjoying DS so much right now. I feel a little sad that this is sort of it for our one-on-one relationship. I'll never be just his mama ever again.
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Ava's Mama - I'm so sorry that you're going through this right now.  Emotional turmoil is the worst - with all the other stresses I've had in my life since pregnancy, emotional stress seems to take the greatest toll.  Take care of yourself as much as you can, and try to surround yourself with supportive friends.  As I said to myself about my father, haters gonna hate!


What a crazy time!  Now I'm really understanding the meaning of "pregnant pause."  It's the waiting game, but you're waiting for a life to come into the world, waiting for a huge life change, for this day of pain, tears, love, and laughter.  I try to wrap my mind around all the feelings I'm having right now, and it's not possible.  But I can't wait to meet my little girl!


And I am really starting to get uncomfortable!  Heartburn, which isn't nearly as bad as I've heard some complain about.  Usually one or two Tums is all I need, and pregnancy tea really seems to help.  Other digestive issues haven't really been issues, I credit all the fresh fruit I've been craving and helping myself to as much as I want.  The midnight tub of watermelon during a bout of pregnancy insomnia was particularly lovely.  I felt like a queen, sitting there, stuffing my face with watermelon then drinking the juice at the bottom of the bowl.


And food in general, food is delicious!  It probably helps that I'm hungry all the time.  I keep my appetite in check with some key staples: yogurt, boiled eggs, string cheese, raw almonds, and fresh cut fruit and veggies.  Nom.


The hardest two things right now are feeling way too darn heavy and getting up five times a night to potty.  Waah.  When I do sleep, though, I sleep very deeply with vivid dreams.  It's crazy, seems like my body knows how to handle the crummy sleep.

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I feel ya on the heartburn. Mine seems to come in go in waves. I was fine for the last week or so but last night it hit me again. I drank a small glass of water and unfiltered, organic ACV and went right back to bed and it was all cleared up.
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Ava's Mama - We have two VERY similar triggers.  DH tells me that I created all of DS's sleeping issues and he also frequently reminds me of the "work" that he does around the house.  I can actually FEEL your frustration in what you wrote above.  I think it's so incredibly hard to step away.  I don't have that skill.  But I agree that telling your DH that he upset you and then walking away is probably the most productive approach.


Patience - It sounds like many of us are experiencing a shortage of patience. I am am right there and I am having a hard time keeping my emotions in check.  I was just feeling sad this morning because I am being entirely too impatient with DS. Just when he is ramping up with some tough behavior.  It's not a good scene. 


Discomfort - I am definitely starting to feel the aches and pains.  If I clean, I seriously end up unable to move because my lower back feels like it goes out.  Thankfully it seems to resolve itself in a day or so.  I am so frustrated because I feel like I run around like a nut trying to keep our place ridiculously clean.  We're  in the process of showing it as a rental and I can't hate anything more.  Between keeping everything put away, communicating with total strangers, and letting total strangers in the house, I am so stressed.  I may honestly suggest to my DH that we just take a hit on rent for a month or two and only show it once it's empty.  We move into our new house on Sept. 1.  Not soon enough!  Oh, and I can't get comfortable at night at all.  I just can't so I know lack of sleep is making it even harder all around. 


Madi Mamacita - I am really feeling a lot of sadness about changing the family dynamic.  


I feel whiny today.  Really whiny.  Waaaaahhhh! 

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Bah! I just posted in the *old* thread.... so here is what I wrote. Then I need to catch up on this week's chatter!!



Sore spots on tummy--I have a couple too. Definitely feel bruised from the inside out. I even have a spot where I have what looks like a broken blood vessel! This kid isn't shy...  My sorest spot right now is about 2" below my right ribs. Unfortunately, it's where baby's head is right now, and it feels like that hard noggin is just rubbing the muscles and skin raw!


Travel--I did 2 12+ hour rides at 31 and nearly 33w last time. As long as you stop as needed and watch your posture in the car, you should be fine. My chiro thought that maybe my trip caused my DS to turn breech, but this baby now is breech at the same gestation--so I think it's me rather than the car!!


BH--Mine are not painful, but they make me short of breath, and I HATE that feeling.



AFM--Peri appointment today for the GD diagnosis. Happily, the peri said that 80% of moms with GD control it with diet and basically said it's mostly 'no big deal' which is what I wanted to hear. He also was duly unimpressed with my u/s measurements (they did a baseline because of the GD; I'm going to try to delay/decline any further). Baby was measuring a week ahead at about 5lbs, but a lot of that was due to his/her SUPER long arms and legs. My last 2 kids were 22" and 22.5" at birth, and my hubby was 23", so yes, my kids are long. Even my 21.5" firstborn had the longest legs and arms I've seen on a newborn! (And she still is very long-limbed.) Anyway, the peri said if I VBACd at 9.5lb baby last time, I should have no trouble with a bigger baby, so the u/s looked normal for me and was of no concern. I continue to be shocked by the receptivity of my mainstream care providers to 'normal for me' which is certainly not "normal"!!


In other fun and exciting news, this kid officially is breech like its brother. I should have know. For whatever weird anatomical reason, I get constipated when baby is breech, and i have been struggling with that the last few days. I thought that I felt baby flip to breech the other night (a huge, somersaulting movement), so I was not surprised. Right now, head is under my right ribs facing downward with baby's back along the top of my stomach and down my left to the butt which is sitting on the left side of the bottom of my uterus. Then feet are up by baby's face. So I guess Frank breech-ish but oblique? I have a chiro appointment tomorrow, so hopefully she can reorient this little bugger.

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Ladies- it's been a few weeks since I've checked in. I've read all of your progress and always have a lot to comment on, but...am on my phone.


So, I asked a few weeks ago about being pregnant and exposed to someone who's undergoing radiation treatment. I checked in with my midwife as well. She said as long as I'm not managing/cleaning up any bodily fluids, I'm safe. So that's a relief b/c we have the ability to host these family members and I can't imagine sticking them in a hotel while my BIL goes through radiation/chemo far from home...


But another few adults in our small house that's already a bit cramped has stressed me out a bit. Two weeks ago I developed hives and couldn't sleep for most of the week. It was terrible and I was pissed. Then last week, I caught some sinus/head cold thing and was DOWN for the count. I had to take a day off work which made me crabby since I'm saving every bit of time off for my leave this fall. But, things turned around quickly (lots of Neti/salt water gargling/throat tea...and some Tylenol!) so that was good.


I'm hoping those are the only physical things I'll have to complain about for the duration of this pregnancy. I actually feel pretty good overall. Not sleeping tons (getting up a lot at night to pee, and then being awake, realizing I'm hungry, reading a chapter of my book, etc.) but I do ok on little sleep. I'm resting when I can and my kiddos have been semi-helpful in that regard.


As for fights/arguments with partners...I am on Team Madi - I'm all about talking it out and sorting things through and getting down to what the problem really is. I do get frustrated with my husband as I feel like I'm ALWAYS the one that needs to initiate resolution. And we're going on 14 years together! We still have to work on that...


From last weeks thread: JudyBean, I cannot get out of my head your situation with DD!s friends' mom. This just happened to us with my oldest son. No clue where they were, no communication, their cell phone was OFF, and it was after dark. I was getting really freaked out and started crying. My husband had to talk me off a ledge and it all ended up being ok, but...I was really upset. And am feeling judgey about the other parent. The hardest part is to make sure my kid doesn't feel like I'm mad at him...I'm not! But I'm mad that it happened!

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MIranda - I totally hear you on the short patience. I have a 2 year old daschund/jack russel rescue that we got from the humane society 5 months ago and he loves to follow me around. He started barking for no reason last night in the house (he is not normally a barker) and would not stop. I turned around and snapped at him to stop barking and it apparently scared him enough to literally pee his pants (well, he has no pants... so it was the floor). I felt so bad because he was probably just sensing my rising level of frustration (very emotionally sensitive) which was making him scared and prone to barking.


Up until this week I felt fairly mobile and active. I have been doing stroller bootcamp 3x a week, riding/working/grooming the 2 horses (boarded 10 minutes from home so at least Im not doing the mucking and feeding), and hiking/walking at least an hour a day in the evening with the husband after our nanny leaves (oh and did I mention we have an 11 month old who still doesnt sleep through the night?) but I was still feeling better the more active I was. As of about 4 days ago.. I feel as though I can barely get off the couch. My brain is gone. I work from home and also taking a technical writing course online and I feel like I cant focus on ANYTHING! Soooo frustrating and there is sooo much to get done right now, work-wise, class-wise, house-wise, baby-prep wise before the kid gets here and I feel like I am getting no where!


Husband is trying to be supportive, but he doesnt know how. He thinks all I need is some sleep and Ill feel better. Yes, sleep helps a little, but I feel like on matter how much sleep I get (at random hours during the day and night and never more than 2-3 hours at a time between my bladder and my baby), I still feel drained.


I have had several people comment on how much I "popped" during the last week. She must have had a growth spurt which is coinciding with my exhaustion. Almost none of my maternity clothes fit. I already have a very long torso, so I can practically wear maternity tanks and shirts when Im not pregnant, so by the time Im this big, nothing covers!


Theme of the week: grumpy and irritable.

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I've been lurking the last week or so.  I always read the weekly chat and tell myself I'll respond when I have time... 


The weekend before last my mom and step father came in to town to help us move furniture, put together ikea furniture in our 3 bedrooms, hang new black out curtains, etc.  We've officially converted the guest room into a room for DD1.  We replaced old second hand long low beat up dressers with cheap ikea chests of drawers in our bedroom, moved everything around and put up a crib!  I didn't even take the crib out of the attic for DD2, but since we're losing the guest room, I wanted an optional separate sleeping space for DD3.



I've transferred over all of DD1's things, shifted DD2's clothes over to the farther dresser, and put away 0-3 month clothes in the dresser closest to the changing table, and hung some sweet tiny dresses in the closet too.  I've sorted diapers neatly into small, medium, and large, and put away the tiny ones in the changing table.  Now I have a shopping list of diaper and baby clothes type things I'd like to have.  I'm also seriously considering buying crib bedding (besides a couple of fitted sheets I've never done this either), so it looks more put together in our bedroom.


DD1 surprised me and has been sleeping alone in her new bedroom.  I totally expected her to stay in the bunk bed in the shared room.  We just tell her goodnight and leave the room!!!  And, she's started going to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night instead of calling for DH to bring her!!!!!!  This is huge.


My bedroom, bathroom, and closet are a mess of boxes, bags, and baskets full of clothes, linens, books, and so on as we sort, purge, and find homes for everything.  I got an awesome new wall hanging for over our bed and a new quilt from my mother for my birthday (I'd already picked them out and she offered to buy them as a birthday present).  I'm really looking forward to getting our bedroom and bathroom really put together.  It will be my birthing space, and I'm sure I'll spend lots of time in our bedroom in the early weeks and months postpartum.  I want it to feel calming, organized, and nice.

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not sure if I've posted in weekly before but since I have total placenta brain and can't think... I might as well. I am amazed but I must have gotten a nesting bug! I have been almost in denial of this babe but maybe the fear that I will barely be able to stand for more than 10 mintues within the next 4 weeks (by 36 weeks, last time, I would cry if I stood very long) is really scaring me into action. From my wonderful local moms group where trading/giving away is so common, I've been able to get some free newborn and size 1 diapers, picked up a bassinet someone was done with, got an ergo insert for 10 bucks, got a swing and bouncey for another 10 (I gave all my stuff away after my son). I also moved my son's clothes over to big sissy's dresser and so there's room for baby clothes in the dresser w/ the changing table. I do need to figure out what I have clothes wise..I know my SIL gave back a bunch of 0-3 girl stuff and I think someone returned some 0-3 boy stuff I'd leant out but I need to figure out which box in the attic that is in. I also need to find some newborn hats for the first day or two. I also cleaned all day yesterday b/c my hubby took the kids to a movie. It was bliss in a really odd way. now..to find my functioning brain...hmmm....
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Patience - what's that? 


Arguing - My ex-husband and I had crazy blow-outs. I said awful things (that I still think he deserved). But I was so frustrated because I swear he was/is literally stupid and it is impossible to reason with someone like that. 


My current husband and I have arguments and it never escalates from talking. However, his arguing issue is that he never wants to admit to doing something wrong. He would rather point out things I do wrong to deflect instead. In his defence, I am his first girlfriend/wife and he has never had a real argument other than with his siblings so that is what I have to deal with until he matures. I'm sure that will happen in the next 10 years or so... While it's totally annoying, I can live with this for a few years. :p


Plus, I am a pretty confrontational person and DH is the opposite so I think that's why we work so well.


Last night I was having contractions all evening. So I decided to check what my cervix was up to... turns out it is super soft/mushy and a little more than 1cm open. I was SO EXCITED to be able to feel my cervix and recognize everything in there. LOL Totally exciting, although baby boy needs to stay put for 2 more weeks so that I can have a homebirth. 


Adding to the family - Yes, I am really worried about this. I have two older girls (7 and almost 11) and we are quite independent and adding a baby is going to be rough. 


And on a super awesome note - 4 more days of work until mat leave. This coming weekend is a Canadian long weekend and I plan to sleep until noon 3 days in a row and then go to an awesome family pool party on Monday afternoon. And then just chill out until baby comes.

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