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Hi Ladies: Anyone else already gained 35 lbs? Holy cow! I've still got 7 weeks to go!

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Originally Posted by Jend1002 View Post

I need all the positive energy I can get. We put our 12 year old dog to sleep today and I feel like my heart has been ripped right out. The sadness is overwhelming me.

Hugs, Jend, losing a furry friend is heart breaking.  You will be in my thoughts.

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Hugs to everyone having a rough time right now. I think these last few weeks are physically and emotionally hard at the best of times. Adding the stress of emotional trauma, financial strain, loss, and unsupportive partners is so hard when our resources are stressed to the max anyways. I think Judy put it brilliantly. I hope we can all find and hold on to a sense of peace and joy as we approach this incredible time of transition. (I also think some of you have partners that could use a real kick in the pants, and I so wish I could deliver it for you, but I don't suppose it would do any good in reality.)


Ascher, I'm up above 40 lbs, at 33 weeks :( I gained a bunch of weight last time and was hoping not to this time but I guess that's just what my body does. Last time I really didn't gain anything after about 35 weeks, so hopefully this is just about it. I'm short too, so that's a lot of extra weight for me and I really, really don't want to hit the 50 lb mark.


Otherwise, I'm actually having a pretty decent week. Physically, I feel way better than I did a month ago. The sciatic/hip pain that was really bothering me seems to have mostly gone away. I'm at that achey, sore, hard to sleep stage, but at least it mostly wears off in the morning and I'm fairly mobile most of the day. I am feeling a little panicky about the amount we have to get before this baby arrives. DH is going to be away for work a lot in the next few weeks so I'm feeling the time crunch. I'd like to be mostly prepared by 37 weeks even though I'm sure this babe won't arrive before 40. That'll give me at least a couple weeks to just concentrate on relaxing and getting into a good headspace before the birth.


Hope everyone's having a good day!

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Originally Posted by judybean View Post
Just peace, radiance, and joy for the lives we've been nurturing all this time.

What a wonderful sentiment!  I think I'm going to add this to my list of labor mantras.  It's so important to find the time to disconnect from all the struggles of everyday life and practice relaxation and focus on the extraordinary birth moment ahead, but it's so hard too!  I wish all of you mamas struggling right now a respite from trouble, a few moments of rest, and some time to reflect.


Had my week 34 appointment this week, and Miss Mae is head-down!  Hopefully my pelvic rocking will keep her in that position.  Plus, she doesn't have much room to flip.  I got to meet one of the nurses I had not met before and she took her time palpating my tummy, showing me Mae's little feet, booty, and I got to feel her noggin.  It was so fun!  I have been instructed to pack hospital bags (already done), and install the car seat, because our baby could come at any time.  I had a bit of a "holy crap" moment.  I am in to-do list denial at the moment.


Birth class tonight - we will be practicing labor positions.  Fortunately we're all feeling pretty large and in charge right now, so us mamas can be ungainly together.  I like that we're all first time moms, we all feel like we're floating in nebulous time clocks.

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Flyby....and AAM, but remember I mentioned tachycardia earlier?  Well, I was feeling crappy a bit ago so I took my BP.  95/55, HR 125  NO WONDER I feel all short of breath. Holy racing pulse!  UGH. At least sitting for a moment or two usually resolves it...



ascher--Not this time (only up ~17lbs at 33w), but I was like that with #2. I gained about 50lbs total with her. And I lost ALL of it by 6 months pp. My mom also gained about that much and lost it easily. I think sometimes that's just what our bodies do. This pregnancy and my last one have been really different in terms of weight gain. The last one I chalked it up to being a boy. This time I think it's due to kid chasing, appetite and of course the stupid GD diet.

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Ascher, I'm up 30 lbs at 32 weeks. I gained 50 last pregnancy. I'm right on track with that again. I wanted to only gain the 25 to 35 lbs recommended for my BMI. So not happening. And last time I gained while nursing. Awesome irked.gif.  I guess that's just the way I roll (no pun intended). 

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I hope everyone's rough times have some ebb and flow- life, like birth, can benefit so, so much from having breathing room here and there.

33 weeks, today, and wow- we could be growing for another 9 weeks?!? How is that possible?

I am still getting around fine, but this is our busiest week of the summer with activities, and also the first full week my 4yo is intentionally not napping. The really odd part of the schedule is that next week is TOTALLY unscheduled.

I need to start planning lunch ideas (grain free for us, nut free for the school) because we'll have a tight schedule this school year (one in morning preschool, one in afternoon preK, 30 min lunch between), and it will be the first time I'll have been forced into a schedule with a newborn/infant. Should be a good learning experience, and *only* 9 months. I guess I'll learn to ask for help from friends, which is a lesson I've put off for many years. I'm hoping that all the new things at school with help provide the boys with structure they enjoy when our newest arrives, and I've also ordered a few activity things they can play with quietly near the nursing station. I love the Usborne lift-the-flaps books because the boys can 'read' them over and over again, on their own and together.

What do y'all have planned for older siblings? I'm guessing most just won't understand that my time with the newborn is the same, if not less, time I spent with each of them at that stage.
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I'm 35+2 today. my joints are loosening, I feel pelvic twinges a lot and my pelvic bone is really sensitive to the touch. I'm exhausted, yet unable to fall back asleep when I wake up to pee. My stomach hurts and it feels like the only thing that helps is to eat constantly, except that doesn't actually help, it just makes me more uncomfortable, but I feel so hungry. I don't know how to deal with this other then try really hard to take it as easy as I can. I left my conference at 5:00 today- I just couldn't bear the heat anymore. Two more days of conference, then my sweetheart is meeting me for 4 days vacation. I cannot wait to see him. These two weeks of work travel have been very, very hard for me physically. I think I would not choose to do this again.


Ascher- at my last appointment two weeks ago, I had gained 33 pounds. It's in the range of normal weight gain, and my fetus is a total moving all the time excited fetus, so I'm sure it's fine for my body and my fetus that I have gained this much. 


Calpurnia- what does it feel like to float in a nebulous time clock? Like you are in a Dali painting or something?

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Originally Posted by mole View Post

Calpurnia- what does it feel like to float in a nebulous time clock? Like you are in a Dali painting or something?

LOL!  It feels weird, everything is new, you don't know what your body is doing, and you have no clue when this life-changing event is going to occur so you just have to ride the wave.


That being said, anytime my baby girl wants to come after August 19th is good with me.

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35 weeks today! DH is finally home today after working 12+ hour days for the last week. he is currently in the kitchen making us a yummy hot lunch smile.gif Last night he got off work early (at 6pm- he hasn't been off before 10pm at all in the last 6 days) and instead of calling or coming home, he went to his coworkers house for a couple beers.. great, but he didn't come home until 11 or something (I was already asleep so I don't know what time it was) and then he just casually mentions it this morning... I was more surprised than angry, I mean it really doesn't change anything for me, if he had been working until late instead of hanging out until late I still would have been alone with DS all day. It wasn't a hard day or anything.. I just cannot imagine getting off work at 6 and then going somewhere to hang out for SEVERAL hours without calling! We have had this argument before- I feel like a lot of the time it is just assumed that I am the default caregiver and if I want to go somewhere or do something without DS I have to make arrangements, whereas DH just goes.

Can I ask if anyone is having sex, and HOW?? seriously, physically how? I can't imagine a position that wouldn't be torture on my poor aching hips, back, shoulders... not to mention the vulva aching pain I'm still feeling. MW thinks it could be a varicocity but I haven't gotten out a mirror to check on it yet.
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Well, we had sex the other day after about 6-8 weeks of "don't even touch me". I felt bad for DH. LOL We did it the only way it would work... from behind. But half way through he wrapped his hands around my belly and I was IMMEDIATELY no longer in the mood. What was he thinking? Don't grab my giant belly full of baby that I'm trying to forget about while I'm trying to get dirty with my husband. So after that point I was just hoping it would end quickly... luckily after nearly 8 weeks, it did. lol.gif


Today I texted DH to complain how my lady bits are so sore because I'm sitting on my super hard work chair and baby's head is so low. Of course that led to DH making witty comments such as: "I will massage it later tonight". To which I replied: "The last thing I need is something pounding it from the outside." 


The next time I have sex will be when I'm desperately trying to go into labor, or post-baby.


I would have more sex but baby moves ALL.THE.TIME and I find it very difficult to get in the mood when I can feel the baby moving inside me. Am I the only one?

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MadiMamacita, DH and I are still having sex, but it's often a LOT of foreplay, etc, with just a little intercourse at the end. Also, I have been lucky enough NOT to have much pelvic pain at all, and my belly has not popped to any extreme - I'm measuring right on target, but I don't look/feel huge the way that many women do. It also took us a lot of time to understand that pregnant sex is NOT pre-pregnant sex. The thing that was most difficult was to accept that I haven't been able to climax through intercourse since the belly popped, which both of us had trouble dealing with. We slowly learned that sex is about intimacy (and nudity) these days, not the "end goal."


And we can't take it as seriously because of the fact that my body doesn't seem to mind interrupting to pee (again) or to pass gas (loudly). There are a lot more giggles in the bedroom than there were before!

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

Can I ask if anyone is having sex, and HOW?? seriously, physically how? I can't imagine a position that wouldn't be torture on my poor aching hips, back, shoulders... not to mention the vulva aching pain I'm still feeling. MW thinks it could be a varicocity but I haven't gotten out a mirror to check on it yet.

It is an awkward sandwich, for sure.  We do it with me on top.  DH helps me hoist myself onto his body and I use pillows and the headboard to support my massiveness.  He is very into my bigger bbs, so he enjoys the view.  We do the foreplay, but it's pretty uncomfortable for me at this point, and I climax is very rare for me.  It's definitely about intimacy and relaxation.


I have been so in the mood - for non-pregnant sex.  I have vivid non-pregnant sex dreams and I can't wait for the awkwardness to no longer be there.  I make sure we DTD once a week, sometimes twice a week.  It's a priority like anything else in our life, so I make sure we make time for it.  Even when I'm so tired I want to throw myself out the window.


Maman - I can't believe your DH grabbed your belly!  That is NOT ok lol

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I just found out by a professional sizer that I am a 34F. 


I could cry. haha.... She was like, "Wow, honey, you'll have to look online." and this was in a maternity store... ): And just thinking about them getting even bigger when I start getting my milk in... UGH! What in the world am I going to do? Do they ever go back? Mind you all, I was a 34A when all this started.

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Had a midwife appointment today and my blood pressure was high greensad.gif Like... high enough that if it's this high in two weeks we'll discuss whether she'll keep me as a homebirth. I neeeeed it to come down. (Just the top number... bottom was fibe
... and I've never had bp issues). *sigh*
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Had my OB visit on Tuesday and she thinks I could go into labor any minute! redface.gif

But if I don't, the girls will be delivered on August 17, when I hit 37 weeks. It's so nice to have a date! And I have had about 4 contractions that were legitimately painful in the last 24 hrs, so that's something new.

The bag is packed, I have a lactation consultant lined up, and I feel sort of ready, but I'm hoping nothing happens this weekend because my doc will be out of town.

Things with SO haven't been good. I have given up hoping for a sense of connection with him. The last few weeks have been draining me and I feel like I have to stop trying and giving, at this point. It's kind of killing my soul. I guess I should have expected this, since he didn't want this pregnancy at the beginning. Time to focus on me, and the babies.
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Hi ladies!  Glad to see that everyone is hanging in there despite hormones, heat and getting huge...


Much love to the mamas dealing with extra stress and pain this week.


On being uncomfortable - count me in!  I have this pain in my pelvis/groin, especially after sitting/laying down for awhile that makes it almost unbearable to walk.  I mentjoned it at my last appointment with the hospital people (my midwife is on vacation till next week) and they said it's normal.  Flipping from side to side at night is a monumental task that sometimes requires help.  And my feet are now swelling, which is ever so attractive. 


As for patience - I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I'm liable to burst into tears or get snappy over anything these days.  The dog is a source of frustration here too, and then I feel guilty for getting mad at him cause he's not really doing anything wrong...he's just being a dog, after all.  And it seems my girls are either feeding off my stress and anxiety or going through some sort of phase, but the crying, whining, screaming, all day long, is really really getting to me.  Our babysitter plans (a teenager was supposed to come by a few mornings a week to give me a break) fell through, and DH is trying to rack up some OT before the babies come, so it's just me all day (and sometimes all evening)...


and sex?  I'm not sure I remember what that is.  Between feeling so freaking uncomfortable, DH's long hours and the non-stop baby movement, it had been a long long while for us too.  I feel bad for DH and should probably attempt it but I just feel so blah and huge and have no sex drive whatsoever. 


Anya - I went up to an H after I had the girls!  Starting out as a C, this seemed rather ridiculous.  You will be so glad for a well fitted bra in the months to come - totally worth it.  I bought two nice ones at a high end store and wore them to pieces. 


Judybean - hoping your BP comes down before your next appt!


wendipauline  - how far along are you now?  Sorry to hear about your SO, maybe he will come around once the babes are born.  Either way, you are totally capable of doing what you need to do, and this is definitely a time to focus on yourself and your babies.

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Originally Posted by mamalovex3 View Post


Anya - I went up to an H after I had the girls!  Starting out as a C, this seemed rather ridiculous.  You will be so glad for a well fitted bra in the months to come - totally worth it.  I bought two nice ones at a high end store and wore them to pieces. 



Which stores? I went to Destination Maternity... I thought that was pretty high end with the average dress costing $150... T_T The lady said she couldn't help me and I would have to find something online... 

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Anya, I purchased an F/G bra from Motherhood Maternity. That is as big as they sell. The last time I nursed I got up to a G. So perhaps you will only go up a little more. I would suggest buying a sports-type nursing bra for the first few weeks (they tend to be roomier) and then purchase more when you have an idea of how big you'll get. 


It seems anything over an F is rare to find in-store.

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It wasn't the cup size that was a problem, it was the match with a 34 band size. They said they didn't carry that size band with size cup... They carry it in 36, but I barely fit the 34. Do your ribs get bigger too at any point?

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