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6 months old!

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I know my babies are on the early side of the DDC but can you believe half a year has passed?


What are your babies up to?


My babies are sitting up bu themselves, pulling up and my boy is really close to crawling.


Here is a pic of them with a cake grandma bought them for their half birthday.



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Awe too cute!  My girl had her six month birthday yesterday, I can't believe how fast they grow up!!  She is sitting up on her own now too, has been for about a month (with help at first) and is getting better at it everyday.  She loves to "talk" and watch mommy play pat-a-cake.  She's eating solids now too, earlier than I had hoped but she's just ravenous!  She loves bananas and apples.  She's a chunker weighing in at 19lbs 14oz yesterday, and 27 inches long.  I don't know how she got so big!  She was the smallest of all three of mine at birth (at 8 lbs even) but so far has maintained the highest percentile on the growth chart out of all three.  She's bigger than my other daughter was at 9 months and my son was at 8 months!


I can't wait to hear all about all of our other Feb 2012 babies!




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Lola isn't quite 6 months yet but she is seriously sweet as pie. I can not get enough of her. Loving this age!

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Aww... I feel like my little guy is behind. I guess I'm in no rush for him to grow up being my last baby and all. He rolls of course and can sit with support and a little by him self but then he falls over. LOL We just started letting him eat and he's cut 2 teeth and working on the third. 

He's generally lazy so I'm not sure if he's going to be sitting up or crawling or pulling up ANY TIME soon. LOL

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I'm really loving this age too!  My little Finn is not quite 6 months yet, but he's sitting up on his own, getting up onto all fours and rocking, and has figured out that if he uses his face, he can "crawl" all over the bed- it's kind of hilarious, actually. Face planted crawling. 


He's become really interested in the world lately. It's great, his curiousity has spiked, and it's fun to find new things to entertain.  I'm looking forward to more babbling and the beginning of real crawling!




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My girl is getting so fast at her army crawl! She does do that all fours rocking then face planting on the bed too.
I cant believe she'll be 6 months next week!!! We're going to start solids regularly soon. We've done them only ocassionally. I backed off because she has 5, almost 6, teeth so she doesn't gum on things, she chomps off a huge bite then has a hard time managing it. She gags a lot. I tired spoon feeding but she has to do it herself.

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