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Is anyone else hard core nesting? It's driving me insane!! Any unfinished project, or mess feels like nails on a chalkboard to me that much be finished ASAP. I need to get it in check or something because I don't exactly want a divorce, lol, i.e. the hubby does not get it wink1.gif So what are you all up to nesting wise? Anyone else trying to take a nesting chill pill? Sheepish.gif

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OrangeMoon, I'm not nesting right now because I'm too busy and the baby's room is going to be the office until September. But I'm reading a lot (thank you, insomnia!) and definitely feeling the need to get ready. I'm just not actually able to act on any of this yet. But come September, oh, yes. I'll be in the same exact place as you. When I notice myself getting really worked up about something, I just try to remind myself that a huge part of it is hormones. That way I don't have to take myself so seriously when I get irritated or impatient, which definitely happens!


Good luck navigating this nesting urge! Hope you get lots done but that you also find a way to make it manageable. 

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I've been nesting like crazy - for a long while now! I definitely don't think I did like this with my last pregnancy. I've been sorting every cabinet and closet possible. I've brought a lot to goodwill but am finding more that needs to go. Cleaning random things that I never bother with - everything I can think of. Like scrubbing all the windows and the floor moldings. I want to clean out the fridge - but um not enough to have done it yet. Haha. But the good news is, I'm almost done with a lot of it! I've already bought everything I think we need for baby (it wasn't all that much!), almost everything for the birth (homebirth). And I only have a short list of big things left to clean. I'm glad I got a lot done earlier - the cleaning really wears me out!!! But now the problem is, I'm wanting to re-sort some things and get rid of more stuff. Like my books.


I'm defiinitely looking forward to all the washing and putting away of things. Right now things are just accumulating in our spare bedroom in the basement. I think things will feel WAY real once they are moved into my room, etc. DH of course doesn't think they need to be moved until after the baby is born! Ha, right. 



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I've been nesting big time for about 3 weeks (maybe part of the reason I've not been online much recently).  I actually love nesting. It feels so good to get things done and ready for the baby and check them off my list.  My house is never as clean as it is when I get these nesting urges and I just love how I feel about it.  There aren't too many big projects left to do which feels really nice.  Of course I keep over-doing it and then I'm hurting and in pain for a few days and upset that nesting things aren't happening.  Right now I'm forcing myself to take a break and knit a bit before I totally get my back thrown out today.  


Of course DH does not feel this same nesting urge, but I want all of his stuff sorted and put away too (it's driving me bonkers) but I know he needs to be the one to do it.....let's just say he's less than thrilled about me constantly asking him to go through his stuff.


I hope I can pretty much get everything done in the next week or two and then be free to get DS ready for school and have some more downtime for knitting last minute items before the baby gets here.

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Ugh, I think nesting urges are the reason why this move has grated on me so much!  Seriously though, we've been here a month and my house is still only half put together.  There's just been a lot more to do to get the house in shape now that we own instead of rent, even though it was in pretty good shape to begin with.  Add to that the fact that this is just the worst time of year for us to move, because it's the absolute busiest couple of weeks for dh's business, and that we STILL don't have our own internet connection, so dh has had to live and work at his parent's house, so he's not around to do the little handy jobs and heavy lifting I can't do, and I just feel a little nutty!  The end is in sight though!  The internet service is finally coming to hook us up on Monday, so dh should be able to move home with us and help out more getting us set up. 


I still say that this is easier than moving during the same busy time of year when ds was 2 weeks old though.  Never want to do that again!

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I've been decluttering and organizing for a couple of weeks now! Just made DH take a load of crapola to the dump yesterday. Every little mess in the house is driving me nuts. And the kids are on my list for not picking up or putting things away. 

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Yes!! Finally got the new kitchen fairly organized this week. I've been stocking up the deep freezer big time. We are almost done getting our old house ready for market, so I've been spending most free time over there on projects, when I'd rather be here at home getting things in order. But that's almost done, so what a relief. Seems like there is never enough time...


With my first babe, I started nesting around 34 weeks, which I thought was early but then he arrived at 36 weeks unexpectedly. I'd gotten started just in time. Now I'm hoping these urges mean I am better prepared but not that I will have this baby anytime soon!

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Ummm...nesting has now extended to my car....'cause you know I can't have this baby till it is pristine both inside and out.....but it did need a good cleaning  so I guess it's a good thing...  .lol!  At least the car seat will have a nice clean place to go once this is done.ROTFLMAO.gif

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Haha Undertheoak - I sooo need a car wash before the baby comes! I'd love to get it detailed but I know I won't spend the money. But it's just really dirty anyway and needing a wash - baby or no baby. The only place that will vacuum and do the inside here also makes you drive it through the washer part and then get out - and my 3 yr old HATES going through!


I cleaned out my refridgerator on Friday! That was a big thing on my list. Not fun. Still need to do the freezer. But my husband keeps remarking how nice it is to have more room in the fridge since I threw out so many jars of stuff that were too old to use. 



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So nice to hear other ladies are feeling this already too! I got all the diapers and clothes washed and organized this weekend! Now we are slowly decluttering the house and getting it ready. I'm planning on getting all the birth supplies I need prepped and put away this weekend. A little too early for all this eh? Lol
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ya'll feel free to come and 'nest' at my house. I've never really done the nesting thing. I mean things that have to get done get done, (like finding a home for newborn closing or pulling the infant carseat out of  the shed) but I don't get any overwhelming need to do cleaning. 

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