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I'm home today because of...because of "woman" issues!

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Hey Old Mamas!  Forgive me for my upcoming vent but I'm so bummed and just have to talk about it.


I've been so healthy and active all my life.  I'll be turning 49 this year and can't count the ways that I feel blessed because of my good health.


So anyway, in the last couple of months my menses have been so irregular.  Drum roll:  I'm going into my third week of my period!  This morning I woke up and I was totally ill.  I took DD to camp and barely made it home with cramps and dizziness.  I was dressed for work but turned right around and came home.  I think that I'm actually starting to go into menopause.  I guess I'm just bummed out because everything, health and body-wise, has been so easy for me.  


So I guess what I'm looking for is some comfort and stories from others who have begun or have been through this journey.  Whatever happens, I hope it's fast and furious.  My own mother had a ten-year journey.  I can't take this for ten years.  I can't!



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I've been dealing with irregularities and utter unpredictability for the last 1-2 years. 

My mom and all other women in my family had radical hysterectomies by the age of 40, so I have no clue what would be a 'normal menopause schedule' for me even if such a thing were to exist. At just past my 47th birthday, it is a surprise everyday.

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My provider has told me that this type of thing is normal. My cycles go back and forth between lengthy, 14 days between, 45 days between. Good grief! Taking Vitex (chaste berry) seems to be helping a little to regulate things. I've been told this can go on for a number of years. :(

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Thanks, Ladies, for your thoughts and experiences.  Right now I feel great (has been a good week for me so far).  I just get aggrevated at my body for doing things beyond my control.  Thanks for listening!

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I turned 53 this July and am beginning to have more changes in my period. I will spot between periods - usually after, um....robust sex which has sort of put a damper on our sex life. We think about that now. It doesn't happen regularly enough either. We just forget about it and then, oh well, there it goes again. Does or did anyone else experience this?

When does any of this normally abnormal stuff become abnormal stuff to worry about??

My periods are still monthly and haven't changed significantly in the last three years.

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I forgot I was subscribed to this thread.  It's timely though.  I'm wondering if I'm in the perimenopause stage of things.  Since my cycles returned after my last baby (returned at 17-18 months, she's now nearly 2 1/2), I have had shorter cycles (right at 28 days instead of 32-35).  I also have a lot of light brown staining on my pad for about 4-5 days before the real deal starts.  That lasts for about 3 days, then I'm back to light brown staining.  It's just so very different than I've ever had, so I don't really know what to think.  I am thinking about calling my midwife to see what she thinks.

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I had a similar experience starting a few years ago. First my cycles became shorter. I had been a 28 day person for most of my adult life and it went to 22-24 days instead. That was for a couple of years. Then into the pattern of sometimes 14 days, sometimes 40 days and much heavier flow. Not sure where we are headed next! It does seem to go on for a number of years for many of us, whereas others just abruptly end their cycles.

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