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July 30 Weekly Chat Thread!!!!!

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Two days away from August, ladies!  39 weeks over here and sort of freaking out!


Any exciting updates, appointments, whatever?  Any new babies anyone forgot to announce?


I'm nesting a bit and just chilling out today.  The baby seems to have dropped a bit, so I'm feeling a lot of tightness in my lower pelvic area and what feels sort of like a sore uterus/cervix, if that makes any sense.  No new contractions, which is sad.  :( 


I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow, but I won't do a cervical check unless I magically start having a lot of contractions or something.  


On an unrelated note, Target is clearing out a lot of its summer and spring dresses and I just picked up a cute stretchy non-maternity sun dress with crossover in the front that will be awesome for nursing and it fits now and will fit when the belly goes away too. $13.  So if anyone is looking for cute dresses to wear home from the hospital, that might be a good option.


Hope everyone is doing well! 

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Hi Lily! I am so happy that you finished your ms! That's an inspiration. It must feel tremendous. I hope things move along for you this week.


So excited that we are getting more babies around here! Good vibes to everyone for healthy end of pregnancies!


Thanks to everyone who weighed in over the weekend about dropping baby. He hasn't budged, although I had a bit of panic yesterday when I felt hiccups closer to my belly button (I think it was his butt). I'm trying to do more time on the ball and pelvic tilts.


Unlike Lily, I don't think I'll finish completely my own work project before the due date, but I should be able to get a substantial amount more done. Lately I've been sleeping 6 hours a night, napping about half an hour at midday, and it's probably adrenaline that's helping me function normally. My mind seems clearest early am and super late night, which may just have to do with dh being home all the time. I have been lucid until about 1:30 am, then I sleep pretty soundly until 4 or 5 when I get up to drink water, take my prenatal, and pee before sleeping a bit later. Having to beat the heat for my walk in the am motivates me to get up by 7:30 or 8. Not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep this up, though.


Strangely enough, apparently I did my daily walking route faster than ever this am (according to my Nike+ info), which really has me flabbergasted. I really didn't expect my fitness level to improve at 38 weeks. Probably an anomaly or maybe I was motivated to beat the heat. It felt like I was walking longer than usual though. 


Again, I hope that everyone is doing well!

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Hi everyone,

Yes, super big congrats Lily! I bet it is amazing to be finished! Thanks for the Target heads up. 

Andaluza, I am sleeping about like that too. Although I wish I could nap better. I barely doze. (ooo, sometimes right before labor you get a burst of energy, wonder if that is what is happening with your routine??)


I have been having really bad dreams. Don't know why. They are generally not baby related dreams, but just general bad ones. Ugh, it makes me wake up feeling exhausted. Last night I got hit by a truck, and my Dh cheated on me. WTH dreamland??!!


I found a fuzzy, tiny, caterpillar like bug in my cloth diaper stash this am. What could it be? Lots of them are used and I am banging myself in the head because I should have just bought them new. 


Anyone else planning on CD'ing from birth? 


Anyways, nothing too exciting happening here. No twinges, cramps, nothin! 

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Nothing much to report here, although I'm afraid I am going to have to give up my morning walk until this babe arrives.  After a long, hard, HOT walk yesterday morning I felt awful and light-headed all day, with a headache.  My midwife thinks I should switch to swimming to avoid the heat (I'm in Florida and it's not only hot but extremely humid).  I don't mind swimming, but for some reason it is hard for me to admit that walking is too hard for me at this point :)


I have my 36 week appointment on Wednesday and looking forward to getting my GBS screening and iron levels checked (well, I'm looking forward to getting it over and done with :)  Here's hoping everything is still looking good.


Happy first week of August everyone!!


And Lily, congrats on finishing your ms-- that's big news!   Andaluza, keep us posted!

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36 weeks and counting...I'm starting to get re-excited about being able to give birth at the birth center.  They haven't said yes, but my blood pressure readings have all been good since I've been home from Colorado, and there hasn't been any protein in my urine, so I'm hoping this is just gestational hypertension and not actually pre-eclampsia like they thought.  I worked from home all week last week, which I think really helped.  Although I am getting BORED hanging around the house all day!


Lily: congrats on finishing!!!


Ruby: I wouldn't feel bad about not being able to walk - humidity is intense!

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Hi ladies - and welcome to our long awaited month of August....we're all finally nearing the finish line!!  Today's my EDD but it looks like my LO will be an August-baby (as originally calculated) after all, too.  Still zero signs of labor here....  :|


Since we finished up the nesting/cleaning over the weekend (which only rewarded me w/crazy swelling and aching joints), I'm just trying to rest up as much as possible now before the big day.  My body is just SO tired!  And I get lightheaded too (LakeRuby), with any physical exertion - it makes me worry how I'm going to handle many hours of labor when I can barely move my body.  It's frustrating to wake up already so stiff and sore in the morning, barely able to flex my toes or close my hands.  I would just love a good night's rest!!  


However, I have noticed that if I'm taking a proper walk outdoors (as opposed to moving around the house in short bursts) that once I get into a good pace or rhythm the walking feels great!  I usually go very late in the evening as the sun goes down, and we have plenty of shady trees in our neighborhood.  I've also noticed less pressure on my back during these walks since the baby dropped a few weeks ago - so maybe's that's working in your favor too, Andaluzza - although now the lower pressure in my pelvis really forces me to waddle like a penguin.....


Poppylove - hope you're getting nicer dreams this week!  At least you can sleep long enough to have dreams, haha!!


Penny - So glad that your bp/protein is stabilizing!!! thumb.gif

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Sounds like good news all the way around, glad you are finished Lily!

Penny - that's excellent that it appears to have been a temporary situation, hooray for being (hopefully) back with the birth center!



I struggled through most of today, woke up yesterday morning with an ear infection. Just lovely!  Suffered through, went to the family BBQ, managed the pain then had a terrible nights sleep. I really should have just stayed home and rested, but DH's family hasn't gotten together for 4 years so it was a pretty important thing to go to. And really, it was a good time, but the driving is really bothering me with it being uncomfortable, frequent bathroom breaks, my feet swell up SO BAD. We have no more commitments until baby arrives though, I've cleared the schedule :)


I have an appointment tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, I don't think there's anything particularly exciting but there are a couple things I'd like to ask my midwife about like managing after-pains and such. I totally drew a blank last week after my former midwife called and tried to convince me that I really didn't want to switch. It felt like I was breaking up with her "It's not you, it's me". That kind of thing. But I think we've got all that behind us now!


I'm feeling the urge to dig the cradle out and re-arrange our bedroom tomorrow morning, and organize the cloth diapers and clean the house again LOL  Today I spent pretty much the entire day on the couch with a heating pad on my ear so.....I'm feeling particularly lazy and want to make up for that!

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Got my information and confirmation of the c-section tomorrow night at 6 pm.  So a little less than 24 hours from now I will have a baby.  It's so weird - I'm absolutely done being pregnant and I'm excited for that part to be over.  BUT I'm nervous about there actually being another baby. 


In not so good news, the toothache I posted about earlier led to some bad news at the dentist.  I have to wait until morning and see if the pain has lessened.  If it has, we can wait a few weeks and keep an eye on it.  If it hasn't I have to go in early so he can drill into it and see what's going on.  There's a minor thing he thinks it could be, which he can take care of right then.  If it's not minor, he'll have to begin the root canal process, removing the damage and stopping the pain, which means I'll have to go back in a few weeks to have it finished. 


So I'm looking at dental work and abdominal surgery on the same day.  dizzy.gif


Doctor says nothing by mouth for 8 hours.  I really don't see that working for me.  ACOG's position is that clear fluids are not a problem for planned sections, so if I need to drink water I will.

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So sorry to hear about the tooth, Ninetales - such horrible timing!  I am SO excited for your baby, however...how exciting to know exactly when it's going to happen!

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Ninetales, very exciting that tomorrow you'll meet your new babe!  The timing is terrible on the tooth though.  Sorry you have to deal with all that in one day.  Still, very excited that we'll be adding another babe to the list!  We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow evening!!!!

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Thinking of you Ninetales!!! Hope all goes well on both fronts.  

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Oh wow Ninetales - tomorrow is the big day!!  I'll be thinking of you.... very excited to welcome another baby to our DDC!!!  Hoping everything goes well and looking forward to your updates.   And I am so so sorry to hear about that tooth!!  I hope that it improves and you don't have to be at the dentist on the same day as your c-section (or go through a root canal postpartum)!!  praying.gif


Tizzy - hope that ear infection clears up and you're feeling better soon!!!

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Are you kidding me, Ninetales, dental work and a c-section in one day? bigeyes.gif Let's hope that tooth stops hurting!

Super excited for the arrival of your little one, I hope you get good news at the dentist and wishing you lots of good vibes for the birth and recovery. Harry Potter's birthday! :)

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Hello ladies! Long time listener, first time caller winky.gif Thought I'd jump in for a little while before I'm nursing and can barely type!


Lily - I'm so happy to hear that you finished your manuscript. Everytime I looked at my "to-do" list and felt overwhelmed, I would think, "yeah, but at least I don't have a manuscript to finish!" lol


Andaluza- I wonder if your faster walking has to do with the fact that baby isn't squashing your lungs, and is giving you more breathing room, and ability to oh, oxygenate yourself while walking! I'm with you on the strange sleeping patterns. 


Poppylove - Sorry to hear about bad dreams. I've been really cranky with DD and DS lately, and unhappy about that, and having some bad dreams, too. i think due to stress related to that. Hopefully your strange bad dreams go away soon!


About cloth diapering - I borrowed cloth from a friend in the first 2 sizes, so I have to buy whatever I want for the first 6 months or so. DH has never been much into cloth (though he minds it much less when baby is exclusively breastfed still!) I have bought disposable for the newborn size, since it will be me, DH, and my parents helping in the the first few days, and I don't want to deal with meconium poo on cloth. Honestly, I am not that thrilled with how bulky cloth can be on an itty bitty baby (though I like the cloth against their skin!), and I feel like its a stage that they grow out of quickly, for the investment necessary. So, not quite sure what I am going to do about cloth past the first package of disposables, though I haven't put in an order, so at this point, I think I am just going to wait until baby reaches size small to do cloth.


Lakeruby - I highly recommend the swimming! I take my kids to the local town reservoir to swim, and usually I am not that much on getting in the water, but now it is just LOVELY!!! Once I get in past my belly, all the weight just drops away, ad I could stay in there forever. Unfortunately when I do finally have to get out of the water, I feel like a beached whale as all the weight hits me again!


Pennywhistle - *fingers crossed* that your BP and protein levels stay down!!!! Will they let you know at one point or another whether you can go to the birth center?


NewMumJoy - Happy EDD day! I hope you are able to stay zen and calm about labor starting. Remember, first time moms go into labor naturally on average EDD + 8 days.... so here's hoping you have a pleasant wait until whenever that is for you!!!


Tizzy - so sorry to hear about the ear infection greensad.gif I hope it clears quickly for you. Were you at least able to show up at the family BBQ without bringing 3 dishes? How were your afterpains in your last births? I never remember them after having DD, but after DS was excruciating!! If my labor had been like that, I would have been signing up for an epidural, and every other drug they could give me (this after having unmedicated labors) My OB said that if I religiously alternated tylenol and motrin, each every 6 hours, it would approach narcotic pain relief. But if that doesn't work, I am going to be calling her, because the afterpains were so awful last time, I was starting to stretch out DS's feedings, and I think I made his jaundice worse because of it. Not good.


Ninetales - I hope you get good (not as bad?) news tomorrow about your tooth. What a thing to be dealing with on your baby's birthday! I hope you get in and out quickly so you can focus on the exciting arrival of your little (big!) one! Can't wait to hear the birth announcement!!!


AFM - I had my 37.5 week appointment today. Depending on my O date, it could be 38 weeks, or if I go by what my OB thinks, 37.1 weeks, or if I go by what I think, 37.3 weeks. So, who knows! I'm measuring about 35 cms, but haven't gained hardly any weight in the past few weeks. In any case, everything is looking good. I was so aggravated though - as DH and I were going to bed last night, at about 11:45, he said "oh shoot, I have an early morning meeting, and can't watch the kids!" Last week's appointment was so miserable, as DD and DS were fighting and temper tanruming the ENTIRE time. Absolutely ridiculous. And, since my OB is a solo practitioner, she's almost always running late due to births or other things. So, a 15 minute appointment means that between waiting, appointment and driving, its 2-3 hours for the kids. So, I had told DH last week that either he has to watch the kids, or I get a babysitter, or I just cancel the appointment. I ended up asking a friend early this morning to watch DS, which she did for me, and took DD with me (she's fine on her own) and actually had a decent morning. I had to be totally ready to go out for the day though, since DD needed to be at her first day of nature camp, and it didn't make sense to drive back home after picking up DS. Long, long day. 


My DS is going through serious sleep issues - I was so happy, because after my milk dried up, he started sleeping 9pm-7am, and taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Now it takes until 9 or 10 to get to sleep, and then he is waking in the middle of the night, and won't go back to his crib, then starts kicking me at 5am, and gets up at 6. Then has a hard time getting down for a nap, and may only sleep for an hour. If he isn't keeping me up at night, this baby is, as she is trying to kick her way out of me! So, I am getting 4-6 hours of sleep at night, and catching an hour or two in the afternoon, sometimes. 


Anyone having signs of cervical changes? I started to have some yellowish mucus today. Not sure if this is just more lovely pregnancy discharge, or if things are changing. Wait and see I guess. 


I'm loving watching the Olympics. "My sport" - equestrian eventing was on today, and I put it on DVR to watch tonight. So much fun! My mare got an injury about 6 weeks ago, so I had to stop riding, but I can't wait to get back in the saddle once we're both recovered!

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Ninetales--best of luck tomorrow with both the tooth and of course the baby!! Csn't wait to hear all about it.  I'll be thinking of you!

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post
If it's not minor, he'll have to begin the root canal process, removing the damage and stopping the pain, which means I'll have to go back in a few weeks to have it finished. 

You have so much excitement and busy-ness going on, but I wanted to chime in real quick.  We just went through serious dental issues with my youngest, 2.5, so I've spent a TON of time researching dental options for decay!  Be sure you do some research on adult root canals, the chemicals used (specifically formo-cresol, non-FDA approved and highly toxic), and whether it's really worth it *to you.*  We had one tooth for my son that was needing a root canal, but given the high rate of failure and the exposures, we opted for an extraction, and I'm glad we did. 

I don't know if you'll get this in time, but just really want to express that.  Adult root canals have a very, very high rate of failure and since you're expecting, the chemical exposure is a big deal. 


And CONGRATULATIONS!! on meeting your baby!!!!

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If it were a back tooth I would have it extracted in a second.  But it's a front tooth, and removing it would then require a bridge which they won't be able to make me beforehand, and there's no way I'm going around without a front tooth.  I just don't have time to look at the whole thing in-depth this time around - my baby's coming tonight and this pain has to stop.  :(  My dentist and OB have been in close contact with each other and I trust them both.

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Ninetails - I'll be thinking of you today with the dentist and c/s in one day! How exciting to meet your baby though, I hope everything goes smoothly for you :)


Mama Chickadee - After each birth the after pains have gotten progressively worse. Last time I felt so ridiculous, having a quick and smooth birth, then alternating tylenol and advil/ibuprofen like crazy for the pains. It seriously sucked!

I thought I read somewhere about taking calcium ahead of time to prevent? I need to do some research ASAP because it's not something I've really put much thought into until this week!


Very cool that you're a rider too, I've been living vicariously through some online friends who keep me updated with eventing at the olympics. I'm also quite impressed that you were riding until just 6 weeks ago, I always seem to hit a point around 24weeks when I just lose all desire to tack up anymore. Well, except with my first, then I went on a hack on my due date on my old steady mare. That was actually really comfortable!

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Ahhhhh!  What are these afterpains you speak of?  Should I be worrying about that too?  Argh!

Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post

Mama Chickadee - After each birth the after pains have gotten progressively worse. Last time I felt so ridiculous, having a quick and smooth birth, then alternating tylenol and advil/ibuprofen like crazy for the pains. It seriously sucked!

I thought I read somewhere about taking calcium ahead of time to prevent? I need to do some research ASAP because it's not something I've really put much thought into until this week!




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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

Ahhhhh!  What are these afterpains you speak of?  Should I be worrying about that too?  Argh!




I had a c-section the first time around, so I don't know if that made a difference, but the afterbirth pains were just like cramps to me. They weren't bad at all. So, don't freak out! ;) (easier said than done, right?) 

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