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Woke up and pretty sure my water broke/leaked (didn't seem like all of it) and some bloody show.

We have been packing our overnight bag and I'm going to eat something, then we're off to L&D.

Please any of you on FB don't post anything over there, we don't want to alert anyone if it's a false alarm.


Thinking if water broke and cervix looks the same as yesterday, I'm basically going in for an induction with gel, pitocin, etc.


Guess we won't be making that 345 ultrasound!

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YAY Boots!  I hope everything goes well for you :)

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Yay, Boots! Good luck mama! I hope everything goes smoothly. :)


Lily - I'm so glad all your hard work is paying off w your manuscript! It must be so satisfying and what a great note to head into this birth on! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask about it at my appt next week, I'm not going to get my hopes up though. The MW I've been seeing said its up to the Doc on call and best bet was to labor at home as long as possible, no mention of a written order being a possibility. As for the no food policy, I will be eating if I'm hungry. As far as I'm concerned, if its not medically neccesary/required, I'll do what I think is best. I'm definitely going to have to be in the driver's seat for this one.


Newmum - Hugs to you at 40+! I'm glad the weather is cooling off a bit for you. No AC would be brutal!  Your Dh is so funny w the IM's. I can see mine being the same way in a few weeks. But he knows that I'm hoping to go a week late, my eyes are on that 41wk date!praying.gif



Sally - I'm sorry your appt was disappointing! I'll find out my GBS results at next weeks appt and I'm really hoping its negative. I know how you feel. The abx are a pain but it should not effect your VBAC at all. Like others mentioned, baby can and probably will move through out labor so don't worry about what side he's on at this point. My Lu has been hanging out on the right side for weeks too. Hugs to you! I hope you're feeling bettre about everything today.


Tizzy -  Whooping cough is not fun, I'm sorry you have to deal with that at this point. I hope your family gets by lightly on this one. I have to get my Tdap after the birth. We're doing delayed vax w Lu, so I don't want to take any chances with the rising occurances. I hope you have a healthy fam very soon!


DH and I had a nice night. We grilled steaks (yum!), then went out for ice cream and spent the rest of the night on the couch watching a movie. It's so nice to take a breath after all this craziness! I do have a new concern, though. Lead paint. The house we live in was built in 1902 and definitely has lead paint. I noticed chips around the windows in my cleaning and did some research. Now I am pretty concerned about exposure to lead dust being an issue. Does anyone have any experience w this? I'm going to get a test kit to see what the levels are like and depending on the results, I'll have my doc test me. I just hate to think Lu may be put in danger. We also plan to get HEPA filters and wet dust/mop religiously. Ugh...why didn't I know these details before we rented? Landlord let us know about the presence of lead paint but since it was under 'ten layers of paint'... I'm just not used to being so vigilant. :( Thoughts?

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Boots, good luck!  I can't wait to see some Honey Badger pics!  I'm also totally jealous since I've had nothing but this obnoxious false labor for days now.  Boo.  But so excited for you!!!

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ahh, boots! good luck! i hope you don't need all the induction methods - thinking good open cervix thoughts over here! 


i was planning on working through my due date (in one week!) but gave in and made yesterday my last day. i have just been dealing with too much over this kidney stone and my sister is here so we can get stuff done and i can relax, which will get me in a better headspace for birth, i think. turns out i don't have a uti, which is good because the first antibiotic i was prescribed made my palms itch (seriously?!) and the 2nd one is strongly contraindicated for pregnant women at term (& breastfeeding infants under 1 month) - gonna have a talk w/ the midwife today about that one, since i'm now pretty skeptical of the doc who called it in. 

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Weeeee Boots!!!  How exciting!!  I'll be thinking of you today and hoping everything goes well.... ((BIG HUGS!!))  biggrinbounce.gif


Eleuthia - good plan on making yesterday your last day!  Enjoy that time for yourself to rest up, sounds like you could really use it!!


Tizzy - Ohhh, praying that you don't actually have pertussis (haven't you been through enough already??).... hoping everything works out and that you, baby and family aren't at risk....


Sallyrae - sorry to hear about your GBS test.... fortunately you can still have your water birth as planned though.... I hope everything works out for your VBAC and that the needed abx will feel like a small compromise after all is said and done....And as far as baby's position, would doing some wiggling on your hands/knees help at all?



Soooo, baby's original EDD was Aug 6 (based on LMP) before it was moved (twice) up to July 30 at my first 2 early ultrasounds...... so who knows how "late" or "on-time" I really am??  All along I felt like he would come early (as in July) just due to the frequent BHs I've been having since April... despite hearing that most FTMs actually go late.  I've feeling pretty patient this week (as long as the temps stay below 90!!!) but I'll definitely be in freak-out-mode if baby doesn't come this weekend!!


I have a doctors appt. tomorrow and I might just give in and let him do a membrane sweep, despite my insistence all along that I didn't want that done.... hmmmm.....

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Go Boots go! Can't wait to hear the good news.
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Wow, so much is happening!


Boots, thinking about you and hope everything goes well! My mom said with me that her water broke and then labor started (she ended up with a cs for reasons unrelated to the labor itself), so hope that it starts soon for you!! So exciting that honey badger will be here soon!


Poppy, I had some weird nightmares earlier this week, too. I know it has to do with my mind anticipating the big changes coming soon. I keep meaning to listen to some meditation/relaxation before bed, but always just end up working until I'm too tired and that probably doesn't ease my mind. 


Ruby, sorry about no more walking, but swimming sounds excellent! Hope you had a good doc visit.


Penny, what great news that you are doing better! So happy for you!


MamaChickadee, sounds like things are moving along for you. No mucus or anything here and I'm ahead of you...I am obsessed with women's gymnastics! Having so much fun watching and also keeping myself from looking up any results until I can see them on tv.


 Veritas, what an amazing story about the hike. I'm managing near 4 miles most days (but definitely not in flip flops), and I can imagine how beautiful it must have been! One of my first adventures with dh was less than a month after we met we ended up stranded on the side of a small mountain and had to slide down goat trails to safety. I really thought we might not make it, but it definitely made a memorable trip even more memorable. We were in el Chorro, Málaga (dh's maternal grandparents' home) and hiked on this trail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDhRvvs5Xw (13 years ago, so it was in somewhat better shape then). I was less frightened on the caminito (in the video) than sliding down the goat trails, honestly. 


LeAnn, I definitely had the strong emotions right around where you are in the pregnancy. They passed, though and I'm feeling calmer now. I hope your plans work out about laboring away from the hospital as long as possible. That's my plan! About the lead paint...our house was built in the 60s and most of it is renovated or well and freshly painted, without chips, but in our br we have some peeling paint around the baseboards which is concerning me, too. It's a top layer of paint that is peeling only, so I think it's recent and not chipping underlayers, but we are going to get a test kit. So I don't have experience, just some similar worries. Are you thinking of getting a professional in to test? 


Sarah, so exciting that everything is prepped for your birth and baby is in a great position!


Eleuthia, great news about being able to relax a bit with your sister before the birth. I hope the stone resolves itself and you get a break before labor.


NewMum, I have the feeling I'm going to be more like you, waiting for baby after (possible) due date. I don't even notice bh, so who knows...I have heard that membrane sweeps can be effective at jump-starting things. I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice from experienced ladies here!


Sally, sorry about the disappointing gbs results. hug2.gif


Lily, those contractions sound like something is happening! I hope our sister meets the baby when she's in town! Great news about the book. What a relief!


Tizzy, sorry about the whooping cough scare. This is on my mind a lot lately and I hope it turns out that your family does not get sick at all.


Whew! Hope I got everyone :)


AFM, had my 38w 3 day appointment today and she checked my cervix. Said it's soft but not open, which I knew since I have had no contractions. But he's lower, still head down, and seems to be facing the back, which is good, since he had been glued to the right side for so long!

My first bp reading was alarming, but she did it again and it was better and then said something about needing to get another wrist cuff, so now I don't trust any of the readings I get there! At least the 2nd reading was not bad. But my weight was a little lower, I think since my body seems to be clearing itself out somewhat. Just more waiting and working here.


I think I'll start drinking more RRL tea. Dr said lots of sex, and dh had a big grin, although he told me that he felt really lightheaded when she was doing the cervical check (I think because I had been stressed about it and told him she was going to force her fingers into my cervix, which totally didn't happen!) Let's see what kind of labor coach he ends up being!?

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Hey guys, I need some support here just for a quick rant....


I just opened my e-mail and three of my Bradley class had their babies this week (including two pretty early).  That brings our total up to four this week alone (and one in mid-late July).  I'm now one of two (I think) left who have not yet had their freaking babies and while I'm so happy our moms had such great births and healthy babies, something kicked in me and I wanted to cry.  Ugh.  I know these last weeks are hard, but I'm super frustrated that nothing seems to be moving, baby isn't engaged yet, and I'm so low on energy that I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen for a while.  When I see these other FTMs go early (all but two had EDDs well after mine), I'm just so conflicted with happiness for them and crazypants jealousy.  I know this is all normal and I just need to chill out, but I really wanted my sister to meet the baby when she arrives on Monday (and I know it could still happen, but things just don't seem to be progressing at all).  I guess I just need to get off my pity horse and go do something productive.  I'm thinking maybe I should go back to the gym (even in this heat) just to have something to do.  I suppose what is bothering me the most is that I have no urgency or desire at all to do anything.  I have lots of little things that need to be done, but no interest in doing any of them.  Oh well.  I'll get over this and feel better in a few hours, but I'm just frustrated. 


In other news, how's our over-EDD NewMumJoy hanging in there?  That stinks that your EDD moved around so much.  Let me know how the membrane sweep works for you.  I might consider it at my Tuesday appointment (I'd be 40 weeks 1 day at that point). 


Andaluza, have you heard anything about a loss of swelling before labor? I know your body starts clearing things out, but I'd be interested in it applies to water weight too.  I've actually had ankles for two days, which is very odd.  Hoping that means something exciting!  Sounds like you're moving along at a good pace.

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False alarm. Home. Exhausted. More later.
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Oh boots, hugs mama. That water thing is tricky!
Get some good rest, baby will be here before you know it.

Joy, thinking of you too. Last time, when I went "overdue" the weeks actually flew by. Mostly because after 40weeks, time seems to be so imminent.

Lily, Hang in there mama! I totally understand feeling sad that nothing is happening.

To be honest, I am feeling a little down too. Last time I was so adamant that I would have zero interferences to the natural process, but I had a doctor. Now I have a midwife and baby will be born at home, & I know there will be no interventions, or speeding things along, and I feel kind of stuck. Sigh. Like all of us, I am just so uncomfortable and want my baby! anyways, I hope it passes and I can have some peace towards the last few weeks coming up.eyesroll.gif
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Oh Boots, I'm sorry.  See my frustrated rant above if you need to commiserate.  :( 


And Poppy, "stuck" is a very good word to describe it.  I hope you find that peace too!

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Boots-- get some rest!  Too bad about the false alarm, hope you are able to relax today.


Lily-- I know how you feel (even though I'm not due until the end of the month)-- I feel like I have this enormous to-do list and when I get home from work I just want to lie down.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this week.


VV-- I am so impressed by your flip-flops hiking experience!  Wow.  8 miles!!!!


LeAnn-- ugh, sorry about the lead paint! I don't have any experience with it, but hope you come up with some suitable solutions soon.  At least it will be a while before baby is crawling around!


Andaluza-- yay for good baby positioning!!  My bp readings seem to fluctuate a lot too, I often wonder how reliable the readings are...



AFM...ugh.  At my midwife appointment yesterday she suggested that I take over-the-counter medicine for my yeast infection (I've had one for a while now and have been trying to treat it naturally. I've been eating tons of yogurt and taking probiotics this entire pregnancy, plus applying yogurt vaginally, but it hasn't helped).  I had my screening for GBS yesterday and while she was doing that she found A LOT of yeast.  It was pretty gross.  So, I gave in yesterday and bought Monistat 7.  UGH.  I HATE that I'm doing that to my body, especially this close to term (I'm 36 weeks 2 days).  In my normal life I would never (or, very rarely) take/use medicines like this, but I really don't want to give my new baby a yeast infection that might make nursing more difficult or uncomfortable.  The worst part is that she also checked my cervix and I'm 1 cm dilated.  I just loathe the thought of any Monistat getting in my uterus or near my baby!  Hopefully the mucus plug is still intact.   Anyone else have experience with yeast infections near term? I could use some support!  I had some cervical pains last night (probably related to the check) and I just kept imagining that it was my baby reacting to the gross cream.  Ugh!!! I feel awful every time I think about it and can't wait for the next 7 days to be over. 


In happier news, I'm getting a few things checked off my to-do list, yay.  My mom helped me clean out my fridge/freezer, took me to costco, and is coming back tonight to help me organize my pantry.  Plus, DH finally ordered that diaper sprayer :)

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Aww, Boots!!  That's a bummer, so sorry!!


Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

......I suppose what is bothering me the most is that I have no urgency or desire at all to do anything.  I have lots of little things that need to be done, but no interest in doing any of them.  Oh well.  I'll get over this and feel better in a few hours, but I'm just frustrated. 


That's my problem right now too....  I've been home (not working) for this entire pregnancy.  So by now I am sooooo done with thinking/prepping/pondering birth and motherhood that I just need to get on with it!  My final burst of nesting energy expired last weekend.  And this old body has had it, seriously!!  I'm just sore in all the wrong places right now - my feet, knees, fingers and toes - frustrating that none of those aches mean labor, yet they are keeping me from doing much of anything....  Hugs, Mama - your day will come - and you'll quickly forget this frustration (and long for days of rest, haha)!!  How long is your sister visiting for?  There should still be enough time for her to meet your little one, even early next week?  I understand how the timing of her visit definitely adds to your urgency for things to go "on schedule" !!


Andaluza - I lost weight at last week's appt too (1lb).  Doc said it's just water - although my toes and fingers are still swollen....Yes enjoy that RRL tea and lots of intimate time w/DH - while you still can!


Poppy - you went weeks (as in plural) overdue last time??  I can't even imagine.  Hope that doesn't happen again for you.  Sending you "loose" vibes......


lakeruby - thumbs down on the yeast infection, so sorry!!  Hopefully it clears up real fast now that you've advanced your treatment of it.  I'm sure that the medicine is not bothering baby at all - he's nice and safe and snug in there - but it's hard not to worry when you know you're a little dilated.... ((hugs))

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Boots, sorry about the disappointment and exhaustion from the ordeal. I hope it means that things are close, though! At least (?) you got a practice run in,


Lily, not sure about that, but I haven't been swollen in ankles/feet. It seems possible that I am retaining less fluid in general my legs, though, now that you mention it. I thought it was just from walking so consistently since May.


Poppy, interesting to know about time flying after 40w. I hope so. I am super excited to meet the baby, but may be in the minority in that now that the heat is on, I am finally focused on getting an important work project done and could use a little extra time, since I know once he’s here it will be at least 6 weeks before my head stops spinning and I can sit down for a few hours a day to get more accomplished on it.


Ruby, so sorry about the yeast infection. That is frustrating. I had one early on because of a uti treated with antibiotics and I used the Monistat 7 the day after checking with my ob. However, I did not use nearly as much as indicated and did not stick it all the way up and it still cleared up before the 7 days were up (I kept using less and less at the very end). Mine had not been as ongoing as yours, so I am not sure if my tactic will be effective for you. I bet your mucus plug will protect the baby.

I have since gone pretty much without undies at home (we tend to lounge in the house with as little clothing as possible in summer anyway) and especially at night nothing to foster any sweating while sleeping. I bet the heat and humidity doesn't help things where you are. Also very effective for me throughout the years has been drying myself after showers etc. with a hair dryer.


Newmum, it's going to happen soon, it's got to!! Sorry about the general body soreness you are experiencing. 


Ok, now I can definitely tell he’s lower. I thought the ob was making it up when she mentioned it today, but before it was like I had a girdle where the bottom of my belly met the pelvis and now that seems to be gone. 

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Thanks everyone. It has been a long day. I didn't go to sleep until 3 a.m.and I was like a zombie walking back and forth to the yoga ball to ease discomfort/contractions. Then I woke up at 5:30 and felt a gush of something, the front of my underwear was soaking wet and there was watery bloody mucous.

We didn't leave for the hospital until two hours, we had to pack! We had a list but it took awhile, we ate and then we left. My back hurt pretty bad but no real contractions, not even what I had been thinking were BH.

Anyway, at L&D they test two ways for amniotic fluid and found none, he was sounding good. She checked me (which didn't hurt much this time) and I was still at 1 cm but more like 50% effaced instead of the 10% from yesterday. My BP and vitals were good. So they sent us home.

When I got home I had another gush of watery pink mucous. I swear it's the wateriest "mucous plug" in the world, I had been reading people say it would be like a gummy bear!

I took a nap but not too much of one this afternoon. Then we had to go for the ultrasound to check his growth. He is measuring 93%, 8lbs 14 oz. We had to wait forever for the U/S and I started swelling like crazy. The tech said since he's "so big" she wanted to talk to their doctor, and we had to wait more. My next doc appointment is Monday so they finally released us saying that they were calling my doc right then with the results. Ugh. I don't feel like all that fuss was warranted, but whatever.


The other thing is that I called my work on the way to the hospital and told the secretary to please pass on what was happening. She apparently didn't and at noon I got a text from a coworker that my principal was mad and looking for me, wondering if we'd be ready for the sub on Monday, etc. WTF. I am angry about the whole situation because I found someone to sub for me LAST year but my principal has been waffling about calling him (because he thinks he can get someone "better") and now it's Thursday and school starts Monday. I didn't really feel like I could call the original sub myself because my principal wanted to offer the damn job to someone else and it's not like I have that authority!

UGH. I know I should wash my hands of the whole thing but I only made it to work three days out of the five I was planning to work and get paid for. I could maybe go in tomorrow but I am just feeling SO angry right now.

I hope that's my sign of labor impending because I definitely don't have any nesting/cleaning instincts, I just want to cry or punch someone. Unless I go into labor in the next three days I am still facing deciding about induction and all the "big baby" talk and I just don't want to deal with it.

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Ahh Boots - I'm sorry to hear about your day. That really, really sucks. I totally get the anger and frustration - I'm feeling it as well. My doula passed on this little piece to me today to help me get through some of my recent emotions. Maybe it will help you as well:



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Sally, thank you sooo much for that! What a fantastic read that brought me to tears about how it really feels. 


Boots, hugs mama, you are probably so exhausted from the ups and downs (it's time, no it's not, it's time) hopefully the bloody show means sooner rather then later.


Ruby so sorry about the Y.I. Grrr. Our bodies have a way of making things hard on us sometimes. Hope the monistat helps. I wouldn't worry too much about it affecting baby since your waters are still intact. 


Andaluza yay for a lower baby!!! Although uncomfortable, means less distance to travel I would think.


Joy, yes, weeks. Well 12 days past her due date so something like 1 week and 5 days.

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Sally, that really is a great article. I'm not quite to that stage yet, since I still have a couple of weeks before my EDD, but I can tell that in-between feeling is starting to creep in already. Wishing lots of strength to the mamas who are in the middle of it right now! I know I will be feeling exactly the same way soon! The good part is that it has to end at some point--that's guaranteed. But still, the "hurry up and wait" stage can get pretty old, pretty fast.


Boots--sorry to hear about the rough day you've had. That sounds like a roller coaster, and it's totally understandable that your emotions are all over the place now.


Sally, I had the exact same thing happen with my baby's position at my appointment this week. S/he's been head-down and on the right consistently for the past few months, and now suddenly s/he spun around this week and was on the left. Is being on the left somehow worse than the right? My midwife didn't say too much about it, but should I be concerned?


I've been strangely exhausted the past few days. I'm not sure why. I'm even sleeping like a log at night, which hasn't happened in quite a long time now. I guess I'll just enjoy it while it lasts. DH says my snoring is starting to get a little out of control. I never snore normally, so this is a little disconcerting and embarrassing to me. bigeyes.gif

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Originally Posted by sarahdb View Post


Sally, I had the exact same thing happen with my baby's position at my appointment this week. S/he's been head-down and on the right consistently for the past few months, and now suddenly s/he spun around this week and was on the left. Is being on the left somehow worse than the right? My midwife didn't say too much about it, but should I be concerned?



You want your babe on the left!! So that's great news for you! I mean, the baby can still turn when s/he is on the right, but it's not as "perfect" of a position. So - hope that babe stays on the left side!


Also, I'm glad you ladies liked that article, it was written by a midwife in MN. :) I think it's pretty accurate and beautiful.

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