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Veritas, super congratulations on your engagement!  You look radiant and happy and the ring is gorgeous!


Wow.  What a week!

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Veritas, congratulations on your engagement!  A lot happening in your family these days, lol.  Do you have any idea as to when the wedding might be?  


Lily, I'm sorry the end of pregnancy isn't happening exactly how you'd hoped.  Baby will be here soon, I'm sure, just not quite soon ENOUGH! 


NewMum - hoping and crossing my fingers that your babe appears ASAP!  I hope you're able to keep as comfortable as possible in these last days. 


Sorry I haven't been very active, things have been busy here and I haven't really been super active in this forum much of the pregnancy, but I've really enjoyed reading along and following you all.  We will certainly be keeping up in these last weeks, and I'm sure my wife will post for us once little girl gets here.  

This weekend we are working on finishing the reorganization in our house.  The nursery is SO CLOSE, and the office/guest room is nearly done, too.  Wish us luck!  (And we are absolutely amazed to already be 36 weeks!!) 

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Wow, Veritas, congratulations on your engagement!!! What an exciting time for you!

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What a busy weekend we've had!


Lily - I'm so glad you're feeling more at peace w everything. I know its so hard when you have all those false labor signals, the anticipation is overwhelming. Your diaper lotion sounds amazing! I ordered some Kissaluv diaper potion to use w my cloth wipes. I can't wait to get it! :D


NewMum - I'm sorry you had such a disappointing Doc visit. Hugs to you! I'll only reiterate what everyone else said, its completely possible that you will go into labor and not even realize what's going on! Its not uncommon at all, esp when you've been waiting and waiting. We tend to not belive its actually happening when it actually gets started! Funny how that works sometimes. :) I hope you had a great movie date w DH! :)


VV - Congrats on your engagement! I saw your FB post, you look so happy. I love the pics w the pink wrap, so sweet! :)

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Thanks, everyone.  Desert, we're thinking maybe April or May for the wedding, but nothing definite yet.

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How did I miss that?! Congratulations, Veritas!!!

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Yea Veritas!  That is so exciting!  What a fun year for you!

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I missed that too! Big congrats!!! Super exciting!!

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