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When we had in door pets their bedding was washed seperately.. I don't like washing pet laundry with human laundry. If I had to clean up a pet mess wtih a towel it got washed with the pet laundry. Also, the pet towels/blankets were the only things washed on HOT water, everything else gets washed on cold..

No indoor pets now so no having to add an extra load of laundry a week


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Originally Posted by journeymom View Post

Mrs.Gregory, are you familiar with the mirobiome that lives in all of us?  An adult might have as many as 100 trillion bacteria in just the digestive tract! They're in and on our skin, our scalps, and our mouths. Our belly buttons are veritable jungles. Together they weigh as much as a couple of pounds, like a whole other organ.  And they behave beneficially like an organ, as well.  TWO POUNDS OF MICROBES IN OUR BODIES... 


It's like all the living things in a healthy pond.  Cattails, frogs, fish, algae, mosquitoes and god knows what that can only be seen under a microscope. They all work together, feed on each other and keep life in and on the pond healthy and thriving.  It's like the pond is a living entity. 


While I really don't like to think on the hand towel to floor with foot to counter again, that just seems clearly wrong (maybe because there's SO MUCH DOG FUR on our floors),  theoretically your dh is helping to populate your dd with necessary microbes when he his fingers touch her mouth.  


Anyway, I pretty much can't get my mind around the idea that 1% - 2% of my body is entirely other creatures!


Oh yes, definitely.  I don't use anti-bacterial products as a rule, and although I don't follow any food movements, I grew up understanding that my gut had it's own eco-system, and I could help that eco-system along with that I ate.

My concern about the towel on the floor and then near food is, for example, regarding cross-contamination between species;  we have cats that use their litter and then run across that floor. 

I do think it's pretty awesome that our bodies are made of so much stuff that we'd not consider to be part of "us".  I think I just want to keep the butt parts of us and the face parts of us pretty separate.  I am also a fan of washing my hands frequently and well, and not touching my face.  Growing up I was taught that touching your face too much was dirty and might make you sick.  Actually, I was raised to wash both my hands and face before meals.  It seems so old-fashioned now. 

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Originally Posted by Caneel View Post



Yes but isn't your butt clean after your bath?  All you are doing is drying off a (hopefully) clean butt.


I shouldn't tease because I completely relate to this -



My family has/had serious germ phobia issues.  Interesting considering my mom grew up on a working cattle/chicken farm.  It is amazing my grandmother didn't lose her mind battling real and imagined germ threats.  My mom is just as bad.  I convinced myself long ago that between hot water, detergent and the heat of the dryer, no germs survive.  I wash everything on hot.


I agree the fewer the items that need to be washed, the better.  Weeding out unnecessary things made a huge difference in my laundry life.  Less things in the drawers/closets makes it easier to actually put clean clothing away.  When we got new towels, I got light blue.  These get washed with both light and dark loads so I always have clean towels on hand as well as items to throw in if I have room.



You know, my family is also quite forceful about tidiness and cleanliness and being well-scrubbed, and they also work a farm and are mostly in completely filthy environments all day.  Funny.

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I'll throw my vote in for doing a load every day or every two days.  We don't really sort.  If we've been ill, I'll wash towels/bedsheets separately, and use hot water for all the stuff (clothes too) then.  But usually I just use cold water and have no problems.  Every once in a while I'll gather our whites together and bleach them if they're starting to look dingy.  And I don't have clothes in the house that will run.  (I usually don't buy new clothes, but when I do I check the tags, and if it warns that it might bleed, I will soak it first to see if it does indeed leak colors.)  I think I've had one issue before when I threw in something that bled, and that did suck a little because it turned a lot of clothes pinkish - luckily it was mostly DD's white bedding, and pink is her fav color, so I think we all won on that one.  ;)


So basically whenever anyone has any dirty clothes, they go straight in the washing machine (or in a laundry basket) and I run the machine when it's full. It averages out to once a day and a half.  When the kids were younger it was about twice a week, but they play harder now and change clothes more frequently.  And I don't wash my own clothes every time they're worn, just when they get dirty. 

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A load a day keeps mount wash more away as FlyLady says!


Also, get rid of some clothes you don't like but wear just because there's nothing else. That REALLY helps. 


Allllsssoooo....I started washing all colourfast clothes (which to be honest is MOST items these days, just do them on their own the first time or so if they are really bright colours) together and at 30/40C 


I've NEVER had a problem with clothes getting dyed pink/blue or whatever. 


Do at your own risk but seriously I couldn't imagine trying to get through masses of laundry without doing my lazy, all colours together method. 

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Another thing that helps at our house is I will run less than full loads, which goes completely against my upbringing but if running a 3/4 full load of towels because they are there and ready to be washed means those get done NOW as I am racing out the door, then that is what I do.  Sometimes I just don't have an extra 5 minutes to run to all the hampers to fill out a load.

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I have made a little drawing for you what works for us:



going from the bottom

  • washer and dryer
  • next there is a shelow shelf that holds handy and ready dishwashing powder, liquid, iron etc..
  • then you have first level of shelf with baskets
  • then you have second shelf with baskets


what is important is to watch how you sort things, what you wash together with what and this is your

typical sort of things. Now,it is true that you don't need to go by KIND of things but rather with

colors and how you wash them.


  • I save time by not throwing it all on the loundry floor but rather putting the basket with colors
  • on the top of the dryer, open my washer and pick and throw all alike-colors that can go to the cold water.
  • I have separate baskets for obviously most frequently accumulating loundry that in our family are whites, blacks and pinks.. all our bedding and underwear and socks are white so all they go there..
  • I have lots of pinks so pinks have separate basket
  • I have so many colors that it would not make sense to have each basket for each color
  • I have lots of black items so they all go to one basket.



How I manage my loundry process:

  1. I always start with picking one basket and putting it irght on the dryer, open the washer and fill it with detergent and water and as it fills I trown in my loundry.. first pick what is obivious, easy and a lot.. Usually I start with white wash in hot water as this enmass most of our loundry.. sometimes I am done with one load, if not then I continue with another after I finish white hot wash.
  2. Then I look for trouble areas :) I go with whatever I can wash in cold water together.. so usually pink goes first as tehre is lots of pinks.. it usually takes one load
  3. Then I put my colors on the dryer and pick all the colors that can go togehter into the warm water and get esily wash and dried together..

this usually takes three loads as some colors won't liek the others :) I will pick enough of blues to go together, enough of khakis to fill another load, you get the pictures..  All my colors are there the jeans, the things..


4.  I might have a basket for good shirts of hubby if he has them and uses them if he is not using the service outside on hte way to work..


5. I always keep one basket for kitchen towels and other things that stink. Towels naturally have some food contact from hands or wipes or kids hands.. so they always are bit smelly therefore I would never wash them with other loundry.


6. After the easy things are done I will happily look at all my empty baskets and I have left is only the fancy hand wash or other special treatment items.. I will find there my silk blouse, or my linnen pants that need to be either hand wash or cold wash and hanged to dry.. or my special bras or alikes..


So that is how it is done... When I attack the loundry room I always start the first wash, then it goes to the dryer, then I put second wash in and usually by it is done the first wash is still drying, so I set a basket with wet second load on the top of the dryer in a waiting line.. as the third wash is washing.. by the time the first load is done, the second goes into the washer, and the cycles goes on..


I do not fold and put away things right away either.. my trick is - I take each basket to the bedroom and on the flat nicely made bed I sort quickly

things by person and by kind and put them flat - so .. kiddos tshirts kiddos pants, kiddos jeans, hubby tshirts, my tshirts..

the flat piles lie there and wait for all loads to be done and piled up flatly on the top of eachother.


then I bring hangers to the bedroom, hang everything on them and take them to respective closets per person..

then I bring the ironing board, turn on tv, seat on the edge of the bed, take pile of tshirts closer to me on the bed and fold them easy peasy

on the ironing board as I watch tv Ironing board gives me perfect size reference how big the fold must be to fit where it should so each

tshirt is folded in the same width, neatest and effortless.


I love my system because I don't have to do big loundry days to do what I need to do. I can just do whites today, and only cold water, or only

hot water ones, or other day just black cold water things that have to be airfluffed and not hot dried...

it is really easy system.


Works like a charm. Now - I know that it is tempting to buy a washer and dryer with that huge under the washer and dryer drayer

postument basis. In my humble opinion they are waste of space and disturbing in the loundry process unless you have huge

loundry room and have counter top elswhere and some sorting system for your baskets.


otherwise there is NO More efficient way then if you have your baskets right above the washer and dryer, and

when you can set them on the top of them as you need, and the washer and dryer top should be not on your eye level

because then obviously you cant use them as work space.


I also abasolutely despise the dividing hanging deep pocket multi pocket loundry sorters, they are just bad,

they hinder the process as you can not access the items easily once you put them, you need normal

cheap loundry baskets instadt hat you can stack if you need to, that you can pick garment easily

that you can dig in to find something on the bottom, that you can simply use fast and quickly.


The deep sorters are nice looking and that is all. They really are not great to work with and they

do not give you the flexibility to take just the things you need. And.. just try to set that thing

on the top of the dryer so you can dump the thins from it to the washer. Good luck :)


I have my ironning board set in the space next to the washer on one side, and the

vacuum cleaner on the other. My iron is on the shallow about 7 inches deep shelf

above as you see.


OH btw.. we have wire shelve height adjustable system that is cheap, easy to

install and you can change them as you wish.


I used to love to have the closed cabinets like in the kitchen in the loundry room

above the washer and dryer but I ended up taking them off and having

open access easy and fast as I designed them as you see and what works for me.


I am not afraid to make a change if it is not working for me. I know how I work

and I observe how I work and I make a mental notes and then after I got

picture of how I use the space, I adjust it accordingly, therefore the cabinets

had to go. I could only store there the many chemicals I never used in the first place

and my baskets and sorters were taking up the floor space and made a mess..


Oh btw.. I don't need that much of the shelf space for my detergent needs anways

because trying to keep healthy and green we only use Green detergent in powder

form - Seven Generation, free of perfumes and dyes and other stuff,

we have always one liquid detergent for delicate stuff also by seven generation

and also free of dyes and perfumes and then I have always one bottle

of dishwashing liquid in the loundry room also by seven generation - you guessed

it , I like them hahaha..


but you wonder why dishwashing liquid??? okay, becuase it is safe on anything

from silk to rags, and it is all I need to take those stubborn greasy spots and stains

that sometimes you find after you did that loundry and dried that shirt and still find them!

I usually check kid's shirts for any greseay spots and just pour bit of the dishowasing

liquid right on the spot, then squash the shirt and dump it into the loundry with other

things that is safe to go with.. let's say I am doing blue colors in warm water,

so I grab this tshirts that is blue, has spot, pour the dsihw liq on the spot, squash

it and throw with the rest of hte loundry an dwash as usual.

Works like a charm.


We never use any dryer liners like NEVER as they are not only bad for your

EArth but for your house and you, all that smell .. it is actually very not friendly

read some articles..


So that is a wrap. Have a nice loundry day :)


p.s i usually do the bed sheets on separate day from any other loundry.

it is a loads in themselves and I am pooped after doing allt he beds.

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MamaPrincess, that's an epic post! Lots of great information there.  You make a great point, some of those cool-looking bins are NOT convenient or workable.

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I have 5 kids so laundry is just a never ending chore. What works for me........... I try to do at least 1 load a day and then a couple days a week I do 4 or 5. I sort the clothes into towels, lights, darks and my husbands work clothes. Every night my kids must bring all dirty clothes from their bedrooms to the dirty clothes baskets. When a basket is full I throw it in the washer and put a load going. I have 1 basket for clean clothes and my rule is to fold that basket before I take more clothes out of the dryer. Above the washer and dryer are shelves that I put the folded clothes on. Then once a day or every other day my kids come get their stacks and put them away. Bedding gets washed every couple weeks or as needed.


Just a side note: I average 14 loads of laundry a week. dizzy.gif

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I was just about to thank 100%Mom for making me feel more normal about my average of 1.5 loads a day when I realized I am a mother to 1, and my husband's idea of physical labor (at work) is to have to get up and go to the assembly floor and physically assist with the assembly process.




I am clearly doing it wrong.


But... I really, really, really cannot bring myself to mix kitchen and bathroom stuff.

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Originally Posted by MrsGregory View Post




I am clearly doing it wrong.


But... I really, really, really cannot bring myself to mix kitchen and bathroom stuff.


If you're drying the load on high then likely all the bacteria/dangerous pathogens are killed.


I hate laundry.  The best advice is to have LESS clothes.  Sure, you might go shopping more often as things wear out, however having less is less work.  Fewer loads and less time spent putting things away.  It's also helpful to rewear things like pants/shorts 2-3 times, of course depending on what you were doing/how active you were in them.


Everything except socks/underwear here is hung up.  I used to have only one pair of sheets per bed, however since the kids (and things like throw ups, etc.) I now keep one sheet set per bed plus one for each size.  


I probably do split things up more than some into whites, light colors, dark colors, cat towels/rags, sheets and towels.  Pull all the sheets off the bed at the same time, do a complete load from wash to dry and put them back on.  Cuts down on storage space needed as well.


Usually I'll put a white load in the night before and let it soak overnight.

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so maybe one solution could be

..... to find how and where to store enough of each category of stuff until you have enough  to run a load

=> your laundry problem "disapear"

& becomes....  a "storing" problem (since some of the stored stuff might be half wet to start with)

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We only have two categories: diapers/wipes and everything else. Diapers get hot water. All else gets cold. We don't have any color bleeding and cold water keeps wear of the fabrics down.
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