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Breasts not as tender this time around?

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So, this is actually my 5th pregnancy (2 miscarriages followed by 2 healthy term babies) but I'm finding that while my breasts were initially very tender, they've become less so in the past few days. I'm about 6 weeks along. I have never had overwhelming symptoms in any pregnancy, only slight nausea and fatigue, so breast tenderness has always been reassuring. I find latching on my 20 month old can be a bit painful, but it subsides quickly. Is it common to feel less tenderness in subsequent pregnancies? Or for it to lessen this early? 

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When I was nursing and pregnant with my second, I actually had very little breast discomfort. I'm not currently nursing this time and had a LOT of discomfort the first month, though it has leveled off, and mentioned it to dh who says that he doesn't recall me complaining about it at all the first two times! So I guess just remember that every pregnancy is different, and it's good that it's not too uncomfortable to nurse your 20 month old! :)

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I think it's just that every pregnancy is different. My breasts grew larger quicker and my nips were really uncomfortable with DD. This time around, it took a bit longer for them to start filling in and my nips have just started getting sore. Actually, they are really sore now.

Again, i don't think it matters as far as 1st, 2nd, etc. Just different pregnancies.

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I remember mine being on fire in my previous pregnancies. They are definitely tender this time, but less so than they were at first. They are about a size bigger and just sensitive, but not overly painful. I think they are used to stretching after breastfeeding in the past? In any case I know what you mean. I keep feeling glad I have intermittent nausea to reassure me that I'm pg.

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Sounds perfectly normal to me.  I nursed during my last pregnancy as well, and the tenderness was on and off the 1st tri and returned the last several weeks in the end.

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