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Housetraining Help!

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My puppy is nine months old now.  He had a horrible problem with peeing in the house at our old apartment.  We moved on July 1st, and he was fine for a few weeks.  We were actually shocked that he was suddenly house trained.  Then, one accident.  Then, another one a week later.  Now, he has had three in the past week!  We can't figure it out.  We take him out very often, and keep an eye on him as much as possible.  We clean the spots up as best as we can with an enzyme spray, making sure to soak the area as per the instructions.


I'm getting extremely nervous, because I know the more he goes in the house, the more likely he is to continue due to smelling it, establishing a habit, etc.  What can I do? We have tried everything on the internet, everything the vet suggested, etc.  Somebody give me a magic cure. 

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Have you crate trained him?  I don't know if your vet suggested that.  I thought that was seriously the most inhuman thing ever until all the animal activists got on me that it was beneficial for the dog on countless levels (they're den animals and it also provides them a sense of "place" and a "den").  But that trained ours.  All three of them.  The only one that has accidents now (on purpose, actually) is my 12yo female who is PISSED. OFF. that we moved and don't have time for her.  crap.gif

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I also agree with crate training.  Until the dog is fully trained, he has no free access to the house without STRICT supervision.  If you have to pee, put the dog in the crate...doing the dishes, put the dog in the crate...changing a diaper, put the dog in the crate...etc, etc.  If your eye cannot be on him at all times, he needs to be in it.  The crate needs to be just big enough for the dog to stretch out on its side.  Dogs typically won't pee somewhere they will have to lay in it.  He will have accidents, though.  My dog is 6 months old, and I still don't let him be free in the house if I can't watch him, and he sleeps in the crate at night and is in it anytime we leave the house.


Good luck.  Google "crate training puppies" for suggestions on how to do it.  :)

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