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"Types" of menstrual pain?

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For the past few months I've been trying to get rid of my menstrual pain, and I'm wondering if any of you have had experiences similar to mine or might be able to offer advice. Here are the details:


My pain comes for the first day or two of my period only, but is absolutely horrible (the lying-in-bed-able-to-do-nothing-but-cry type of bad). It sort of responds to ibuprofen but not reliably. The thing is, I wouldn't call them cramps because it really doesn't feel like cramping to me. It's in my lower abdomen but it's not the pinching, doubled-over type of cramping pain, it's more like a deep-seated strong and powerful ache. I've been on Natural Calm magnesium (has evening primose oil in it), blackstrap molasses for iron and other minerals and a 3-6-9 omega for the past few months at the recommendation of my chiropractor, thinking it would help, but now I'm wondering if maybe the reason it's not helping is because what I have isn't really cramping. Heating pads and hot baths of any kind do not help. I've noticed that I'll get a little bit of short-lived relief when I burp or pass gas, so I thought maybe my pain is bloating-related (bowel disturbance during my period is my only other unpleasant symptom), but it's just SO BAD and from what I'm reading online, the symptoms most women report as being related to bloating are a different kind of discomfort, not really a debilitating pain.


I wouldn't describe my flow as super heavy; the worst pain day is the first day when the flow is heaviest but I think I'm still probably average. I use a mooncup--started a few years ago because I thought it would help but it didn't really, at least not with the pain. I've had my hormones checked by someone I consider to be a very thorough natural doctor. He said my prolactin was slightly high but everything else was fine, and he recommended chasteberry and a progesterone cream to regular my cycle which I started last month (I range from 30-50 days, usually hovering around 35). He said in passing "could be the start of endometriosis" but the way he said it made me feel like that's just what he says to anyone who complains of pain and irregularity without an obvious hormonal or other health cause. He hasn't examined me as I was seeing him just for this reason and I go to a midwife for other things. I know if it was endo they'd need to be a bit more invasive to diagnose.


So are there different "types" of menstrual pain? Google was no help for this and I couldn't find any information on people describing pain that doesn't feel like cramps and doesn't respond to normal cramping remedies. Ideas? Experiences?

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I don't have any great advice or input.  It does sound like it could be digestion related though.  


I hope you get some good input here, that's a hard thing to have to look forward to every month.  It would be good to see if it is endometriosis, or any sort of cyst or something like that. 


Gosh, I hop you get some really great answers!

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