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Jeez where has the time gone?

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As I am preparing to change the page on my calendar it dawns on me that I only have three and a half months (plus a few days) left of this pregnancy.  Holy Cow!  Does anyone else feel like the time to have our babies is sneaking up on us?

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Me! wave.gif I am counting down by the weeks. I will be 26 weeks on Wednesday, my babies always arrive "on time", so I am FREAKING OUT that I only have 14 weeks before the baby is here!!!yikes2.gif


My list of things to do is 10 miles long. We bought our house in November of 2011 and it requires extensive renovations and remodeling work. Due to some unexpected projects, we are just now finishing what I call "The Nursery", aka, the kids' room. DH is spraying texture today and we should be done with painting (Yolo Colorhouse) by Friday. Then I have furniture to build, curtains and quilts to sew......................the list goes on and on and on and on. And our homeschool year begins in two weeks. So lots of planning and prep there too. Whew! faint.gif


Ironically, I am so impatient to meet this little one! orngbiggrin.gif Maybe subconsciously I know that all the flurry of activity will come to a halt and I can just relax and enjoy my family and home for a few months until the grueling work begins again. lol.gif

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me too! I don't even know what week I am - I do manage to remember my due date though and that is 3mo6days away - eeeek! I wanted to be finished with sorting through/packing up the basement by now, but it just hasn't happened yet. currently I am down with the summer flue which I wish would actually mean 'down' and I could sleep it off, but alas, no such thing as sick time for parents of small kids. On top of it all my best friend is staying with us with her two littlest ones (same age as my two). I love her and couldn't possibly stand anybody else staying with us for more than a few days, but it certainly doesn't make the recovery a faster one. I just wish I would feel better already and could actually enjoy their visit and get stuff done! It's the first time they have come to visit since we moved here 2,5 years ago :( anyway - hopefully tomorrow will be better already... I just want to curl up and sleep. no time for that, have to start making lunch for everybody (bff took her two and my dd to do some shopping, dh is at the doctor's, ds in kindy - all will be home in 40min, so at least I had approximately 30 minutes of computer time with no screaming in the background ;)

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I know!  I have 13 weeks to go and it's unbelievable how quickly the time is going.  I know the rest of the summer will fly by and then we're into the chaos of September (for us, one of the busiest months of the year in our office & with going back to school).  October will be here and then our babies will be here.  Yikers!  Enjoy the days!   

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Me, yes, also on the verge of freak out every time I think about it.  I need to start doing my Hypnobabies more regularly to help get me into the right mindset.  We are currently in a grueling "sleep learning" process with ds.  No cio here, but lots of consistency and easing off of habits that, though not essentially bad, have become bad for me. Trying to be so very gentle and patient about it, but it is all I have the mental and emotional energy for right now.  The main living areas of the house are pretty much set up.  Need to hang some pictures on the walls, but the bedrooms are still sort of just in functional mode right now.  Not feeling relaxing and cozy.  We'll get there.  Also with the gestational diabetes, I'm really having to think about what I'm eating and make time for snacks which just feels like such a bother!  All this to say, November is coming up fast!

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I am really of two minds about the time. I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy and really appreciate every day while at the same time wishing it would hurry up and get to the end and see if I will make it through healthy and have a natural birth. I had preeclampsia and delivered at 33 weeks with my first, so I kind of expect every day to be my last healthy day, but at the same time, I don't want to spend the whole pregnancy wishing time would go faster and miss out on the joys--the kicks and flutters and stretchy maternity pants. smile.gif
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Goodness Thyme Mama just reading your post made me tired.  That's a lot on one "to do list." Good luck!


Franjapany I hope you are feeling better. It sucks to be sick while taking care of little ones and pregnant. 

Tekcez I need to dust off my hynobabies tracks and start listening to them too.  I can't find my study guide.  I wonder if I can just buy the book?


abouttobe5 and Bmorefarmgirl I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy and not wish the time away but man it just seems to be flying by.  I am trying to savor this last pregnancy.  I am also excited to meet this little guy but I'm not sure I'm ready to birth him winky.gif.

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