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Hello everyone! My name is Samantha - I am 24, married, and have a 19 month old little boy. I am studying to become a midwife, though it is being sidetracked for the moment - we are moving for my husband's job and I had to give up my apprenticeship. However, I am going to continue my education independently until I get settled in our new home and find another midwife to work with.


We are now a non-vax family after a reaction (though thankfully, he is much better now), we are still breastfeeding with no end in sight, and try to live as naturally as possible. I enjoy caring for our chickens and taking care of my (slowly dying) garden.

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Welcome to MDC, MamaBice!  It sounds like you'll fit right in here at MDC.  You might like to take a peek at our I'm Not Vaccinating Forum and our Breastfeeding Forums

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