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Weight gain/bloating/swelling during pregnancy for Prilosec? help!

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This is my forth pregnancy and my first one using Prilosec. I've been on it for several weeks and it seems like my weight is just increasing SO quickly. Also I have a lot of swelling. I'm eating normally etc. The only thing different is the Prilosec and of course the summer heat isn't helping either.


I did some reading and come to find that swelling/bloating and weight gain are all possible side effects of Prilosec. Now I am worried, at 33 weeks, if I have gained too much. I'm concerned about it affecting my BP and causing Pre-e conditions. I'm wondering if I stop now will the swelling go down and the weight gain taper off...


I'd love to hear from others about this!

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Looks like your post was missed. Anyone with any experience?

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Hi!  I didn't take Prilosec, but I also had HORRENDOUS acid reflux with my now-11yo, and they gave me a medicine like Prilosec...atm I can't remember what it was.  I also gained incredible amounts of water weight.  I had had two babies before that, and have had two more since, and am pregnant yet again, and that is the only pregnancy for me that has ever been like that.


For what it's worth, I didn't get any pre-e symptoms, my BP was steady as a rock, I was healthy except for the pain it caused me to walk with all that water sloshing around.  Watch your arches!  (Mine fell from wearing sandals in the last few months of that pregnancy). 


I'd just take it as an oddity of the pregnancy for now, but if your BP does go up (do you know how to take it at home?) then maybe consider alternatives.


*hugs*  Take care of yourself, Mama!


love, p

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My arches fell in my last pregnancy! Not cool. I just can't fit my feet into anything but flip flops right now. The humidity and heat here are adding to that problem, no doubt.


In past pregnancies i have taken zantac and not noticed any weight gain stemming from there. The only issue is that I have to take it three times a day and it still doesn't really work very well. I tried a host of natural remedies with no relief. It's pretty bad. Prilosec is giving me a lot of relief, so I hate to give it up. I just also hate gaining all this weight and bloating. I don't even want to look at a scale--so I haven't! I'd rather not know. 

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I think maybe the water gain and the acid reflux being this bad go together...some systemic issue that I just don't have the technical vocabulary for.  I think they gave me Axid?  Does that sound right?  And we joked that I took so many ant-acid tablets, my son was going to be born with a carapace. :) 


Anyway, if it's giving you relief from GERD, and you don't have any BP issues, just take care of yourself and put your feet up as much as humanly possible.  (I took to sleeping with two couch throw-pillows under my calves). 




love, p

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