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Pregnant and Milk Drying Up

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I will be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and my milk seems to be drying up. Our DD just turned one year old, and I had planned to let her decide how long to nurse so the process of weaning would be gentle. She is DEVASTATED. And it all seems to be happening very suddenly. Last night she was up on and off all night wanting to nurse, and I would let her but after the milk was gone it was really painful, like needles poking in and out. I kept going as long as possible and then tried to give her her binky, which she promptly hurled across the room and started wailing. It took her almost three hours to fall asleep tonight with the same thing happening, and by the end she was inconsolable until I let her nurse again until she fell asleep. bawling.gif How do I help her through this emotionally, and how do I make sure she's getting enough nutrition? I'm thrilled to be pregnant again so easily, but It's breaking my heart to see her go through this!
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hug2.gif That is rough!  How oftern was she nursing before your supply started to go down?  As far as nutrition, what is she eating besided breastmilk? 

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Thank you for answering. love.gif She was nursing pretty frequently before: 2-3 times a night, and every 3-5 hours during the day. She still nurses during the day and it isn't such an issue because she gets what milk she gets and then she gets distracted by what's around her, but at night she doesn't want to stop when the milk is gone. She's eating three meals a day and snacks, and we're trying hard to make sure protein is in at least two of those meals in the form of cheese or yogurt, or beans and grains, or meat of some kind. The pediatrician was recommending giving her some whole cow's milk in addition, which she's had SOME of in ice cream/a milkshake, cheese, yogurt, etc. I'm a little nervous starting this right now as we're flying overnight to Germany tomorrow, but I'm also nervous having nothing to give her over that long flight. ugh...this is terrible timing for the milk supply to dwindle! (Again...so thankful to be pregnant so easily!)
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At night, maybe she is thirsty besides of course looking for comfort and nutrition at the breast. Would you consider offering her some water when she comes off the breast to see if quenching her thirst a bit might help her settle down and then she could comfort nurse back to sleep.
It's a tough spot to be in. My DD is 16 months old but she would be freaking out too if milkies were gone. I sympathize wholeheartedly and coincidentally, 12 months is when DD unequivocally ditched her binky and made me the only gateway to sleepy land. Sigh
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Congratulations on your pregnancy, although I'm sorry that you're already seeing a drop in milk supply. 


When I was pregnant I also experienced a drop around 8 weeks, and it seemed huge (I was using the breast pump while at work so I was aware of exactly how much it had changed), but for whatever reason my supply picked back up again after about a week....not to what it was, but close....until ~20 weeks (memory is fuzzy because I was starting to not enjoy nursing at this point).  Hopefully you'll experience a similar increase.  Your pregnancy timing and daughter's age are similar to my DD and pregnancy, and she ultimately nursed until the birth of my son despite the loss of milk, and then resumed again full-force once I had milk (to the point that I think she would have forgone solids for boobie if I let her).  You may find that your little one doesn't wean, but adapts in the interim. 


Good luck!

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I know exactly how you're feeling. With this pregnancy, my milk was G.O.N.E. by 8 weeks. greensad.gif  To make matters worse, my nearly 2 year old wouldn't eat solids, got very ill, and then subsequently dehydrated due to no other foods, and then ended up with severe tooth decay from the combined decrease in nutrition and high temp for a week.  I have felt incredible guilt going through his tooth treatments, knowing that my milk drying up played a large part in it (along with his stubborness, lol).  Over time, he adjusted and he still nurses (dry nursing) though not as often.  He nurses 1, maybe 2 times a day, sometimes skipping a day.  It's painful for me, so he latched on (very aggressive latch, too, I believe because he's still trying desperately to get milk) and then I give him a few moments before saying, "All done!"  I'm anxious to get him milk again.


Just wanted to send you virtual hug2.gif.  I know what you're feeling.

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hug2.gif Thandiwe, thanks for empathizing. Thanks, everybody for your kind words! I've been without internet access for over a week, so I apologize for not responding. Whoever mentioned the possibility of her being simply thirsty, thank you! I started bringing her sippy cup to bed and giving her water after nursing, and it seems to help. She still wants to nurse for way longer than usual each time, and she seems to be rejecting her binky more and more and just wanting to stay on the breast. I think there is still some milk, but not much. I don't know for sure, but that's what it feels like. I'm a nervous wreck about the pregnancy and have to wait a couple more weeks for another ultrasound. I'm so nervous of losing this baby and then having gone through all this and not having a healthy baby, too. I wish I felt more sick. (I know...weird thing to say). Anyway, thank you for your support. love.gif
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Hugs. Don't wish for morning sickness. I had almost none and ended up with a beautiful, healthy girl. My friend was constantly puking and had a healthy baby too. Get rest when you can, keep an eye on your blood pressure and go to your checkups. A friend of mine didn't do the urine checks, had a tiny preemie (3lb something, 34 weeks) and recently (14 months pp) was diagnosed with diabetes. It wasn't caught during pregnancy probably because she didn't test her urine and it may have made a difference. Her LO is fine now but had a really rough start. So just try to take care of yourself. Your body will take care of the baby :-)
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Have you ever tried the old standbys of Lactation cookies and stuff like that? I remember having to never each then cause once I did while I was making a batch for a new mom and got engorged! I'm about to make myself a batch cause I could really use them now too.
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