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"Where can I get one of those?!?!"

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I can't walk 2 feet without being bombarded with questions about my slings. I feel like a movie star! Everywhere I go, women gather around me wanting to know where to buy one for themselves, a friend, a daughter, etc. It's WILD!

(I use Moby Wrap and SlingEzee and soon a SolarVeil Sling by Kangaroo Korner)

Can anyone else relate? It's so much attention! And at what point should I hand out sling maker's business cards?!?
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HeHeHe!! I actually did that with my Buggy Bag. lol Not exactly baby wearing stuff but I had one of those cart covers for the grocery store carts and I used to get loads of questions. I just gave them the cards she sent me I had stashed in the pockets. One time at Walmart I had a man asking a gazillion questions and his wife walked over and he was like "honey look at this" . lol Needless to say she was not at all pleased and just said "thats nice" and walked away. :LOL Didnt think her man needed to be talking to strange women at Walmart I guess.:LOL :LOL
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LOL :LOL I have both Zolo and KK business cards with me at all times.
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I keep meaning to make a copy of these: The BabyWearer Business Cards

I figure that way the person can get tons of info!
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Originally posted by campingmumma
LOL :LOL I have both Zolo and KK business cards with me at all times.
Me too- I give them out all the time!!!
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everytime I go out I get tons of people asking me abt the KKAFP I've been wearing: where to buy? how's it work? is it comfy? how much money??

yesterday at the park this big burley man comes up asking about it... then says he's gotta get one cuz his arms get so tired carrying his twin babies! I thought it was just great~ this big macho lookin guy wanting to start slingin'!
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It's like we're walking billboards!

I should probably try to find the woman who was selling the Moby Wrap at LLLI conference in SF last summer. She's the one that I bought mine from. I loved the sling, but had no extra money at the conference for anything (I swear we were living off the free yogurt Stoneyhill Farms donated). Anyway, she cut me a deal on one of the demo slings. I'm so indebted to her as I really enjoy my Moby.
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TOTALLY! I get/got questions, inquiries, comments all the time, so I decided to find out how to sell them. And now I do. So I can just hand folks a card and tell them ALL about babywearing and my slings.
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We always get comments every time we go anywhere too! I've only seen one other person (besides two friends of mine who sling), wearing a sling!!
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note to self, when starting slinging bring business cards. :LOL
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This happens to me all the time. Luckily, both of my slings (Moby & MomnMe pouch) have the website address on the tag, which is promintently located on the front of the sling. Smart people, LOL! I wish I had business cards, though, I'd love to support both companies as much as possible, wonderful products.
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