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Healthy Weight Loss Challengers - What Are You Eating?

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Spin off from the Eight Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge.  


So exercise is one part of weight loss, and eating well is the other - I think I'll find it helpful to chat about what everyone's eating.  

Maybe get some ideas and inspiration, but also some accountability!  


Who's with me?  

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Okay, I'll start



3 weetbix with soy milk


big salad with vegan sausages


Spaghetti with tomato based veggie loaded sauce


2 vitaweats with peanut butter

granny smith apple

1 sugar free lemonade can

1 rum ball (!)


Yesterday's food was exactly the same, except I didn't have a lemonade!  

My struggle time is after dinner, before bed - I always want to nibble on something.  

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I would love to do this with you.  I am using myfitnesspal to track calories.  I am trying to stay between 1600-1800 a day.  


This is yesterday:


Breakfast:  oatmeal, banana, egg, almond milk, tea

Lunch :  brown rice, black beans, egg, salad, olive oil

Dinner:  brown rice, chicken, salad, olive oil

Snack:  large tomato


My calories were a bit low 1550, but it was just the first day.   On to day 2!

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today for breakfast i had an oatmeal + egg + grated cheese pancake

two cups of tea with artificial sweetener and a dash of milk


at 11:00 am i had a some (cold, in a park, from a plastic container, with a spoon, whilst the children were playing and having a cheese sandwich) left over vegetables + a little left over ground meat (all from yesterday)

+ i drank some cold veggie soup (zucchinis + green beans) from a thermos flask


late lunch, i had some paella rice + a few leaves of salad + half a pear


later i had a bowl of hot veggie soup (i had just made another batch, this time a third spinach, two third green beans, with basil leaves) as i was liquidizing it. It had a tablespoon worth of coconut oil (in the hope that i can resist eating sweets later on ...)


plus i tasted a very little sweet i have been making to take to some ex-neighbors (one third sugar, one third almond powder, one third freshly ground sesame seeds, one teaspoon of cardamom powder, one egg, makes about 50 sweets- a small mouthful, i shape them with two teaspoons)


tonight i'm not sure yet, a mixed salad probably, but not fixed yet on which protein to go with it

(the rest of the family is having a frozen shepherd's pie, i don't digest that too well ....)

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Eating well is my biggest challenge, I have very little appetite and if I'm not careful, I go all morning and until early afternoon before I realize I need to eat! Which then turns into eating whatever I can get my hands on (and is the reason I need to lose! lol).


Morning: smoothie made with yogurt, handful of berries and half a banana, and a scoop of protein powder


Lunch: first, I made everyone sandwiches and veggie sticks. Then, I made some quinoa because for some reason I was craving it...


Supper tonight is red beans and rice and cornbread with a salad.


I really need to start writing it all down and making sure I'm getting everything I need. I am not wanting to count calories because I tend to give up if I do (dunno why?) and I'm also nursing. I want to focus on eating the right foods in the amounts that I need. I am betting I see a huge change if I did that, and stayed away from the soda.


Oh, I have a bread machine that we just got. Does anyone have any super awesome bread recipes?

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Here's what I've had so far.  I use myfitnesspal.com to track my calories.  I'm allotted 1260 and I find it hard to stay within this unless I exercise.  My biggest problem is breakfast.  No matter what I have, I'm starving by 10:30.
Breakfast: small slice of bread with a thin amount of peanut butter before my run.  Oatmeal with 1 tsp brown sugar after my run.
Lunch: Tuna salad on homemade wheat bread, carrots, and cheesecake.  (I made the cheesecake for my sister in law's birthday on Sunday and could't resist)
Dinner: probably pasta and a veg
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I'm a paleo/primal girl and decided for the first 4 weeks to do a Whole30! Well I might have some wine on the weekend so it'll be close!

Here's what I ate today:

Coconut milk in coffee
Eggs fried in ghee, baby greens, tomatoes and garlic
2 chicken sausages

Shrimp and fennel sauté with green olives and tomatoes. Without the feta cheese on top... *sob*

Dinner: Pesto meatballs in organic mushroom pasta sauce on top of zucchini noodles I peeled up. So good! But I miss the grated parmesan. I'll live without for 30 days, right!?!?!

Snack/dessert: Nectarine, strawberries and bananas
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Well today I will start recording:


Breakfast: oatmeal with mixed berries and tsp of sugar, 1/2 c. cottage cheese, 2 servings tator tots


Lunch: Ramen noodle soup with 1/2 of seasoning packet, 1/2 cup green peas, cup of blueberry pomegranate juice, frozen yogurt popsicle


Supper: rice with green peppers, kidney beans, salsa, and cashew "cheese" (cashews, nutritional yeast, pimentos, seasonings, blended together, yummy)

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Food is the tough part of the challenge for me. Also have a 1 cup a day chai habit. I tried eliminating it, but ended up replacing the chai with a bag of cookies. Chai is the healthier option. Lol


Here's what I ate yesterday:


Breakfast: bowl of cereal, almond milk,  cup of chai w/almond milk and 2 tsp. sugar

Lunch- 2 pieces of sprouted wheat bread, 1 tbs. canola mayo, 1 slice grilled seitan, 1 slice provolone cheese, 1/2 avocado.

dinner out- veggie burger with veggies and basalmic dressing, onion strings, and unsweetened ice tea


Snacks-  1 small slice of the homemade corn-free chocolate cake I made for my dd, 1 cup of watermelon,  



Today so far:  


Breakfast: bowl of cereal, almond milk,  cup of chai w/almond milk and 2 tsp. sugar

Lunch out-  Wheat bread, reg. mayo, cheese, and avocado sandwich, unsweetened ice tea

dinner-  2 pieces of sprouted wheat bread, 1 tbs. canola mayo, 1 slice grilled seitan,  fruit smoothie made with almond milk and strawberries, tsp sugar


snacks- bite of watermelon, 2 oven baked french fries, 1 coconut popsicle



Lots of water throughout both days, sparkling and regular water



I have trouble with staying away from the sweets, including the natural ones. :(  

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Yay!   Glad to have some company!  


Ruthie - I'm trying to stay somewhere between 1200 and the 1400 recommended by my calorie tracker.  I'm mostly on the high side though.  


Sillygirl - no bread recipes from me, I'm trying to stay away from bread altogether at the moment.  It is indeed one of my vices!  


Speaking of vices, I'm trying to stay away from alcohol!  Especially cocktails! greensad.gif  


AFM:  Some nice downwards movement on the scales again today.  I like it! 


Breakfast:  3 weetbix & soy milk (I have the same everyday, you'll soon be bored with it!)

Lunch: 2 vegan snags and salad (lettuce, capsicum, tomato, avo, shallots, carrot, mushrooms, etc)

Dinner: Veggie stir fry and noodles

Snacks: apple and a sugarfree lemonade

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Day 2


Breakfast:  oatmeal, egg, grapefruit, almond milk, tea

Lunch:  brown rice, black beans, egg, big salad, olive oil

Dinner:  brown rice, quinoa, chicken, big salad

Snacks:  peach, nectarine, cheese, almond milk in tea


Total of 1683, smack in the middle of my sweet spot!  




Feeling fine -- I get hungry in the afternoon, but that is normal for me.  I am always, always hungry around 3pm.  I just have to plan for a decent snack and not dive into a hefty peanut butter sandwich like I usually do.  I don't know what it is about peanut butter, but I simply love it.  How American of me...of course, I overlook the fact that a thick slather on bread can be 500-600 calories and then I turn right around and eat dinner.   


Off to make my morning oatmeal.  Good luck to all! 

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Well Tuesday night turned into a craving for salty chips and Mike and Ike sweet candies.  Ugh


Today, so far: Breakfast: oatmeal, mixed berries, a tsp of sugar, slice of bread with miracle whip and slice of cheese


Lunch: burrito with fat free refried beans, cheese, and left over rice/cashew cheese mix from last night


Supper: potluck with sewing guild.  Going to take pesto pasta salad.

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Day 1

am- coffee

       2 eggs with veggies


mid- raw veggie sticks w/ yogurt dip

       homemade pumpkin soup


pm-green salad w/ veggie 'chicken' strips

      tomatoes & goddess dressing

      2sl wheat bread w/grass fed butter


snack- lots of watermelon


Day 2


      steel-cut oats w/a little rice milk & brown sugar

      1sl wheat bread w/butter


mid-1sl wheat bread w/ sunflower seed butter & banana

       pumpkin soup

       more coffee


pm- bean & tortilla bake

      w/ a little cheese, tomatoes,& avocado


snacks- watermelon



I'm addicted to watermelon!

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Did pretty well yesterday, but ended up staying up late last night and sleeping in this morning, so I missed breakfast. Woke up to DP making Annie's shells and cheese for everyone, so went ahead and had some of that, then felt guilty and grabbed a handful of carrot sticks...


About to head in the kitchen now and fix myself a big salad.


Supper tonight is roast with baked sweet potato fries and some squash and zucchini.

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I felt like I ate a lot today, but I was still under my calorie goal because of my activity.  I had a hard time feeling full and tried to eat more protein or fat, but still felt hungry.


breakfast: homemade plain yogurt with homemade granola and jam

lunch: ham sandwich with a slice of havarti and a thin spread of hummus, another slice of bread with goat cheese

dinner: chicken with sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions, cous cous, peas

snacks: banana, oreo cookies, carrots and hummus and peanut butter 

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I ate too much today also, We went berry picking & I usually make cobbler. I couldn't help but bake so I made a blackberry-mango 'crisp' so that it would be mainly fruit with just a little topping. So freakin good I ate too much of it & now I'm hungry! Planning on making jam tonight or in the morning & resisting baking bread! The jam will be mostly for the kids:) Today I ate-     


am- coffee

       steel cut oats with a little rice milk & brown sugar

       1sl wheat bread & butter ( I woke up sooo hungry this morning!)


mid-veggie burger on multigrain bread

       w/ avocado, veggies & hummus (instead of mayo)


pm- 1/2c beans, 1c brown rice w/a little cheese & salsa

       mango-berry crisp w/coconut  (nondairy) ice cream


snacks- strawberries

          raw veggies & hummus

          more coffee

          2 hard boiled eggs

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Hi All,


I'm not specifically trying to lose weight ATM, but I've been trying to get some new ideas for healthy eating. Thanks so sharing what you're eating; it's giving me lots of ideas! carrot.gif

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Breakfast:  3 weetbix & soy milk 

Lunch: 2 vegan snags and salad (lettuce, capsicum, tomato, avo, shallots, carrot, mushrooms, etc)

Dinner: Vege soup (carrot, sweet potato, celery, chili, capsicum, broccoli, onion, squash, other random veges, a few lentils)

Snacks: apple, sugarfree lemonade



Rinse and repeat meals

Snacks:  2 vitaweats with peanut butter

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Wednesday nights potluck supper: pesto pasta salad, slice of bread with cheese, cherries, slice of fruit pizza, dry toast with tomato/garlic topping, dollop of peach cobbler, 2 glasses sugar free lemonade,


Thursday, Aug. 2: So I was having a salt craving this morning: potato chips with sour cream, then fried egg with cream cheese on toast, a pint of blueberries (oh those were good!),

Lunch: pesto pasta (leftovers), cheese sandwich with miracle whip, grapes, potato chips

Supper: mashed potatoes with cream cheese mixed in, beets, cottage cheese, ice cream square, tortilla chips with sour cream and salsa


Friday, Aug. 3: Breakfast out to eat: fried potatoes, slice of toast with butter, 3 egg omelet with zucchini, summer squash, green and red peppers, onions, and colby jack cheese, glass of orange juice.

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Oh Lilac, you're making me hungry! 

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