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21 month old nursing and crying at night

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 Is my milk supply going down?


This is a recent thing where I nurse at night but the little guy is still fussy. Just this night we gave him bread at night and he ate a bit. I ended up going to the kitchen with him to give him more food but he only ate a little. Its 4:30!


Last friday I only nursed him on one side because my nipple was sore. He had a fit until I finally gave in. he gulped and gulped and fell asleep....and slept till almost 9!


I never worried about food at night since I nursed him. And now that he is almost 2 I never thought nursing was vital nutrition still for such a big baby! I mean people talk about sleeping through the night for a 6 month old. Mine is 21 and still not doing that. I guess I assumed that if a 6 month old sleeps through the night....my 21 month old should too, or at least should have enough in his stomach to pull him through. 


could my milk supply be going down and is no longer feeding him?

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My son started asking for a snack before sleep at about 31 months or so, not every night but regularly. He's always nursed several times throughout the night. That snack seemed to replace one to two feeds per night, and he slept a few nights without feeding for 4 hrs or so. My cycle returned at 32 months and from what I understand it was likely a result of that new 4 hour window without a feed.

In western culture children are treated very differently in that they are expected to go through the night without nursing, but that is probably more so representative of cultural breastfeeding than natural breastfeeding patterns. From what I understand, normal, healthy, cosleeping, breastfed children do not sleep through the night until 3-4 years of age.


More info:



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He cries AT the breast, which I don't understand.


I don't have an issue with him sleeping through the night I guess - just that he is crying at night

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Hmmm, I wonder if it's pain? Ear infection, cox sackie, molars?

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I was wondering about the molars maybe, because last night was totaly fine. If it was an infection if would not be so finicky?

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Maybe it's thirst from the heat? My now 16 month old DD will happily nurse at night then pop off and chug water. Then she's back to nursing down happily. Would you consider keeping a sippy of water in arm's reach? He could be really thirsty and nursing is great but might not provide the volume/speed he wants at the beginning. At his age I think it would be fine if he met some of his thirst needs at night with water.
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I'll try that. I always have water, but I usually don't ask him if he wanted any since I assumed he would get it from nursing. But I will try that. 



On a positive note....last two days were good.........maybe it is molars after all. 

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