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diastasis recti pain?

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anyone ever had pain duruing pregnancy as the ab muscles seperate more? I am quite sure from my last two that I had some diastais recti and my belly does that tent shape thing but now, suddenly, I have pain at the midline a few inches below where my stermum ends (below the xiphoid process) and its a bit radiating back/across. I am awful at trying to not use my stomach muscles to situp from laying, etc but I don't recall one instant where I suddenly hurt it.

now my normal middle of the night insomnia has been extended a few hrs b/c of the ouch factor. yawn.

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YES. Ouch is right. Mine is the worst right after the babies have a growth spurt. It literally feels like my belly is ripping open above my belly button and somehow the girls always know where the tenderest areas are and kick right. there. Gah it feels awful.
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Generally, diastasis does not cause pain. Radiating pain is almost always due to nerve compression or irritation. The lower rib cage expands dramatically in the last trimester, and this could be contributing to your pain too.

Always use the "log roll" technique when getting out of bed, or rising from the floor.

Since you suspect that you have diastasis too, start doing basic abdominal compressions (Baby Hugs) to build strength in your deepest abdominal muscle, your Transverse Abdominis, or TvA. You can do these standing, seated, or side-lying. You can also add on lower spine flexion to the standing variation (Baby Lifts).

TvA strength will help prevent your mid line from opening more. And because this muscle is our primary, voluntary, expulsion msucle, TvA strength greatly aids in labor and delivery.


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thanks..I'll look into those excercise. It seems a bit too low to be rib cage but maybe the fascia is pulled? It feels very superfical (just under the  skin). The area, if I touch it, feels like a taught vertical thick rubberband.

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