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Trini mama

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I am a Trini/American, married with two boys. All my family is from Trinidad. Have visited with my family many times. I hope to be able to travel like my mother does every year eventually, though expensive paying for 4 people. I am an herbalist, I homeschool my children and we now have an amazing organic vegetable and herbal garden. Check out out blog, it has pitcures of our garden, http://cabjad.blogspot.com/2012/07/strawberry-shortcake.html

I am a great cook and would love to share recipes and healing herbal tinctures etc.

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Welcome to Mothering!


Did you post to the Pleased to Meet You forum? If not please do. We have a pretty good welcoming committee there. :)

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Hello! I'm also a Trini/American mommy (born and raised in NYC, but had the privilege of spending summers in Trinidad growing up). As a fairly new mom, I too have been changing up our family lifestyle to incorporate an organic diet, chemical/toxic-free home, etc. I checked out your blog and I'm inspired by your garden...would love to learn more about your journey and I feel I could learn so much from you...Please keep in touch! 

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Nice to meet you both. Also Trini American here. Born in NYC and travel to Trini regularly. Glad to connect with you both.


You can find my blog at http://empoweredhomeschooler.com and http://empowernetwork.com/kamkal

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