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My name is Bernadette, I am located in New York. I found this forum looking for a Floradix recipe because my herbal book I misplaced is now out of print. I am a mother of two boys, I homeschool, herbalist, blogger( we blog about life, homeschooling, cooking, and our organic garden, http://cabjad.blogspot.com/2012/07/strawberry-shortcake.html

I am 35years old and my husband and I would love to have one more child( girl possibly:) and I always need to keep myself  and my family healthy. I figure I would use this forum for sharing recipes and looking for info. I am studying to become a Certified Nurse Midwife; my experience in birth was a blessing and I am determined to assist and advocate for women so they can be treated with honor and respect at such an amazing, life changing and delicate time in life (giving birth)

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Welcome to MDC! It sounds like you'd really enjoy our Health and Pregnancy and Birth forums.  It's so nice to know that there are wonderful people out there working to support women! 

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Thank you, I am super excited to connect with mothers or mothers to be of like minds and share information, I a especially excited to read up on any information I can get on your site and hopefully some great herbal recipes

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