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Birthing Music

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I am making some cd's of birthing music and I need some suggestions.

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I'm doing the same thing, but I think music preferences are pretty personal, so what one person finds soothing another might find obnoxious.  I have a wonderful emotional connection to the music of Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens, so they will be on my "relaxing" playlist.  I will also probably throw some songs from the Cure, The Band, and other chill music with strong emotional connections for me on there.  Some Roy Orbison, Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, Bob Dylan, Death Cab for Cutie, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash will also make it on there.


I'm also planning on having a more energetic playlist, similar to the one I use for very hard workouts.  I'm hoping the beats could help me through some difficult contractions.  That one will have some Outkast, Beastie Boys, Ryan Adams, Lady Gaga, Creedence, and other upbeat music with strong beats.  I also love bluegrass, and the O' Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack has some amazing songs by Allison Kraus and others.  Also some Old Crow Medicine Show.  There's a lot of upbeat indie music too.


Finally, I'm bringing (if I can find it!) a CD recording of my Zen Center chanting.   There are two chants in particular that were an important part of my childhood and one of them, being a repetition of a short verse, will be nice for zoning out and focusing inward (if you can do both those things at once...).  I'm planning on using that one as a kind of touchstone during particularly difficult contractions or transition.  The drum beat in the background might help establish a rhythm.


I know none of these suggestions are "birthing" music per se, but I think it differs so much from person to person.  I'm interested to hear what other people have planned.

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