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baby's head?

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At the risk of getting yelled at for doing my own vaginal exams...

I checked my cervix today as I'm still having my strong Braxton Hicks. Couldn't find it, so its still probably way high or posterior. While I was checking that, I noticed that Baby's head was really low. I stopped being able to feel it when I'd push on my belly, so I thought she was breech. Turns out out is just that low.

Is this normal? I'm 33 weeks. I don't remember feeling DDS head like this until 37 or 38 weeks.
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Interesting, what does the head feel like? I would like to pay attention to that next time I check... My cervix is pretty low, mushy and open to about 1 right now. I'm totally fascinated by it. LOL


This one's head must be very low because I feel like there is a lead bowling ball between my legs.


I did read that there is more space in subsequent pregnancies for babies to settle nice and low earlier so maybe that's all that's going on.

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It feels like a skull on the other side of my front vaginal wall, lol.

Jealous that you can feel your cervix... Mine stays way way posterior until labor. Even when I had bloody show with my dd2 I could barely feel it.
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I think it is pretty normal for baby to be low.  I think that my midwife has been saying baby is very low since at least 31 or 32 weeks.

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not sure what it feels like from the cervix but from the outside the baby's head is hard and you can sorta wobble it where as a tussie doesn't wibblewobble. I can feel my kiddos from very well right above my pubic bone. Babe is posterior and MW said they are more papable when posterior but when baby turns the back shoulders sorta cover up part of it (or a shoulder if a bit sideways)

Mothering › Groups › September 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › baby's head?