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Crying every time he's done

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So for the last few week my sweet 10 month old screams every time he's done nursing. Doesn't matter which side, day or night, long session or short. Any ideas ladies? This is baby #3 and I am at a loss It breaks my heart greensad.gif

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My first thought is the need to eliminate. Could you try taking his diaper off and taking him to a potty/sink/toilet for a pee or a poop?


Might be worth a shot!

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It could be an ear infection. The pressure really builds up when you lay on one side and once he is done nursing he is no longer getting the relief from the pressure and pain that nursing gives.
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it could be ear infection - if so try to nruse him more upwards and see if it helps, also

make some breaks in nursing


it could be acid reflux - again try to nurse as upward as possible to see if it hels


it could be need to eliminate and struggle


it could be that you ate something that causes gass and he is bloated  - do you eat any green veggies or drink cows milk sour croute cabbage.. if so try avoid for couple days and see.. those things usually linger in milk  long after you ate them anyways


do you put him down after nursing or do yo hold him upwards. do hold him upwards after nursing


do you burp him? I know some parents do however nurslings do not need to be burped but still

some burping migt do the opposite to good.


check his tummy after you nurse is it hard and bloated like a baloon or is it soft when you gently push on it, check his tummy very carefully when you are not nursing him and he is fine and

see if it is soft and fine and then remember it, then compare his tummy right after you nurse

and get back to us :).. maybe we all figure out something


of course the ear infection is still a valid option and for this really try to solve it. We here only did a warm cloth compress warmed up in microwave and other then that upward nursing was way to go.

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