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tub rental

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My doula partners and I are thinking about investing in some tubs to rent to our clients (about 1/2 of our clients are renting them from other sources to use at their births).  Do any of you do this?  Do you charge for the rental, and how much?  How many uses can you get out of the tub?  Do you have the client purchase the liner, thermometer, scooper, etc?  Any other tips/info would be great.

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My midwifery preceptor does this in her practice. Rental is included in her fee (if you're not birthing with her, she charges $75. Other rental services around here charge $150+), but the client has to buy the one time use liner and provide the drinking water safe hose. We bring everything else (pool, air pump, water pump, thermometer, fish nets, faucet adaptors, etc.). How many uses really depends on the type/style of tub, as well as how your clients treat it.


I think it's really important to provide EVERYTHING mama needs for tub use, so in my practice, I will be providing the liners and bringing my own hoses, adaptors, etc.


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I bought a tub to use on my own birth and started renting it as a way of recouping the costs. I'm a doula and MIT. I have had very few takers. The hospitals around here don't allow rented tubs and only about a third of homebirth clients are interested in it expecially since the disposable infatable ones got better or became more available. I charged $150 for a while now charge $100. That includes the"birth pool in a box" that waterbirth international sells and used to rent out and two liners. No hoses. I set it up and take it down for them.

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I have two aquaborn eco birth pools that I rent out. They go out frequently. I charge $200 CDN and include the liner, a new hose and all of the other goodies including set up and pickup. Sanitizing properly is a lot of work but I like doing it. 

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