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August TWW Thread

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Hello all you TTC'ers out there!  It's been a while since we had a TWW thread so I thought I would start one.  Feel free to post here and tell us where you are in your cycle and when you will test.  Then come back and let us celebrate your success or give you hugs and encouragement.



Good luck and dust.gif to all!  Let's make some spring babies!




HPT accuracy DPO 
10 dpo : 35% 
11 dpo : 51% 
12 dpo : 62% 
13 dpo : 68% 
14 dpo : 74% 
15 dpo : 80% 
16 dpo : 88% 
17 dpo : 92% 

18 dpo : 99%



Beautiful BFP's  pos.gif joy.gif

porcelina pos.gif

milk8shake pos.gif

TwilightJoy pos.gif

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I'm having this cycle off, so mine is more like a "four week wait" at the moment.  ROTFLMAO.gif

Still doing opks and charting for practice though (I'm pretty new to charting).  Anyhow, I'm CD5 today.

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Oooh, sounds fun smile.gif I'm 4DPO. I won't test until 14DPO so I've still got a fair wait left! Will be testing August 11th.

Good luck to us all!!
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Ooh thanks for those percentages, that makes me feel better. I'm on 11 or 13 DPO (not positive on O date, despite charting, because of a slow rise). BFN this morning, but didn't get my BFP until 14DPO with my DD, and temps are high, so I'm hoping! I have no patience so I'm going to test again tomorrow, and every day until I get a BFP or AF arrives.

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I'm a bit of a chronic tester. I can't help myself. POAS anonymous is where I need to be.
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Uuuuugh I don't know what is going on with me. STILL BFN today. I think I'm 14 DPO, but I don't even know anymore. Originally FF had me Oing at CD18, but I overrode it to CD16 (which would make me 14DPO now, I'm on CD30). But just now I un-did the override to see what FF would do, and it moved my O day to CD20!! WTH?!? That makes no sense because I had NO EWCM on CD20. And we stopped BD'ing after CD18. Siiiigh. I can't stand this waiting. I know it's only cycle 2 TTC #2, but we had to wait for a year longer than we wanted to before we started, because of financial reasons, so it seems like it's cycle 14 to me. dizzy.gif


My chart:

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lenny1027 - I would agree ww FF that you O'ed either CD 18 or 20, so you may well be just 12 or 10 DPO, and too early to test. Charts like yours with a slow rise can be really hard to pinpoint an O day!
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Ugh, I'm no good at chart interpretation, sorry!  

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Hello !

Im new here but wanted to say hi to all fellow TTC members !


presently in my 3rd cycle trying  ... almost 9 DPO right now :)

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I am officially in the TWW myself.  I think I O'd overnight so it's kind of like 0DPO.  It looks like I could test by the 17th. We'll see how long I decide to hold out.  This is cycle #8 for me.

Good luck to everyone!


Welcome.gif New Members!

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10DPO and counting - haven't given in to testing yet smile.gif No signs whatsoever to speak of. The only sign I had with my last pregnancy was heartburn, but not even that. Still, I had an interesting little dip in temp yesterday that I'm trying not to read too much into.

How is everyone else doing?
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Hi everyone! I am 5 dpo (well technically 6 since its after midnight). Immediately after insemination I felt crampy and then days 1 & 2 I was crampy and achy as well. The last two days I have been VERY irritable and have had mood swings. I also have been bloated and some what gassy and have been getting terrible headaches at night. For now I am going to contribute all of this to PMS because every other cycle I thought I had "signs" and obviously it wasn't.


I would like to hold out until the 18th to see if I AF, but knowing me I may break down and start testing sooner. lol

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Hi everyone!


I'm 5 or 6dpo (I'm guessing here.. this is my first month not tracking anything), and we are on cycle #5 of TTC #2. 

I've been successful so far this month in not obsessing over every little twinge and 'symptom', and I'm hoping to make it to the 18th without caving and buying tests. AF is usually regular as a clock for me, so if I have no spotting by the 18th, I'll test then (I usually would spot 1 day before and have full on AF on the 18th or 15/16dpo).  I've learned not to test before AF is supposed to arrive because I find it too stressful and depressing buidling myself up for something and then nothing happens.


Positive thoughts for everyone on this thread that we all get our BFPs soon!!

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Oh, a lot of testing going on around the 17th/18th.  I'll just live vicariously through you all.  

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How is everyone doing?  Any updates?

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Hello all 

New here

TTC no.1

Trying for 8 months - no idea what all the acronyms mean!!! maybe you can help me out.

Im 4 days away from start of next cycle so fingers and toes are crossed. 

Vegan and also husband is vegan last 2 years. Stressful jobs and used to do yoga every day (Im also a yoga teacher part time) but last year have had no time for it - which is awful - so need to get back to it

Also need less stress. Any advice really appreciated and needed. Would be nice to talk to others in the same / similar situation.

Look forward to hearing from you all :-)

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Hello and welcome mitchmoo!


You may also want to join the ONE Thread.  It is a weekly thread for women trying to conceive (TTC).  You can get lots of support and advice there.



And here is a list of all the acronyms used.  It is quite extensive but very helpful.



I do yoga for stress relief and balance.  I have also been listening to guided meditations on my iPod.  Good luck to you!  fingersx.gif Fingers crossed that your TWW ends in a BFP!  (BFP = Big Fat Positive)

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Hi All!


I think I'm on the TWW right now, though I'm not sure. I had my IUD out in early July and had a short period on the 24th of July. My cycles are usually 30 days long, so based solely on that one period, if I ovulated this month it was probably last week. We aren't "officially" trying yet, so I haven't started taking my temps or charting my cervical mucous yet. We just decided to DTD about a million times last week as a sort of practice for our upcoming attempt(s?) But now I'm feeling (imagining?) a whole bunch of symptoms and can't wait to test to see if somehow we got lucky enough to catch an egg. I've been crampy and gassy and bloated for the past few days, and today my lower back is hurting. I keep reminding myself that these could all be PMS symptoms, but my CM is lotion-like so I've convinced myself I could be pregnant. No breast tenderness though.


Silly thing is, I'm probably no more than 6-8 DPO, so it's entirely likely that this is all in my head. If I'm this obsessed and we're not even officially trying, well heaven help us if this whole TTC thing takes a while. I can see how women go nuts over this!


I'm trying to decide if I should test this weekend or just wait til mid-late next week.

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Nothing exciting to report here. No AF yet, but no positive either. I had a werid occurance on 9 dpo, though. I peed on a smiley opk and got a positive on that, but haven't since then. So I'm assuming it was some weird fluke. I'm holding out hope, but all the "symptoms" I've had in the first week are totally gone.

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AF arrived for me today...4 days early.
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