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@ littlerocknroll - I honestly have no idea. I dont chart or anything, we werent trying. But my last period started on the 29 of july and ended the 4th of august.

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Hi everyone, unfortunately our second iui did not work, AF arrived early too - day 26.  For the second cycle we did Clomid, a trigger, and progesterone after iui.  We head back to the DR tomorrow to discuss our next plan of attack.  I have 2 questions - for all of you out there taking the iui route, how soon did you decide to change the donor being used? We used the same for our first 2 unsucessful attempts, and are wondering if we should switch it up for round 3.  Also, is it common to get your period on progesterone and does it make it come earlier? My wife is normally a 28 day cycle, with this round of progesterone, it was 26.  Just wondering if anyone experienced similar things, Thanks!

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So another BFN this morning, still no sign of AF. My cervix is high and soft, wouldn't it be low and hard if I was going to have AF?
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emmysue - I'm sorry about the BFN.  hug2.gif  Normally, your cervix would be high and soft only when you are fertile.  After you ovulate, it usually moves back down and gets firmer.  I'm not sure what it does if you are pregnant.  I hope you know either way soon.


SanDiego - I did still get my period on time while taking progesterone.  I don't know that Clomid could make it come earlier unless your wife ovulated earlier than usual.  The luteal phase normally stays the same, so your cycle could be shorter if you ovulate early.  As for switching donors, that can be a tough decision.  If the IUI's were well-timed, and the donor has had successful pregnancies and live births, I might do 3 before considering switching.  We used the same one 3 times then switched because he was sold out.  Then we used another for 5 tries because I did get pregnant one cycle but had an early loss.  We had 2 unsuccessful cycles after that so now we are switching.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  If you can find one you like with a higher count, it could be worth it.  I would also like to invite you to join the Queer Conceptions thread if you are interested.  You will find a lot more advice, support and knowledge about donors, IUI's with frozen, etc.  I'm sorry about your BFN.  This can be a confusing process when things happen that you don't expect.  I hope the next time you have better results.



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Thanks PokeyAC! I think I am going to take a week (thats my goal, probably will only last a few days) before I test again. If i still get BFN after two weeks late for my period I will go get a blood test done! At this point, even though we werent trying, I am really hoping I am pregnant!

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thanks PokeyAC, I will check out that group for sure, and thanks for the info.  Interesting to hear you also got your period while taking progesterone.  Yes, my wife actually did ovulate early on Clomid so that does make sense for the shorter cycle.   I think we may try our donor one more time (his counts last time were really good) and take it from there.  He is a brand hew donor to the bank we're using so no known pregnancies yet, hopefully we'll be #1!  Thanks again

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I know that I said I would wait a week to test again and then if I still didn't have AF I would get a blood test but I figured why wait. I went and got a Quantitative serum blood test today (that way I know how much HCG is in my blood, not just yes or no). I should know by tomorrow. I figured why wait for blood, they should be able to already to tell by now. Wish me luck! Thanks!

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Good luck, Emmysue!

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Fingers crossed for you! I hope they call early in the morning!

My nurse said she's call in the morning... at 1pm I gave up and called and left a message. 3:30 called and left another message. redface.gif Finally at 4:25 they called with my results!
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I should hear by noon today I think! Ahh the suspense is killing me! Thanks for the support TwilightJoy and PokeyAC!

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Well I'm not pregnant. Still no sign of AF though, dont know whats going on with my body!

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hug.gif Emmysue.
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I'm sorry Emmysue.  That is a really frustrating place to be.  I hope you have your answer soon.  grouphug.gif

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I just started the new thread for September.  If your TWW is continuing into next month, come on over!



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