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ULtrasound Pictures

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I'm pretty sure we don't have a thread for this, and with some many of us recently/soon having US's, I thought I would start it!


We had ours today at 20 weeks (though the tech put me at 21, which is funny because his EDD is exactly aligned with my intuitive birth date!). Baby looks good, all organs in place, working, and the right size :)







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Here are a couple of mine from last week:







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Aw, love these! Our ultrasound is tomorrow...I'm really excited but also super nervous. Thankfully I keep feeling the Wee Baby Jones moving around a lot, so just praying that the scan shows he/she is as healthy as can be!

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My brother sent this, it was pretty funny! He says I'm having a sock monkey lol!

This is the first picture from above, which is a profile of our thumb-sucking baby. But this was cute :)



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Sego - that is so funny!


Here is my 20 week ultrasound from a few weeks ago! The report came back all normal, which is great. I'm 41 and this is my only testing I'm having done. I know ultrasound doesn't detect 100% of anomalies, but I feel pretty good about it...




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lulu I'm the same bat as you (41, too!) and wanted this US for scanning reasons - just wanted to be prepared at my 'advanced maternal age.' Which cracks me up, but is medically a reality at this point. Whatever.

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beautiful babies! i have my US tomorrow and can't wait to post here....and then shamelessly plaster pictures across my social media presence. i am definitely not the surprise kinda mama. i am the find out everything and then tell everyone i know until they are sick of me kind of mama.

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here is my sweet *girl*. had the US today and she was wiggling like crazy, and everything looked perfect and healthy. and we got a good look at the "goods" so pretty certain she is a she.


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Congrats, Mamadiamond!

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Here's our baby girl! :)


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Had our ultrasound yesterday at 19w5d.  I went back and forth on having one but ended up deciding to for a variety of reasons.  It was amazing to see our little baby wiggling around and a big relief to see that everything is the right size and working properly. 


There even appears to be a smiley face in our ultrasound pic which I take as a good sign we have a happy baby.




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That is a smiley face!  Happy babies all around!

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I just had my ultrasound this morning, interestingly enough they estimated my due date 4 days earlier than I thought.  I had figured it might be a couple of days either way so I think they're a little bit early.  However, everything on baby appeared to look good.  


I *thought* they were giving me a disk of pictures, however I got home and put it on the computer and it's the entire ultrasound.  Which you know I've looked at about 10 times already.  We didn't find out the sex, however there are a couple of times she zoomed through the legs and I don't think I saw boy parts and what I did see looked like girl parts.  But....I'm no expert but it's fun to *muse about it*, especially as I've already had the girl intuition.  Though it really doesn't matter!  blush.gif  


I tried to print screen and copy an image into ms paint, however it shows up black!  So will have to upload something later by taking some pictures with my  camera of the screen.

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