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Induction scheduled for next week...

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I have gestational diabetes and as a result have a huge baby on the way. My dr has scheduled an induction for next monday. If I were to wait until my due date, he would be enormous and have to be csection....which I absolutely do not want. I have tried everything that I can think of to help move him along a little faster so I won't have to do this but nothing has worked. The baby has almost completely stopped moving. I guess that's due to my high blood sugar levels.


I am scared. My mom had a dream that I died. I have had the same dream several times. I don't know if it's my nerves or what. I have been making a cd to listen to help calm me. Are there any other suggestion???

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I'm so sorry you're experiencing this anxiety - I've had a bit of fear/panic myself so I can relate a bit. What has helped me the most is listening to some positive birth affirmations over and over. I have the affirmations cd from hypnobabies but there is also an affirmation track on iTunes that you could download. There are also loads on the Internet. I hope that helps a bit. I'll be thinking of you and your baby!
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I'm sorry that you are so freaked out. Anxiety won't help you or your little one at all. So...as far as natural induction stuff, I did pretty much everything I could to not be induced with my last pregnancy and either something worked or my son was just ready to come. I had pre-eclampsia and really didn't want to be induced at the hospital since I was going through a birth center.


I had a lot of membrane sweeps (one at every appointment); drank a castor oil cocktail (I do NOT recommend unless you are super desperate); inserted evening primrose oil vaginally, took it orally and used it as a lubricant during sex; and the day before my water broke, I had a tequila sunrise with 1/2 shot of tequila - no joke. He came 5 days late, but his due date was on a Tuesday, I did the castor oil cocktail on Wednesday (one day late) and drank the tequila sunrise on Friday (3 days late). My water broke at 3:30 am and I was in labor for 25 hours until he came via c-section on Sunday at 4:55am. He was posterior, though, and never really got below a zero station and I had HELLP syndrome after 16 hours of labor.


I'm not trying to freak you out even more and tell you that your baby won't come naturally after trying natural induction methods - not at all. I'm just telling you my experience with trying to get my babe to come out. This time around, thankfully, I have absolutely no health problems whatsoever and I'm not even thinking about trying to get this babe to come out (until s/he is ready, that is).


I've known many women who have gone on to have fabulous natural births after trying various things to get their labors going on their own. I've only mentioned a few things that people do and there are many more things online (black and blue cohosh, etc).

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Sending you warmest thoughts and prayers.
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Peaceful Seams, blessings for your upcoming induction. Fear of dying, manifesting into our dreams, is totally natural. Focus on the truths. Your doctor is skilled, especially with inductions. You are skilled at carrying/delivering a baby.


wishing you all the best mama.

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My doctor wanted me induced also and I was terrified and defeated.  Fortunately, my health issue (high blood pressure) resolved and I was able to back out of the induction and went into labor naturally.  My daughter was born vaginally after 36 hours of labor and a hospital transfer for pain relief and sleep.  


You are not alone and your feelings are totally healthy and normal.  Things that might help if you DO need an induction are:

- explore any other alternative - ultrasounds are notoriously unreliable in late pregnancy and you may not be having as large a child as they think.  Would they be willing to let you continue to your due date (or past it) and have a trial of labor? Remember that you control the care you receive.  Your doctor cannot force you to show up for a scheduled induction. I am NOT suggesting that you disregard your doctor's instructions, only that you make sure you understand them and trust that your doctor is right. 

- get a doula

- find a way to reclaim the power in your pregnancy. I made my doctor wait for 2 hours for me while I did a belly cast.  After the belly cast we went to the hospital knowing that we would not be coming home without a baby (we were wrong) and being mostly at peace with it. 


Good luck. 

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Sounds like you've gotten some good advice, I just wanted to offer hugs and support. I'm sorry induction is such a stressful prospect that it's influencing your subconscious fears, too. I don't know if it would help to do some research on it or talk to your doctor. Like others have said, it seems like a doula might be good in this situation as you may need the extra support especially if you feel like your medical caretakers are causing some of the nervousness.

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