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Allergen free snacks for a long car trip

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Next week we are taking an 18 hour drive to go visit my parents and I need to pack snacks for the kids.  I am in a huge food rut (cause I am just so over dealing with all the food restrictions)  and I feel like I can't think of anything fun.  Maybe there just isn't anything fun?  I don't want to pack total junk, not that they can eat that anyhow, but I mostly just want them full and happy. 


They can't have: Dairy(but they can do goat), Corn, Soy, Gluten, Eggs, Baker's yeast, cane/beet sugar, peanuts

One can't have nuts, cinnamon or apples either.


So far I have:

  • plantain chips
  • potato chips -4y/o suggested these like 3 times
  • fruit -banana, apple for the one who can eat it, plums, grapes
  • fruit leather
  • baked oatmeal bars -probably for breakfast
  • cucumber/carrot sticks-but they are hit and miss with eating them
  • rice crackers
  • raisins-the 2 y/o won't eat them though
  • safe lunchmeat
  • goat cheddar
  • bubbies pickles
  • apple sauce squeeze packs for the 4 y/o




Any other ideas?  We'll be driving over night so I don't have to feed them the whole time but they do eat a lot. 

I also want to have some snacks in my Mary Poppins purse for during the trip while we are out and about.  I used to do a lot of nuts but we can't do that anymore.

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OLIVES!!!  And I just saw in Whole Foods a single serve snack package of chips baked from hummus with hummus dip!  YAY!

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Beans?  I know that doesn't seem like a snack, but my 1 year old loves beans, and it is good protein for him.... I was trying to see if I could add some protein to your list.  I have heard you can roast chickpeas, but I have never tried it.  Maybe that would make them more like a snack food?


Oh, and if you are looking for some squeeze packs for the child who can't have apples, you can just get different flavors in the baby food aisle.


Good luck with the drive... I hope you are taking lots of entertainment in addition to the food!!! :)  That could be a whole 'nother thread!!

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Thanks ladies!  I am headed off to the store with your ideas added to my list.  I picked up some little gifts for them to play with in the car.  We drive through the night so they will sleep then.  We also have the evil DVD player so they can space out with that some too.

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My son has a dairy allergy and is a very, very, frustratingly picky eater. We just found these bean and rice chips at Stop and Shop called Beanitos (http://www.beanitos.com/) and he loves them. They're made from black beans, brown rice, and guar gum paste. a bit more expensive than a regular bag of chips, but they're dairy-free and have complete proteins!

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My son went on an anti-raisin kick for a bit, but he would eat big raisins (prunes), tiny raisins (currants), and red raisins (cranberries).  What about seeds?  Can they do pumpkin and sunflower seeds?

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