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How many TOTAL months have you breastfed?

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AdinaL and I are over at the World's Biggest #Breastfeeding Twitter Party 2012 and thought it would be cool to find out how many months of breastfeeding we have done as a community! We'll run the thread through World Breastfeeding Week which ends Aug 7th and then count up the total number of months everyone reports and shout out the total!


I'll start with mine. :)


6 + 24 + 22 + 26 + 22 + 22 + 24 = 146 months heartbeat.gif

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Me so far with one kiddo 47 ish months. 


Hoping for at least that long with the newb. :)

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I EP'ed for 30 months! smile.gif

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Mine was 28+28= 56 (inc 6 months of tandem!)

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40 months and going strong.

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I have been nursing for 49 months straight. Dd1 nursed for 39 months and so far dd2 is on 23 months.... 11 months tandem.

We will see if dd2 continues and tandem nurses when baby #3 arrives in Feb.
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136ish I think...my son just turned 12 and I had about 4 months between #2 and #3 and about 5 months between #5 and #6 ,who is 3 weeks old, when I wasn't. I was tandeming a good deal of that time.

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26 and counting :-) And if she doesn't self-wean in the next 3 months I'll be tandem feeding too :-)
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About 75 smile.gif

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22 luxlove.gif

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19+26+18 and counting = 63 and counting!
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I've been breastfeeding non-stop since Nov of '06. So...ummm...12x6=72, -4 = 68. I'm going with 68 months (and counting).
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17 + almost 30 = almost 47 months smile.gif
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61 months, if I'm doing the math right. That includes tandem nursing for a year.
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Two kids, 63 months, still nursing:)

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Re: How many TOTAL months have you breastfeex?

16 + 28 = 44

Probably would have breastfed DD more than 16 months, but I didn't know that taking gobs of Sudafed (bad sinus problems) would tank my milk supply. greensad.gif

Would have gone longer with DS if I hadn't had to stop so I could take some needed medications.

But I feel pretty good nonetheless!

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Roughly 100 I guess.


No wait... some was tandem, so it must be more like 92.

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61 and counting, including 12 months tandem.

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109 and counting!fly-by-nursing1.gif

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Wow...absolutely stunned by some of these numbers....especially the tandems! I was a full time working mom and was only able to nurse/express to 10 months, then express only (not much, but what I could) until 12 months.

Just curious...moms who did 12+ months and/or tandems... I'm assuming you were stay-at-home moms? I found it extremely hard to keep my milk up while working full time. greensad.gif I could only spend so much time pumping. I was proud I stuck with it as long as my body would allow though. It was a major commitment, especially as a working mom. I know a lot of working moms who didn't "bother" with nursing or who did for less than 1 or 2 months because it was "too much hassle". I loved nursing...while not always easy or convenient, i:joyt was the most maternal loving feeling. joy.gif
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