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How many TOTAL months have you breastfed? - Page 9

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Nursed for 29 months.

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Somewhere around 93.  


Wow that's a lot of months.  


I'm assuming we're only counting tandem-nursing months once, right?  Not as separate months for each child?  


3 kids.  A little over a year of that was tandem with my first two.  

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31+36+36 (this one still nursing)!

Wow, 103 months!!

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58 more or less!

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50 months and still nurseing!  DD#1-20 mo, DS 20 mo. and DD#2 is 10 months and loves to nurse :)

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Originally Posted by Dwluvspool View Post

Just curious...moms who did 12+ months and/or tandems... I'm assuming you were stay-at-home moms?


My number is 91 months and counting.  That's 7 1/2 years.  This is with 4 babies.  The longest nursling went over 3 1/2 years.  I had 2 tandem periods of 1 1/2 years each.  I was disappointed when my third child self-weaned juat after 2 years old.  My 4th child is going very strong at 15 months and hopefully won't wean until she is 3 or older like the first two.


I always struggle with my supply, but begin pumping right away after birth and stockpile during my 3 month mat. leaves.  We didn't supplement until after 1 year and then used raw goat's milk when I was at work.  I am the sole provider in my house working 3 days per week--long days.  I usually could only pump 2-3 times per day at work.  The thing that helped the most is that DH would bring the nursling (and other kids) at lunchtime each day for most of the first year. 

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95 months

Daughter 12 months :( self weaned

Son 4 years and 2 months

second son still nursing at 33 months



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19 months with my one kiddo. :) Hoping to a while longer with him, and just as long with any future children.

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20 months with my first as a full time working mama (part time from home which is particularly helpful). My newest little one is 4 months and we're still going strong....

So, 24 months and counting! smile.gif
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19 plus 46 plus 46, so 111.

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22 months total, through pregnancy, and 5 (and counting) of them tandem with Ds#2 :)

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55 months and counting, with some tandem nursing thrown in there.

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Nursed my son for 27 months :)

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About 70 and counting: three kids, tandeming, during pregnancies and then 23 months of pumping for a tube-fed baby and nursing the toddler.  Now, just nursing the toddler.

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One child, 34 months.
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Don't know if it's too late to reply-- but I had never stopped to count. 90 MONTHS for me and my 2 kiddos (and I'm due with #3 in October, so I have a long way to go before my breastfeeding journey ends!)

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This month is 36 months on the nose.  DS1 nursed until the night before DS2 was born in June so it was a seamless transistion.  DS1 self-weaned by announcing that the milk was all for the baby as he drank all his milk "in his big, round belly" love.gif

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22 here. We have one child who is now 8 yrs old. 

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3+14+18=35 months

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4 and counting (my dd is 4 months)

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