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35 + 18 + 12 + 28 = 93 months so far - we've got another babe on the way!

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Originally Posted by Peggy O'Mara View Post

 I know we moms don't think of it that way, but I've been playing with the economic value of breastmilk as a political argument for encouraging it. 


So, for example, a breastfeeding mother produces 25 ounces a day for the first six months.

That is 750 ounces in a 30 day month.

750 fluid ounces are equal to 23 fluid quarts.

US milk banks pay $96 to $160 for a quart of donated breastmilk.

At $96 a quart, 23 quarts would have a value of $2208.

Therefore, one month breastfeeding in the first six months has a value of $2208 a month.



I'm not sure how much milk I make now, but I pumped a quart a day when I went back to work (8 weeks to about 6 months).  That would have been about 24 hours worth of milk, because I worked long shifts and he slept through the night.  


The economic value I put on breastfeeding isn't related to the cost a milk bank would charge.



In the short term:


If it reduces their risk of ear infections, that's one less doctor visit.


If it reduces their overall risk of infection, there's another.


It fills their belly ($100 a month for the first year for formula ). 



In the long term: 


Diabetes costs a fortune.  If nursing my children reduces their risk of diabetes for life, that would save a bundle (11k each, I'm not clear if that's lifetime or per year, I think it's per year but I'll calculate it as lifetime ).


If it reduces my risk of breast cancer (500k!) that's awesome, too.


So breastfeeding saved somewhere between $4800 (if they all would have been healthy anyway) and $1,050,600 (breast cancer x 2 moms, diabetes x 4 kids,  2 extra doctor visits per kid and a year of formula per kid). 





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Fifty three months,first D three years four months.Still tandem nursing my two year old and ten month old.:)

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66 and baby #3 is on her way any day now, so maybe I'll aim for an even 100 ;)

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Twenty nine and thirty nine, so 68 :)

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19+20+1 = 40


Hoping to make it to 63 :)

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73 months straight. A lot of that has been tandem nursing (4 kids total). 

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I love seeing these numbers :) And what a great topic, too! My first LO and I are still going strong at 18 months. :-D

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This is such a wonderful thread and celebrates our breastfeeding in a way that we can all share in and be proud of. love.gif I think we should keep it open and save the final count for later in the month when it seems everyone has had a chance to post their numbers. 



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59 and counting

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20 years, give or take. That would be, um, 240 months. It was awesome. :)

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12+4+12+12+12+12+12=76 months

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I agree; let's keep this thread going!

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118 (consecutive!) months and still going strong.

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66 months and counting. I anticipate a total of 98 months by the time I'm done (3yo kid). I've got 4 kids.. Combination of breastfeeding/tandem feeding/pumping and nursing through pregnancy. Not bad for a size A cup! orngbiggrin.gif


Holy crap that will be 8.1 years worth by the time I'm done. yikes2.gif



(Edited because I miscalculated.)

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17 months -- so far!

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94 months.  New bundle due in a bit so that number will go up by at least 24 :)

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194 months and still going!! Tandem twice while pregnant 3 times.
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Amazing. For the record I think those who pump exclusively should be able to multiply by at least two, I can't imagine. There should be some agreed upon multiplier for all you other moms who tandem or pump part time. Hat's off to you all.


I thought I was done with my last girl as I think we may have thrush, or I am just having a hard time healing from a pretty good bite--but when I added up the months I am at 64 after four kids and it doesn't seem like such a long time reading some of the past posts. This is the the kind of post I needed to struggle through, thank you mamas!


Baby 1 12 months (needed a breast biopsy-it was benign)

Baby 2 15 months Failure to thrive because he was allergic to all milk, and I got absolutely no support on that one

Baby 3 26 months Nursing caused the bleeding I was having while pregnant to be much, much worse

Baby 4 12 months and counting, but was seriously considering quitting just now

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