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How many TOTAL months have you breastfed? - Page 16

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72 + 54 + 35 = 161 months


That would be over 13 years but I nursed 2 of them together for some of the years so it was only over 10 years.

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15 for me and still going strong! love.gif

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27+36+48 = 111  fly-by-nursing1.gif

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I am at 92 months and still nursing 2 so I'm adding to that number. smile.gif
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58 months total and still nursing a 2 month old...

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At 12 months, 11 days and counting!

I didn't think it was odd until I overheard someone say that a mutual friend was "crazy" for nursing after introducing solids.

My husband reminds me that god designed mothers to know their babies best, and that when eve was in the garden she didn't have 20 moms on Facebook telling her what to do. So I go with my gut smile.gif
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36+35=71 months for me.

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114months, give or take week, for me! . I've been nursing for 9 1/2 of the last 13 years and have another little one on the way ;)

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Cari, it looks like there's a similar age gap between your four and my two! I actually wasn't able to get pregnant with dd2 until dd1 had reached the point where she was occasionally going for really long stretches, like an occastional 48-hour stretch, without wanting to nurse. So my girls are almost five years apart.

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My son was born Dec '05. Adopted daughter Aug '08 and tandem nursed for over two years. Still nursing my daughter though I stopped taking the domperidone about 2 years ago so I haven't lactated in a couple years.


So, total baby/toddler/preschooler at breast 87 months. Though baby one nursed 60 months and baby two is at 55 months.


So I'm either 87 or 115 months depending on how you do the math.

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We're now closing in on 25 months, 2 of those tandem with my 2 yo and 2 mo babies smile.gif I wasn't sure that my DD would nurse to 2 yo but I'm so glad she still loves nursing as much as I do!
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33+22 (and still going!)=55 months!
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So far 22+27+24+2 (so far, I'll update again in August, by then it should be 5) = 75 and counting ;-)
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Cathlin, so glad you are listening to your instincts...and not FB! (Although there are numerous sites that do promote longer BF!)  I just went back over this site and my passion was rejuvenated! I have been supporting lactation for almost 20 years now, and recently moved back to NM. While northern Whatcom County is populated with homebirthers and breastfeeders, NM seems to have moved backwards in the decade I was gone. But once again I hope, because at the CYFD office this morning helping to line up daycare, I had a 3 year old tell me she wasn't ready to lose her "milk teeth". We were reading a story about the "Mystery of the lost tooth" and she told me all mammals have milk teeth and they fall out when you aren't supposed to drink milk anymore. Had to share it on this page, from the mouths of babes!  (Yes, her mom was still nursing. She told me when the kittens started losing their milk teeth their house had the conversation, and her DS asked if he would lose his teeth when it was time to give up mommy's milk. She realized that's probably when folks used to wean, and said "Sure will!")eat.gif

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6 months and still going strong (first child, six months old)
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1st babe = 24 months

2nd babe = a couple weeks shy of 48 months and still going

3rd babe = 30 months and counting

4th babe = 10 months


a total of 72 months, 20 months of which were tandem nursing, and the last 10 months were triandem nursing. it's no wonder I refer to them are working girls lol

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fyrwmn: clap.gifTriandem nursing!  bow.gif bfinfant.gifbftoddler.gifbfolderchild.gif thumb.gifflowersforyou.gifbow2.gif

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6.5 years (4.5 years tandem, 8 months triandem
....would be triandeming again but had emergency surgery last year and DS and DD2 stopped nursing after I was unable to for 2 weeks greensad.gif. Stilll sad about it...)
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