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How many TOTAL months have you breastfed? - Page 4

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non stop since dd was born, through 2 pregnancies. she'll be 5.5 in 2 days.. so 66 months! :)

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My number is little, but these were hard fought months of nursing.  My first only nursed for 4 months.  I worked and pumped and my milk dried up and she refused to nurse, among other problems.  My second, I did better, I nursed her for 9 months, working and pumping, but my milk dried up as well.  So, 13 months total.

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24 + 33 (and counting) = 57 months!

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one kiddo 6.5 years .. let's do the math :)... 6x12 = 72 (6 years) + 6 (months = half year) = Grand total of about 78 months :)

wow! you have made me to count in months hahaha.. I usually was thinking in years but that was good to see it in different

light.. and it is such a joy to look back and thinking that at the hospital I thought It will never work and I would be happy

if I manage to do it for 3 months! yepeeeeeeeeeeee!

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39 months with my first and only...hope to go somewhere in that neighborhood with the next baby.

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27 months...and will keep going as long as it works for both of us (altho' methinks DS may not keep nursing through the summer...today was the first time in three days that he asked to nurse)

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34 months+48 months+ 23 months ( and still going:) ) = 105 :) 

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18  + 50 + 27 = 95 months...with a new little love due in November, so I'll be adding lots more months! love.gif

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Only have 1 and he was done at 15 months. 

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20+22+14 and counting so .....56 thumb.gif

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13 months so far. Pumped faithfully twice a day at work (3 days of work a week), despite it being really inconvenient in a job where I don't really get breaks, for about 8 months and have been cutting back since then.

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10 months and still going strong! love.gif

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96 months straight...my 2nd kiddo just weaned last week....



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11 + 37 = 48 months and still counting!


This is my final baby, but he doesn't seem even close to being ready to wean, so I guess we'll see what the final tally is.

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6 months EP with child the first.  22 months with DD, a couple weeks messing around with tandem before we realized that what she really wanted was not to nurse but to still have a place at mama's side.  About 18 months with the one who's now three.  and 19 months strong with the youngest.  65 months total!  WHOA....I've nursed over 5 years!  When exactly did that happen?!  15 of those months approximately were pregnant and nursing together.  DS2 weaned while i was pregnant with DS3.

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Let's see...I breastfed for almost exactly 10 years, so 120 months, and 7 of those years were tandem, so that's 84 more, and 1-1/2 was nursing three, so that's 18 more.


120 +84+18 = 222 months!

Wait, did I do that wrong?  10 years = 120 months of lactating.  Not sure if we're supposed to double-count the tandem/triandem months or not!


I think we'll have to count total months breastfeeding. Even so, 120 months is fabulous!! love.gif

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36 so far---baby # 4 is only 6 weeks old, so i'm guessing we'll get to 47 or 48. just for kicks, my husband and i once figured out that i had been pregnant, nursing, or actively miscarrying 75 out of the last 85 months. and i wonder why i feel like i'm only renting space in this body. :)

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I'm also amazed, ladies! Impressive! I'm a noob with only one kiddo so far, 16 months of nursing and counting.
Dwluvspool, I am am a stay at home mom - got laid off when 5 months pregnant :-/. I do hope to find work sometime in the near future but I'm very torn about childcare and not being the primary care provider anymore. She is really clingy right now and I can't even make time to look most weeks anyways. Good for you for nursing/expressing as long as you could. I know I found it very hard to respond to the pump past about 8 months just to make the occasional bottle for a night out. II can imagine your supply struggles while working full time!
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14 months and counting :)

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49+23+1 and counting=  73 months and counting

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