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How many TOTAL months have you breastfed? - Page 5

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15 months total so far and counting. Going back to work gets me every time!
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146 months including 1 month of pumping for my newborn 1st and many months of tandem nursing and several bouts of mastitis.

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i breastfed =] but not for as long as i wanted to.. due to medical reasons..

5 weeks

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2 babies, 37 months, working full time.

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2 babies, 37 months, working full time.




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10 months with working full time... id be doing it again now if son#2 made it.. some day again

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2 kids, 68 months and a new baby on the way.  :)


Good job, mamas!  No matter how long/short your nursing journey was... every drop counts!

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1 child 27 months and counting. These days it may be as little as once in 2 days for a few min or as much as 4x a day with looooong sessions. I am not even sure how much she's getting but I never did know. Pumping did not work very well for me.
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guilty.gif only 4 months. I wanted to do so much but my milk supply went down. I wish I could have breastfed atleast for 1 full year. Well.

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31 months.... 11 months of that with 2. So 31+11=42 months if you are counting per child. 31 if just counting consecutive months.

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Just about a week shy of 9 glorious months! Still going strong over here.
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16 months and counting!

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27 months--weaning now and feel so torn up about it. In fact, this thread actually brings me to tears! (Apparently weaning messes with your hormones ;)

In a country that is so weirded-out by extended BFing, it's incredibly inspiring and uplifting to read all these responses. 

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22 + 1 = 23


22 months w/ DS until he self weaned due to my pregnancy w/ DD. BF w/ DS was a breeze and I loved it! I am now currently nursing DD and have been for the last month. We are still going strong despite some pretty bad reflux which totally sucks and makes BF aalot more difficult.



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DD: 40ish months (can't quite recall her last nursing, but I know I was pregnant with DS)

DS: 26 months and counting

The ease of nursing my DS in his early months compared to the awfulness of the first few with DD was such a relief. I'm glad I stuck with it but there were some dark days with DD. All new mamas deserve as much support as they want/need, free of guilt and confusion and doubts. Good luck to all those just starting out!
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55 (two kids) and counting

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Firstborn 17 months, middle born 26 months, newbie (born 6/7/12) 1 month so far.


My kiddos are 12, 6, and new. =)

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22 + 24 months = 46


Not to mention both were NICU preemies and I had to transition from EBM to breast....and did successfully.  :)

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34 months and counting, the last 12 were tandem. I'm done having babies, so my prediction is by the time I'm done it'll be 58 months (ish)!
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