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Yay Annie! It works! I have an Asus tablet, it has given me so much more freedom and ability to actually be online recreationally again. I love it.

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

My kids both escalate crying when put in the crib, DS would eventually settle down and go to sleep, but he is  a blanket and thumb baby/kid and had a way to calm himself. Norah, just stands and cries. and gets louder, and louder. So, that doesn't work so well for us. She doesn't want to be patted on the back. She wants to be cuddled in the crook of your arm. Very picky child, this one!


She did actually doze off while eating today, and she NEVER falls asleep like that!  (as in eating solids) She and Gabe have been running/crawling in and out of the house all day, playing outside, in the water table, and just got wore out. LOVE IT! need this to happen more often :)

Oh yes, I mean if I just popped her in and walked away, then yes, she'd cry her head off. We take the time to settle her though, and usually stay in the room for 20 minutes or so before we start wandering in and out of the room in a couple minute spurts. I can't imagine doing the whole "Ok, it's bedtime, goodnight!" and just leaving the room for good until they screamed themselves to sleep :(


Yay on the dozing off! Tenley's done it once, and it was such a sight to watch! I love it!


lyterae-- good to see you again!!

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Hey, lyterae! I just got a tablet but haven't figured out how to use it yet. I'm so tech unsavvy. I guess you got it figured out, though.

I've been trying to figure out how to get Minecraft working for Ethan on something! He wants an iPod or an XBox 360 so he can play. There's no way that's going to happen anytime soon, poor guy. greensad.gif

Dylan fell asleep once in the highchair. That was funny.
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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

I meant about the blood tests, not the unprotected sex, LOL!


biglaugh.gif  Ooops!!  LOL! 


Originally Posted by lyterae View Post

It's been a ridiculously long time and I've missed of all you! I'm hoping to be able to join in again. 


How the heck do I use the mothering forums on a tablet? I finally have the ability to have easier more frequent access again, but I can't figure out how to comment using the tablet. Any ideas so I can come hang out? :)


Heyyy!!  Hi woman!!  Welcome back!

Does tapatalk work on tablets?  That's how I post on my phone.  You just need to buy the app.


News - Finn learned how to go down the small steps in the kitchen (it's like one step down, turn, one step down) and into the breezeway.  It's a blessing and a curse!  It's a mess out there (litter box, construction debris) so now I just need to keep it clean.  But it's a blessing b/c now as long as I keep the basement door shut (that's a biiiiig flight of stairs down to a cement floor - I shudder thinking about a fall down those) I don't have to worry as much about keeping the kitchen gate shut. 


My life just also got 10,000 times easier.  Yesterday I got Finn out of the car and put him on the front lawn.  He crawled across, up the porch steps.  I opened the front door and he crawled into the house.  HA!  I don't need to carry him everywhere anymore!!  Hoooray!!

I did it at the post office too.  I had put him down to let him crawl around while I waited (it wasn't busy and it's a small remote PO box post office) and then once we were done, I just let him crawl out the front door, up the steps to the parking lot, and then picked him up to put him in the car.  LOL.  It must have been a sight, but whatever!


Going out for sushi tonight with the kids and chris.  My friend's birthday so we are celebrating!  My stomach still hasn't been quite right so I'm hoping I can actually eat it.  greensad.gif

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Hey. I'm posting fro my tablet! It's slow but better than the nok. I don't really have anything to say. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Hey. I'm posting fro my tablet! It's slow but better than the nok. I don't really have anything to say. smile.gif


biglaugh.gifYou're too funny!


Baby_Cakes, I let Ava crawl around like that in stores. People either think it's funny or they're horrified. irked.gif


I know it won't last forever but the last two nights putting Ava to bed have been SO easy. She just takes her bottle, lays down beside me, maybe crawls around or flops around for a couple of minutes and then snuggles up and goes to sleep. So much better than the marathon wrestling matches we've been having. I wrote down everything I did the past two nights leading up to bedtime so we'll see if DH can replicate it tonight while I'm at work. One big thing I instituted was the TV gets turned off at 5 PM. Even if she wasn't watching it, DH would have it on watching the news or Jeopardy or whatever. I don't know if that has made the biggest difference or not but she's not so wound up when it's time to go to bed

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