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Baby only naps in a carrier - from baby carrier to baby hammock for naps?

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My mother-in-law watches my 5-month old for a few hours during the week and usually wears him for his naps. He won't go to sleep any other way except for nursing.


My mother-in-law is complaining about her back hurting as of late, and I'm trying to think of other ways she can get my little one to sleep. We don't use a stroller this young, so that's not an option. So my next thought was a baby hammock.


I'm looking at the Kanoe, the Special Delivery hammock and perhaps the one sold by Noval Naturals or Magic Cabin (which I believe, are the same).


Anyone have any success stories (or ones of failure) in transitioning a baby from a carrier to a hammock? And which of the hammocks would you recommend?



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I was wondering if you swaddle? My baby is 5 months too and likes the woombie or the miracle blanket. Actually he hates them but it's what soothes him to sleep. She could try swaddling him, feeding, and then patting his back while she lays next to him like you would for nursing on the bed (Even better if your baby will use a paci, mine won't). My baby seems to really respond to this if I let go and relax with him. If I'm keyed up just waiting for him to take a nap it's like he senses it and stays wide awake. If I close my eyes with him and snuggle he usually succumbs. Now the trick is actually staying awake long enough to sneak away! We also have a loud fan that provides white noise so the sounds of my movement don't wake him.


Another idea is to take him on a car ride for a nap. Or put the car seat in a grocery cart and wheel him around the store. I know the car seat isn't babywearing friendly but if she's babywearing other times I'd say he's getting his snuggles in.


Maybe the carrier isn't a good fit for her? The Ergo is known for being easier on the back. I also like wraps. For my back problems I have found a back carry to be more comfortable.


As for those hammocks, the kanoe doesn't look like it would snuggle a baby enough. The other two look like better options. Let us know what you do. I'd love to know how they work as they are a really beautiful idea!

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Would you consider a swing? My DD loved hers and it was a sad day when I had to put it away since she tried to crawl out of it and almost succeeded. You could probably find one for a good price second hand or borrow one. It also isn't baby wearing friendly but it's a great alternative for grandma if her back is sore or for you if you need a minute to use the washroom :-).
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I wanted to transition my baby from car / wearing / vibrating seat naps to the crib.  She is 12 weeks old, and I finally had some success this week.  White noise was the key for my success.  I swaddle her in a room with the blinds closed when she is tired and bounce her on a ball for just a few minutes with the white noise on and then gently place her in the crib.  It seems to work as well as wearing her or the vibrating seat.  I use this white noise machine on the loudest setting with the most irritating (to me!) white noise setting.  The sweet quiet ones don't work!  I also considered a hammock, but thought it was too much to spend when she should just be napping in her crib like other babies. 

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Thank you for the inspiring responses!


No, I don't swaddle, and have never really considered it. Is it not too late to start swaddling? And how long can you do so?


I don't know about the swing, as he'd probably outgrow it super quickly... And I'm looking for longer-term solutions. His older sister refused to nap (and we didn't swaddle her either) alone in a bed until much older.


The white noise is something I'm going to start with right away!


I'm still in love with the idea of a hammock... though haven't decided which one I'd get yet if I end up getting one...

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