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Providence Area - Prenatal Care & Birthing

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Hi!  My friend's sister is newly pregnant and they have asked me to help them with gathering information.  I don't want to push views on her, but just equip her with as much good info for her to make her own choices.


I'd like to hear from locals of the birth climate in general in the Providence area.  What are good hospital choices?  Any care provider recommendations?  Doulas?  Is there a free standing brith center that is close?  How is the state with homebirth midwives?


Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!

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I've heard wonderful things about the birth center at Women & Infants and have some very good friends who had their babies there.  If they are considering a doula, I know of several (including myself) who cover that area.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information :)  Good luck to them!

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Here is the scoop...there are two trains of thought here in Rhode Island (for the most part). People who have babies at Women & Infants and those who have babies at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket. The best way I can make a comparsion is to Stop & Shop and Whole Foods, respectively. There are some good docs through the Women & Infants network; some of the doctors who are most recommended are Dr. Beidel (in a practice by himself) or the doctors at OB/GYN Associates (the largest ob practice in the state with both MDs and midwives). Women & Infants delivers about 10,000 babies per year and a premier NICU facility (My daughter who is 3 months old was born at W&I and stayed 6 days at the NICU there). Memorial Hospital is a community hospital delivering about 500 births per year. Most of the babies of delivered by 3 doctors (in seperate practices). You can find their information at http://ribirth.net/.  There is more emotional care given at Memorial Hospital and more focus on the family. Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in RI that is certified as Mother Friendly and Baby Friendly. There are additional hospitals in Rhode Island that provide more of a "community" feel; you can find them on the Rhode Island Birth Network website as well.


Also, as far as I know there is only one provider who does homebirths, it is Mary Mumford Haley. She comes very, very highly recommended. There are no free standing birth centers. The most highly sought after doula is Jessica Fuss since she studied under Ina May Gaskin. There are several other very good doulas and they have a great website.


Other great resources is Bellani Maternity for hypnobirthing classes, etc and Rhode Island New Mom Connection (Kristen Kardos) is an excellent resource. Either way, a great starting point is RI Birth Network website.

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http://rihomebirth.com/  There are several homebirth midwives now.


http://doulasri.org/find.html  Doula list (although not all RI doulas are listed here, just google and you'll find more)


Many women have great experiences at the Alternative Birthing Center at W&I, I recommend Women's Care midwives.  There are also great doctors at Memorial, and Kent County has two great midwives at Tollgate OB-Gyn, specially Deb White.


There are no free standing birthing centers.   


That's what I got...good luck!

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 I had two perfect births, laboring in the ABC at W&I, with unbelievable midwives and the star doula Jess Fuss. Memorial is lovely and works for many mamas; it did not work for me. I I know plenty of women who have had seriously negative experiences with W&I. This is to say that women who are 100% into natural births can be served in both locations and totally sketched out by both locations. You have to see them for yourselves and see what fits you best...

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Thank you everyone!  I will pass this info along to my friend.  :D

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