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Bradley Method Instructor Tribe

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Hi mamas!  I was wondering how many Bradley Instructors we have here!  MDC is where I learned about Bradley courses 7 years ago before I took them with my first birth.  Three children later and I'm teaching the classes out in NJ.  What about everyone else?

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If you get a good number of instructors interested we could open a Group for you to have your own forum. :)

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This is a grand idea.  I've been in the birthing community for many years.  GreenMama, I looked up your Bradley website and was very impressed that you use the Student Workbook, the WAB and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way for your class texts.  Your choices should offer your students volumes of support and options.  Great idea.

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Thanks, Cynthia!


Janet, I feel like the WAB and NCTBH are such important books for pregnant families.  I am really looking forward to using them in class!  I love your New Beginnings article! 

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I agree.  For the over a year now, I have the Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way available for check out with reading homework assignments every week.  I also require selected reading in WAB.  Thanks for the compliment regarding my article...it was a lot of fun to write.


Cynthia,  would the forum for The Bradley Method educators  be private and how many teachers would need to show an interest?

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I'm going to the Bradley training this fall, so I'm interested in talking and learning with other instructors. smile.gif

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Glad to hear it.  I hope you enjoy the training.  Call some of the teachers in your area and introduce yourself.  Hopefully some of the affiliated teachers will attend the district teacher luncheon and speak at the training.  The luncheon is held during the teacher training for currently affiliated teachers in the state.  I attended the luncheon here yesterday and met some very energetic women; I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  You can surely email me as well if you would like to chat or have any questions.  You can find my contact information @ www.bradleybirth.com/janetmahaffey

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I LOVED my Bradley Method classes, the whole theory behind the method and was looking forward to becoming a Bradley instructor. Then I had a terrible OB and a four day long induction that ended in an "emergency c-section".


Hopefully next birth I can my wonderful Bradley experience and then pass that along to others! Maybe one day I can join you ladies.


ETA: I'm still so glad I went through the classes, even though my birth couldn't have been any farther from what I wanted. 

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Amanda I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with your OB! Are you taking the teacher training next year? I'm in NJ too! We should hook up by phone or email! I'd love to know more about your experience and what OB you had so I don't unwittingly tell clients about him/her! My info is here: bradleybirth.com/cindycalvano
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Amanda, I agree with Cindy.  By contacting Cindy perhaps the two of you could shop for your next provider that promotes a vaginal birth after a c-section. 

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I don't post often.but I read my local  tribe posts every few days. I will subscribe to this. There are a few other teachers from my state on here for sure.

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I teach the Bradley method here in long beach, California. A forum of Bradley teachers here on mothering would be great!
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I haven't been on here in a LONG time and just noticed this post. Any luck getting this group formed? I've been teaching Bradley for 23 years now and sometimes feel the need for a teacher connection!

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