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Jammin', cannin' & sugar/stevia, no sugar/low sugar pectin?

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I'm "diggin" thru "Diggin in the Earth"  ;) for threads about sugar in canning & jammin' and found this one & wanted to see if I could get a confirmation that if I go with a low sugar or no sugar pectin, it gives me the choice of adjusting the sugar that the recipe calls for?  I am a first time canner/jammer & DH is diabetic & I am very low carb.


Also-any feedback on using stevia or maybe 1/2 stevia, 1/2 sugar for recipes?  


I will be starting out with bread & butter pickles and jalapeno jam.  Stopping off at library on way to the store for my jars to see if the Bell book is available or any others but also found some simple recipes online.  



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I like to use the Pomona's Pectin, rather than the Ball low sugar stuff.  The Ball stuff usually calls for grape juice or something like that, whereas the Pomona's doesn't rely on sugar content to gel.  I have had really good luck with all my jam with the Pomona's.

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Thx! I'm at Walmart greensad.gif & they only have ball...is Pomona something I could find somewhere typical like shoprite? thx!
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I get it from my local natural foods store, or the store that sells canning stuff. Not sure Wal-Mart or shop rite would have it.

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I am in the stevia business and your instincts are exactly right.  Use a half sugar half stevia!


Domino Sugar has a wonderful product, Domino Light, that is a 50% reduced calorie product with stevia blended and the great taste and function of sugar!


Go on line to Domino Sugar, see where you can find it and call them about recipes (or they may be on line).  The result you get is high quality taste, half the carbs and it is natural.


Good luck......

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Thx I have the Domino Light at home so I did just use it for my 1st small batch of bread & butter pickles.  They are in the water bath now & I just realized I forgot to "half" the amount so I hope they aren't ruined by a stevia aftertaste. :(  


I am about to start my 1st batch of Jalapeno Jam & am going to go ahead & try it (properly measuring this time) & see.  I want to know how it will taste so I know for the future batches whether to go ahead with it or not.  I bought various kinds of pectin & am going to try a recipe that calls for the low sugar pectin & see how it goes...

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I use Pomona Pectin for my no/low sugar goodies.  I prefer to use honey since crunched up stevia leaves in my jam likely wouldn't go over well (the processed/crystal stevia still kinda weirds me out).  Xylitol is another thing I've looked at, but not in quantity like in jams (just mints for me and the kids teeth-wise) since it can do some interesting things.  I've also heard of using Mary Jane's ChillOver powder as well, but I'm still experimenting with it.

You can usually find Pomona Pectin at your local health food store, I think Azure Standard carries it, and yeah.  A friend also tried a tub of the Ball no-sugar pectin last year and was happy with it.

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