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Dyspraxia and schooling

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Hello there!


My 4yo son has been in OT for 1.5 years to work on dyspraxia and related sensory processing issues. I'm thinking ahead to kindergarten and am starting to freak out. Would anyone mind sharing their experience with how their dyspraxic kid handled school (at any age)?


* Use a 504 plan to get them accommodations?

* Use an IEP to get them services

* Send them to a special needs program specifically for dyspraxia (we actually do have one at a local elementary)? 

* Did you eventually pull them out for homeschooling?

* Private school with a smaller class size? 



So many options- that's why I'm looking into it now...    ;)


Thanks for your time!


~ Heidi

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Hi everybody, I'm new :)  (waves)

My son is six, with dyspaxia,/apraxia of speech.  He has been receiving services privately since two, and from the school district since he was three.  Last year he was in a special education Kindergarten program, this year we are taking the plunge into a typical first grade class.  I an really interested in hearing about the dyspraxia class you have in your district.  I kind of wish we had that here.  So my little guy is super bright, but has serious issues in writing and drawing.  He cannot copy a triangle, for instance. He has issues with where his body is in space, but thanks to PT, can throw a ball and catch it.


This year he will receive OT, PT and speech as pull outs in his regular first grade.  He will use the resource room for sensory breaks, and to work on typing his written work, (or having it typed, while he dictates), have an accommodation to his seat, either a bouncy ball or some swiveling thing,  He will be able to use a chair or other seat in circle time, (we are going to go with whatever works here).  


I am worried about the "friends thing", and the whole social aspect of school, his speech has come along way, but he still sounds "different", but I am optimistic about the placement.  We have an IEP, with medical diagnosis of "global dyspraxia", and "hypotonia", and "muscle weakness" as well as the apraxia of speech.  His primary designation is OHI or "other health impairment".  His school is awesome, and I leave the IEP meetings feeling like they really care about making him successful.


I know we are not too far down the road from you age-wise, but I hope this helps.  Hugs to you and best of luck!

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Thanks- it does help!  I'm trying to get more info about the dyspraxia classrooms at the local elementary and will probably have better luck when school starts up again here. Thanks again for responding! 

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