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NYS Delayed Vacc - Preschool

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I should start this by stating that I am an idiot.  More info: We decided to register our 2.5yo into preschool (2 half days this year.)  Despite all of my research on delayed vaccinations, after completing a tour of the preschool, I emailed (in a 1st child going to preschool anxiety filled stupor) and stated that we selectively vaccinated and asked if this would prevent our kid from starting the program.  I know.  They emailed and stated that their policy is directly taken from the city guidelines and if we had a medical or religious exemption they were able to except that for our files, but no dissuasion in continuing the process.  We submitted an official application for the school and just received confirmation of  acceptance. 


I'm worried that once we submit the medical form we'll be denied admission.  I can't exactly claim religious exemption (especially now that I've admitted in an email (!) that we are selectively vaccinating.)  I would hate to lay down $ for a spot then have them be unable to accept us.  Only option seems to lay out the depsit, have the medical form filled out, submit and then wait to hear.


Thoughts? Ideas? 


I should title this - 'HowNOT to handle your selectively vaccinated kid entering preschool.'

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They have to follow the law. So they need a religious exemption in their files. It's up to them whether they want to make this a hassle for you or super easy for you. If they are laid back about it, your previous email won't matter at all. All they need is an exemption in their files, and they are covered. I think it is a good sign regarding their attitude that they accepted your child knowing you selectively vaccinate. If they were planning on giving you a hard time about the religious exemption, it would have been much easier to decline admission in the first place.


So you should write them a letter (not email) saying that you are not following the immunization requirements due to your religious beliefs.

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Thanks very much.  I'll submit the letter and see what comes of it.  Thanks for your quick (and reassuring) response.

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