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Trim Twins Tongue Tie? That's a mouthful!

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My twins are tongue tied. Doc wants to clip them but I'm nervous about it. I don't like circumcision or any surgery on infants unless it's truly necessary. The twins are gaining weight just fine but both had/have some feeding problems. They were born at 35 weeks. Is it possible this is something they were grow out of as they catch up? Or is it best to just get it done now before it causes more problems in the future? I don't have the final say on what happens to them (they're foster babies) but I can probably have some influence. I just want to keep them happy and healthy. I would feel terrible if there was some nasty side-effect or complication from the procedure. Anyone have suggestions?

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i have not delt with this personally, but i have known a handful of moms that have needed to do this. this seems like a super easy fast thing with little to no issues. all helpful, no concern. i thought for a while it was an issues with one of my twins and ended up not being her problem.

i once heard that midwives in the old days used to leave one nail long and sweep newborns mouths to nip the membrane if it happened to be too far forward, while it was so thin it was never even something the baby noticed, no i dont know if that is true, but i do think that this falls into a category of truly helpful medicine. nothing like RIC at all.


that being said poster tongue ties are a bit more complex and apparently results not black and white so if that is the case i would look into it a bit more

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My DD had it done- it was fine.  Not nothing, but also not a big deal.  It improved her eating- she gets pumped breast milk in a bottle due to an oral aversion, and after it she spit up a lot less and it didn't make her oral aversion any worse.  In general- MDs don't seem too quick to suggest clipping (or to even eval it in the first place).  It seems to usually be suggested by lactation consultants- so if the twins aren't breastfeeding but still having problems maybe related to the tongue tie-- that makes me think it is needed.

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