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8 yr old sleeping constantly

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My 8 yr old had a bad cold last week.  All of his symptoms seem to have cleared up a couple of days ago, but he slept all day yesterday, only getting up for a few minutes or an hour, a couple of times, then he slept all night, and now he's sleeping all day again today.


Does this sound familiar to anyone?  He does not have a fever, any pain anywhere, or seemingly any other symptoms.  It's starting to freak me out.  If it was just yesterday I would think he's just recovering from the cold.

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It could be mono or pneumonia. My dd was very tired when she had pneumonia and mono is spread like a common cold but sometimes takes a big toll on some people. If he isn't eating or drinking much that also contributes to lethargy. If yoy think his lack of appetite is the problem i suggest getting some sugary juice and pudding into him fast and seeing if that helps. My dd's pediatrician suggested this when dd had mo sugar in her urine and was leathargic snd it made a difference very quickly. I suggest having him seen by a doctor ASAP if he doesn't improve quickly.
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I would just think there would be a fever with mono or pneumonia?


I'm thinking about the ER tonight...am I overreacting?

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Mono symptoms can last for months and fever isn't necessarily there all the time. It is kind of fascinating to read about on the CDC website. I have known two kids and one adult which got pneumonia with ni other symptoms. I don't think an er visit is over reacting at all.
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If the cold kept him from resting much then I'd say his body is just catching up.  It is not anything I would go to ER for, especially during the week

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No, he actually was sleeping quite a bit extra during the cold.  My husband took him to the ER, he has asthma, has been hospitalized for pneumonia, was hospitalized for RSV last year...so we like to be sure.  Also his general dr. is closed today.  They tested him for mono, we haven't gotten results yet, but they gave him IV fluids and he just woke up perky.  I think he just got severely dehydrated by the bad cold he had last week. 

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