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Someone reassure me...

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...that it's NOT impossible to BF a baby while trying to take care of a two year-old? If one more person tells me their war story, I'm going to cry. 

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It's not a problem - I don't know why anyone would say it would be.

You'll want to make sure the area is baby proofed so you don't have to keep getting up and down to remove the toddler from the stairs/counters/sharp objects etc.

I kept a basket of toys (newer and seldom used therefore more interesting toys) near my glider where I nursed.

I also nursed a lot in the baby's nursery where I could shut the door and contain the toddler.

Snacks are a good idea during that time.

The only time that was trick was when they both melted down and needed to go to bed at the same time.

I generally put the older one to bed first - because he was louder and more mobile and then put the newborn/infant to bed (who required nursing to sleep).


I nursed my second son (21 months apart from #1) longer than my first son so it certainly didn't affect the nursing relationship negatively.

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I gotta guess that it's not harder, and probably in fact easier than mixing formula and cleaning bottles, and it's a whole lot more instant, too. Everyone's experience is unique, anyways.  Like everything else, don't listen to anyone who tells you you're not capable of doing something, especially if it's something you know you can and have done already!

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Oh it was fine. Childproofing is a must, as others already said. A sling or some sort of carrier is also helpful. I'm not sure why people are telling you it's going to be difficult or impossible.
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When dd2 was born dd1 was 15 months old.  I successfully nursed.... my only challenges were with thrush/latch issues.  We saw an awesome lactation consultant and overcame those things after a few weeks.  I did buy a few novel toys/books for dd1 and those kept her busy.  I did read her books while nursing or sang songs.  It was fine.

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Oh goodness - I had a two year old and BF my second one for a year (he weened himself plus I had mastitis so I was ready for it at that point).  No worries!  There was some explanation that this is time for the baby to eat, just as it's time for you to eat (meaning, talking to the 2 year old).  


People LOVE to tell you their hard-up war stories.  Pregnancy, labour, sleeping problems, colic, terrible twos, etc. etc.  Good grief.  You think moms would be more supportive and even if they did have tough times throughout pregnancy or with their little ones, let's share advice/tactics on how to deal with these challenges versus trying to instil fear and trepidation into other moms.  eyesroll.gif


You will have much success!  And even if there are minor challenges/hiccups along the way, you'll get through them.  Plus you have lots of support on this site and if there is an LLL meeting near you, I would suggest contacting those amazing women too!

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I have done it twice and I am far far from super mom.  You will be fine.

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I agree with others -- totally doable!  My first two are 21 months apart, and it was a challenging year or so, but not any more so because of BF.  In fact, I don't have any idea how to parent WITHOUT nursing -- what else can stop a baby from crying with near 100% success (and without me having to get up out of my chair)?  My DH's aunt recommended making nursing time for baby story time for older sibling -- if you have a child who will sit still for books, you can both get comfy on the sofa and read a few stories while you nurse.  The "nursing basket" of toys/books/snacks is also a great idea.  And, of course, giving the 2yo some extra hugs/attention before and after nursing can't hurt either.


I will be doing this again when this baby is born, though my older one this time around will be MUCH older at 30 months instead of 21 months ;).   


I got tired of people telling me that because my first was such an easy baby that my second was going to be a nightmare.  Nice.

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I say you can do whatever you want!  Really, if you want to, do it.  No worries.  My twins will be 2.5 when the next set of twins is born and this next set will be breastfed too.  So many people told me I couldn't breastfeed twins and to just give them formula...neighbors, physicians, nurses.  They nursed until days before their second b-day!  We certainly had our issues, but obviously, well worth it.  Forget everyone else.  Set yourself up for success with the people who support you and go from there! 

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Originally Posted by jillc512 View Post

I got tired of people telling me that because my first was such an easy baby that my second was going to be a nightmare.  Nice.

 I get that one, too. I love hearing it - esp when the second child in question is nearby. irked.gif


Thanks ladies. I have a sling and I'm getting another carrier. The "nursing basket" and story time are great ideas. My DD loves books, and I'm picking up a bunch that are big-sister specific also. I just can't take the comments. Sheesh. What do these people think cave mamas fed their second child?

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