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5 month old doesn't stay asleep without someone beside her!!

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Hi fellow moms,


This is my first kid so I am pretty confused. DD sleeps with us in our bed, between me and hubby. She has already weaned, on her own and due to decline in my milk supply. So I am not breastfeeding anymore. But she cuddles with me at night. And she sleeps as long as I am besides her or at least someone else. Now I don't have any problem with her sleeping with us, in fact I love it. But everyone keeps telling me that its not good. I don't want to use cry it out method. I don't think I have it in me to let her cry to sleep. Did any of you guys face this problem? But I do want her to be able to sleep without anyone besides her. Putting her to sleep is not a problem, as much as keeping her asleep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated except for CIO. I want to be able to put her to sleep and do some work. This is the same case even in the morning naps.


Thanks in advance.

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Does she not sleep alone for naps?


Mine did, but would/will not (16 mo old still wants to snuggle, 4yo OK alone) stay asleep at night alone.


I have never let people dictate what goes on in my bedroom, period. Or how I raise my children.


Name one single, healthy 18 yr old who sleeps in their parents' bed every night. Really.


It's not only normal, it's a need for most babies. The very best thing you can do is spend as much time skin to skin (or very close) as possible. Loving touch makes children feel safer and loved, which helps their lovely little brains reach their highest potential at a time when they have so much ability to grow!


Keep loving and snuggling and for heaven's sake - the only abnormal thing is to tell someone what's best for THEIR baby. Nod (or don't) and ignore them!

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5 months old is still really little. I just nod and move on when people give me advice that won't work for me. DD is 9 months and sleeps in a crib sidecarred to our bed, she just moved into that a few weeks ago. Honestly, for me, I don't see the benefit of worrying about what DD will do later and the alleged need to make her miserable now to avoid some "problem" down the road. Babies change SO fast and their sleep habits and needs change too. Do what you're comfortable with... For naps, I would put DD down on her tummy to sleep. Not everyone is comfortable with that but it helped her sleep and stay asleep without my constant presence.
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I used to put a beanie baby toy against my boy when he was a teeny one and wouldn't sleep if I took my hand off of him. It seemed to give the feeling of weight and reassurance that he needed to sleep a little bit longer for naps.

If the sleeping situation isn't bothering you, don't worry about fixing it.
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none of my kids would sleep on their own before I'd say 12 month? Give and take a couple of weeks. I just learned to live with it.


I keep my little one in a carrier if I need to do something with my hands. If I have her on my back and need to do something on the computer, I'd sit on an exercise ball, so she'd stay asleep. That works pretty well.


Sometimes it works if I play white noise on the computer, I think in the u.s. you can get white noise machines, but not here, but you can easily download white noise from the net and than play it (I have "babys got colic on Itunes, bought the 10 minute version and put it on replay) That does work sometimes.


And night I just stay in bed with her innocent.gif (it's my downtime)

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That sounds normal for 5mo. My middle kid was really clingy and needed someone near her.

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It sounds like you and your husband are doing a great job of addressing your baby's needs.  When someone gives me unsolicited advice I just nod and smile.

Have you thought about babywearing? Your daughter could nap on you as you go about your tasks. My son napped on me most of the first year or so, after that I napped with him, leaving only for short periods.





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She is just 5 months!! he comments are all correct! My DD was still clingy and huggy until now that she is 15months. Babies feel safe and comfortable to sleep when they know your around.

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Wow thats really reassuring. I am pretty comfortable with dd sleeping with us. I ll try to put her down in the crib for the afternoon naps; maybe try some of your suggestions. I just need some time to tend to other things in the house, like cooking :P.  Thanks for all the suggestions.

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