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Do you use a pacifier?

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My 3.5 month old has never used a pacifier because I never gave her one (until the incident below).  I breastfeed exclusively and she really isn't too dependent on the nipple.  She can fall asleep without nursing sometimes for me and for others.  Here's my question:

We were on our way to the beach (normally about a 6 hour drive) and DD did great for the first part of the trip and then couldn't stand to be in her car seat.  She's never really liked it that much but 6 hours was just too much to tolerate even with 5 stops. I was sitting in the back with her and she was so tired and just couldn't go to sleep.  I was about to resort to hanging over the car seat with my breast out and my nipple in her mouth when I remembered a pacifier I had put in the diaper bag when she was a few weeks old 'just in case'.  This was the moment for the pacifier! After about 3 minutes of learning how to use it she sucked for a few moments, then drifted off to sleep and spit out the pacifier.  We made the last hour of the trip in peace (it took 10 hours total with stops).  On vacation my Mom gave it to her once when I was on the beach and she went about 3.5 hours without nursing. She usually nurses every 2.5 hours or so.  I also gave it to her once in a restaurant when I could tell she was tired but just couldn't go to sleep. 

She used the pacifier the whole way back in the car at it took us just over 7 hours because she slept in the car so well.  


I'm wondering if anyone else uses a pacifier only for car trips or any other times and not all the time for general use.  If it will help her feel better about riding in car I can put aside my desire for her to not use one.  Is there a reason I shouldn't use it sporadically that I'm not considering?  

Thanks for your thoughts.  

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I don't think so. I love pacifiers for exactly these reasons.

Both my kids have taken one and I'm pretty happy about it overall. DS is a more sporadic paci user but it does help him when he needs to suck but doesn't want any more milk OR when a boob isn't readily available (ie in the car).


Plus, I think it is nice for DH to have for when DS needs to comfort suck but there are no boobs around. You can't really comfort suck a bottle without getting milk and sometimes he is too full for that. I do work outside the home so DH does have DS on his own when I am at work

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Ds1 turned into a obsessed paci user.  At 3, he is still very dependent on it for naps and bedtime. bag.gif


Ds2 used it a few times, like in the car, when he was an infant, but was never able to hold it in his mouth.  Now (he is two) he is also dependent on the stupid thing for naps and bedtime, but he refuses to actually put it in his mouth. Lol. He holds it in his hand all night.  


DD on the other hand so far  can care less about a paci.  I've tried to give it to her, but she would rather have someones finger or her own hands.  


Sporadic use seems fine, but let me warn you - it is annoying to deal with when they start to *need* it. eyesroll.gif

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We gave E one in the car on our long trip for exactly that reason. She did suck on it for a minute, but then spat it out, and actually got more angry about it falling out than about not having one at all. She’s started sucking her thumb a lot now that I’m at work, which I figure is fine for now. It has the advantage of always being with her, and I hope she’ll grow out of it when she’s older. As long as she’s happy, I’d say go ahead and use it whenever it makes sense—she’ll let you know if she’s hungry even with the paci in her mouth, right?
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I tried to get Holden to use one, but no go. He hates it. I wish he would take it sometimes when he's using me as a paci, just flutter/comfort sucking but not eating. I can stand a little comfort sucking, but after a while it gets to be a bit much.
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i'm pretty much with day. I'm not against using one but rosie doesn't understand how to suck on it. for now it's sophie the giraffe or her own hand. i always just worry that her hand isn't clean enough but she seems fine so far.

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We don't use a pacifier, but my baby's a thumb sucker. I tried using the paci in the beginning but my 3 year old became obsessed with putting in the baby's mouth and just no. I don't see anything wrong with using one as long as you're not trying to limit feedings with it. 

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Kai used a pacifier in the car and sometimes just for so and abruptly stopped when he was six months old. I have been trying like crazy to get Nora interested in them. I seriously have bought five different types and she hasn't liked any. I am wondering if I didn't try for long enough? Three minutes seems like maybe a lot longer than before I give up. I haven't tried in a couple of weeks. If she takes it and it brings you peace during car trips or other tricky times roll with it. I am currently really jealous of your pacifier taking baby. :)

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I feel like paci use has a bad rap because some try to use it to delay feeds. Using in the car, or when mom isn't around, seems like a great idea. Babies need to suck, and in our culture and legal system (i.e. car seats) we can't always give them the nipple. Why not let them? Glad it worked for you!

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Charlotte loves her binky and we use it often - not just for the car or when Im not around. It doesn;t effect her feedings and she eats when shes hungry. She doesnt seem to be into comfort sucking at the breast. tried that - no go. When shes done eating shes done on the boob, but does want to suck. Enter her binky. DS never liked a binky and never used one. I dont see any issue with using a paci personally

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Thanks eveyone. Cherrybomb- that's what I'm aorried about. I just don't want to get into the position that she NEEDS it to get to sleep. I have friends with 5 year olds that still use them.

Marren will let me know when she is hungry so missing a feeding isn't a concern. 

Tarabelle- I worry about the clena hands, too.  Marren sucks on her hands a lot and I try to keep people from touching her hands.  Little brother is all over her so I'm sure he introduces most of the germs. 

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Cherrybomb mama my 3 year old is just like your 3 year old with the paci for naps and bedtime.  My first never took a paci and ddd3 really won't take a pacifier UNLESS she is in the sling and just wants to go to sleep and isn't hungry.  This is the ONLY time she will take one.  I wish she would take one in the car because she won't sleep in the car when she is sleepy, she just screams. :(  


The pacifier was a godsend for us with dd2 though.  She was born with a strong sucking need and never liked to comfort nurse.

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